Let’s Talk About Darren Sharper

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Darren Sharper

Darren Sharper

We have been avoiding this one altogether, but Friday’s events involving former Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper are now impossible to ignore.

Sharper was charged with rape in Los Angeles. He allegedly raped four women in Los Angeles by drugging them with with a mixture of Ambien and morphine. The police report says Sharper offered the women shots that contained his rape cocktail, they would pass out almost immediately and then wake up feeling like they had been sexually assaulted or. One of the women allegedly woke to find Shaper on top of her.

Sharper is maintaining his innocence, saying the sex was consensual in one case and that he doesn’t know  the woman in another.

It gets worse. Although Shaper has been charged in Los Angeles, he’s under investigation in three other states where almost identical incidents have been reported. Those incidents allegedly occurred in New Orleans, Las Vegas and Tempe, Arizona.

Each of the five reports read almost exactly the same. They all involve two women, except for the New Orleans report. Sharper meets the women in a club, invites them to an after party, they somehow end up in a hotel room or home, Sharper gives them a shot, they pass out and then wake up with him on top of them or feeling like they’ve been assaulted.

Sharper hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, but these are some pretty serious accusations. And let’s just say it — it would be an awfully big coincidence if women in four different cities filed complaints against Sharper that read almost identically.

The other thing I keep thinking about is what if one of these women were my sister or a friend?

I am totally and completely fucking disgusted.

We’ll be keeping an eye on how this plays out. If convicted, Sharper could be facing more than 30 years in prison.

Lastly, I know this may seem convenient, but we haven’t thought much of Sharper since he left Green Bay. He went straight to the Vikings for one. Secondly, he never seemed to embrace what it was to be a Packer.

Look at a guy like Ryan Longwell. He played for the Vikings, but in the end he came back and retired as a Packer.

Once Sharper left town, that was pretty much it.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

19 Comments on "Let’s Talk About Darren Sharper"

  1. Phatgzus

    If the accounts are true (and seeing as he’s been officially indicted, there appears to be a significant amount of evidence lending veracity to the claims), then he’s not only one of the biggest pieces of shit currently alive, but to have ever existed and he deserves to rot in jail not for the entirety of his potential 30-year sentence, but for life-granted he’ll be a sex offender in prison so that sentence probably will end up being a lifer, and deservedly so.
    Absolutely disgusting. That’s all I have to say about that.

  2. therealChuckywasCecil

    I’m trying to maintain the innocence until guilty stance but the same allegations coming from 4 cities doesn’t look good. How sad.

  3. Iltarion

    This is about as shocking of a story to me as any in recent memory.

    I remember when Darren would get interviewed as a Packer, and my wife would see him on TV and comment on how good looking the guy is. He was one of the only men in the world where I would have to actually agree. And a very smart, charming guy.

    Former pro athlete, has bank, still in great shape, is on TV for the NFL Network- for this guy to be doing this clearly means that is the way he LIKES it. He could be having legal, consensual sex, but instead, he prefers to have them drugged and incapacitated so he has total control over their bodies. That is scary, like serial killer, stuff.

    On one occasion, he did this with two women, who brought him back to their apartment where their roommate was. So there were three women involved. All three got drugged. One woman remembers seeing him assault her roommate. They all end up going to the hospital. His DNA was found, AND they had the cup he gave them tested, where drugs were found.

    That sounds like pretty crushing evidence to me. Three eye witnesses- albeit drugged. His DNA. Drugs found in a drink.

    I believe that explains why he hasn’t submitted a plea yet. His lawyers are probably hoping for some kind of deal.

    • Cheese

      Dang, I never heard the details but it doesn’t look to good for this guy. Definitely not the “sharpest” tool on the Viking love boat.

  4. Richard

    The standing joke between me and friends back in the day was how Sharper always “played for the pro bowl”. He was useless until the Hail Mary at the end of the half when he would pad his stats with an INT and then clinch a pro bowl roster spot, even though he could stop a TO wild card touchdown or a 4th and 26 divisional round catch. This guy was always about himself and no one else. No surprise he’s a raging rapist. With Eugene Robinson also getting nailed for buying suction, I can’t wait to see what Nick Collins gets busted for

  5. Savage57

    Funny how on all his self-serving crap on NFL Network, he constantly referred to himself as the “Pick Magnet”.

    “Chick Magnet?” Not so much, playa.

    While he’s doing his hard time in stir, I suggest he pen an autobiography titled, “Wanna Stop By My Room Later And Help Me Totally Fuck Up Our Lives?”

  6. E. Wolf

    Please do not eulogize Ryan Longwell. Allowing Longwell to return was a mistake. The whole “retire as” schtick is nonsense.
    The NFL seems to have a problem in that many, or maybe perahps some players seem to fit this mold. In some ways I feel complicit in this by supporting the NFL by way of my support of and devotion to the Green Bay Packers.
    Happily, some teams have more of these types of guys than others, And I cannot think of a worse team than the Vikings. The Packers too have some undesirable sorts. The was a third rate corner Brandon something who was charged wtih sexual assault.

  7. Andy

    I hope justice is carried out, be that taking a sexual predator off the streets or finding a bogus claim. I’m no expert so cant comment on any evidence or accusations.

    Should this be true the fact that a openly gay might play in the nfl is cause uproar is quite laughable. Who would you rather have on your team?

  8. rebelgb

    While I feel terrible for the ladies, I have to laugh knowing I was right once again. My brother loved this piece of shit. I hated the guy. I told my blind bro that the guy was a parasite, only got attention because of terrible throws that ended up right in his hands as picks, and that there was something about the man that wasnt to be trusted.

    You could see in his eyes and the way he talked that he was a self serving, self absorbed pre-madonna who had something fundamentally broken in his head. Hey kind of like Ted Bundy.

    Is anyone surprised he went to the Vikings? They love criminals. If BTK had played pro ball he would have been a career Viking.

    Ilterion (or whatever he calls himself) has the right of it. If a guy like Sharper (money, body, looks) is doing this shit its because he likes his sex that way. That points to a fucking serious mental issue. The guy is a serial rapist.

    The question is, will he be popular in prison as a sort of hero, or will he be fuck bait? We shall find out.

    • Abe Frohman

      not to be a grammarian here, but the words are prima donna (first lady) NOT pre-Madonna.

      sexual offenders are not treated well in prison. he’ll more than get what’s coming to him.

  9. lars

    Did he rape the four women at once? Because that’s quite a feat if he did. Just asking, gents. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

    • Iltarion

      There were never four women involved.

      Usually there were two, and he’d drug both and assault one or both.

      That one time there was three involved, because of the room mate, I believe two of the three claim they were assaulted.

  10. Howard

    This is a serious story with real human consequences. This does show how all us want to be GM’s only know part of the story about the free agents and draft picks we want so bad to be on the team.
    When we scream about why didn’t we pick so and so or why didn’t we sign this free agent or that free agent some of the time it comes down to character and it should.
    We all understand money is a big part of the free agent market; however only the teams checking on the character of the players know the real truth about what the player may be doing outside the facilities that could create problems for the team or make the team uncomfortable. Do they have an entourage, do they party to much, do they have drug affiliations?
    We do not need the Incognitos, Pounceys, Hurds,Sharpers, Hernandezs, and underwoods, etc. of the world on the team even though some of the time it happens.
    So we should appreciate it when the organization does there due dilegence in checking on character and either passing on those players, cutting them, or not resigning them if they do not check out, or live up to there duty as citizens of the community.

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