Negotiations with Sam Shields Heating Up

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Sam Shields

Sam Shields

The Green Bay Packers are on it, yo! The Packers have said they want to re-sign free agent cornerback Sam Shields and it appears that ain’t no jive talk.

Rob Demovsky is reporting that the Packers met with Shields’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, over the weekend at the scouting combine. Both sides would like to get a new deal for Shields done before free agency begins on March 11.

Nothing is in place yet, but talks are ongoing, which is a good sign something will get done soon.

Shields is coming off a season in which he played for the one-year, $2.023 million restricted free agent tender. He went out and let his play do the talking for him, registering 61 tackles, four interceptions and 17 passes defended. All were career highs and Shields led the team in the latter two categories.

He also established himself as the Packers’ No. 1 corner.

Shields is reportedly seeking a contract that averages a little over $5 million per season. That’s a pretty reasonable rate for a top-flight cornerback.

The Packers have around $30 million in cap space available.

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15 Comments on "Negotiations with Sam Shields Heating Up"

  1. Kato

    If ted doesnt want to pay shields a measly 5 million, than that is sad. That is cheap. I though it was going to take 7-8 million. That extra couple million could be awesome for signing jordy and cobb to extensions.

    • Phatgzus

      Remember, that’s just a reported amount, I think he’s worth (relative to this team) upwrads of $9M and no more. Glad to hear they’re talking, especially before free agency, seems he’s one of their priorities, makes me smile; let’s hope Rosenhaus doesn’t try to screw us and TT doesn’t pull his miser act.

  2. Iltarion

    Still hard for me to believe the guy will settle for $5 million a season. What? If it is all guaranteed?

    If that truly is the case, then the Packers may be able to keep him after all.

    The fact that the Packers have been openly talking about moving Micah Hyde to safety is also a good sign for Shields’ possible return. Such a move is only logical if Shields comes back. If he doesn’t, then Hyde likely has to play the slot corner.

  3. Chad Lundberg

    Not worth keeping if he demands any more than 6 million a year. Even if he is as good as people say (which I don’t believe he is) we have plenty of depth at cornerback.

    • Phatgzus

      Tramon has 1 year left and is nearing the end of his career. Hayward had a great rookie season at Nickel, then he got hurt and missed almost an entire season, we don’t know if he can play outside or how good he could be inside. Hyde also played well but also inside and he likely won’t be able to play outside. House has shown flashes but also gets beat a lot and has to push and grab, which he won’t continue to get away with if he builds that rep. Jarrett Bush will never be anything more than a mediocre Dime. A good bit of potential but I wouldn’t exactly say we’re deep at CB.

      • Chad Lundberg

        Tramon Williams contract could be reduced and extended, Micah was just a rookie he will develop and improve and House isn’t great but still counts as depth. We don’t need an A-list CB corps, but if we had to we could let go of Shields. You should NEVER overpay a player.

  4. vj

    We have two nice corners in Tramon and Sam (assuming Shields re-signs) an overpayed, part time awesome rush OLB in CMIII (12 gms per year) and a decent rotational DE in Daniels…Thanks Ted! All set buddy!!

    • john

      Clay Mathews broke his damn thumb twice. Once healed he’s back. Give him a bit of help on the other side awesomeeeeeeeeee

    • Phatgzus

      Clay Matthews is much more than just a rush backer-he is also excellent at edge-setting and coverage.

  5. rebelgb

    Hey bj errr vj, way to piss on an opportunistic thread. You sir are truly a fucktard. Log Off Life.

    If we get Shields for less than 6.5mill a year its a steal.

    Hyde will make a great safety. He doesnt have the up front burst you need at corner, but at safety its all about brains and taking the right angles, 2 things I have no doubt he can handle.

    Im excited to see some of next years changes. Now we just need some people to stay healthy…*cough *cough Matthews…

  6. the real russ letlow

    5 mil is a good number for Shields. We’d all settle for 5 mil per in our jobs, so lets hope Shields thinks that is a good number as well!

  7. MJ

    A phrase from my country (Arg) comes to mind: “nos hizo precio de amigo”, which can be translated as “he gave us a friends-discount”.

    This is VERY good news. He wants to be a Packer more than he wants the money. He could have aspired to something around 7mil… or even 8mil from a desperate team.

    We have a good corner in him and a decent one in Williams (who is a bit overpaid, IMO), a potentially good one in Hayward and a good nickel in Hyde (if he does not transition to safety, due to dire needs).

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