Clay Matthews is a Soup Deliveryman

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Clay Matthews delivering soup

After linebacker Clay Matthews was done bitching about the lack of playmakers on the Green Bay Packers defense yesterday, he went and delivered some soup.

The whole thing — Matthews making the media rounds in the morning and delivering the soup in the afternoon — was a ploy. A ploy by Campbell’s Soup to get some publicity.

Matthews is a Chunky Soup pitchman and Campbell’s donated 40,000 cans of soup to food banks around the country as part of some program or another. So they sent the linebacker to West Hollywood to deliver some of that delicious and nutritious soup on Tuesday.

Oh, and to get his picture taken doing so, as well.

The soup went to the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition. They got more than 5,000 of the 40,000 cans that were handed out, which is the good part of the story.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a well-planned publicity stunt…

Don’t cut yourself with that box cutter, bro!

Clay Matthews delivering soup

Clay Matthews delivering soup

Clay Matthews delivering soup

Clay Matthews delivering soup


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6 Comments on "Clay Matthews is a Soup Deliveryman"

  1. Cheese

    Campbells used to have a chunky soup click-a-thon, where NFL teams who were playing that week would have fans go online and vote for their team. For example if the Packers and Bears were playing this week, whichever team had more votes would win. At the end of the year whoever won the “Soup-er Bowl” or whatever they called it, Campbells would send 40,000 cans of soup to that teams local food pantries.

    Well, after the Packer fans won it like 5 years in a row they stopped doing it all together. Apparently Hollywood is more important than Wisconsin.

    • the real russ letlow

      it was 8 or 9 years running that Packers fans kicked ass. They couldn’t find a way to beat us so they stopped the competition. we were freaking awesome!!!

      • Cheese

        Every week these big city teams would only have a few hundred votes, if that (sometimes not even 100), while the Packers had several thousand. The only team that came close was like the Jacksonville Jaguars. It makes me wonder how much they advertised because it was as if nobody knew about it. The results were that lopsided. Either that or nobody gave a shit.

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