We Should Get to Know Jacquelyn Zook

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Jacquelyn Zook

Remember when the Green Bay Packers filled out their coaching staff before the scouting combine? One of the guys they hired was former Illinois and Florida coach Ron Zook. Well, he has a daughter — Jacquelyn Zook.

Yes, it’s really spelled that way.

So why on earth would we point this out? Why do you think?

Jacquelyn Zook is an actress. She’s also not hard to look at. No, she hasn’t been in anything that you’ve seen. Well, except for maybe this…

Jacquelyn Zook

That’s her next to the redhead.

Have I mentioned how much I like redheads? Not the redhead in that commercial necessarily, but redheads as a whole. Hell yeah!

Sorry, lost my train of thought there for a moment.

Clearly, we must do some work and dig up more on this particular daughter of Ron Zook’s. Keep an eye out for that. We’re sure there will be some photos you’ll want to peruse.

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  1. The Money Mike

    Slow news day lol, Jesus is it Brewers season yet and looking forward to the Bucks getting a top 5 pick

  2. MadCity Packer Fan

    The chick who does the Wendy’s spots isn’t a natural redhead. I would still most certainly nail it!

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