You’ll Probably Get to Watch the Packers in Wisconsin

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Aaron Rodgers: QB1

Aaron Rodgers: QB1

We told you about the potential local blackout of the Green Bay Packers’ game with the San Francisco 49ers. As of yesterday, there were still around 3,000 tickets still available and the NFL extended their deadline to sell those tickets to 4 p.m. today.

Otherwise, those clowns were going to lower their idiotic hammer and not show the game to the locals because, well, you didn’t give them your fucking money!

It looks like that will be avoided.

As of this morning, there were only around 1,000 tickets left.

Update: ESPN has reported that tickets are finally gone.

In all likelihood, those remaining tickets will be gone by this afternoon and everyone will be able to watch the game. As they should be able to.

Maybe it’s time for the NFL to get rid of their antiquated blackout rule. It’s not as if they don’t take enough money out of our pockets already.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

14 Comments on "You’ll Probably Get to Watch the Packers in Wisconsin"

  1. Fritz from LaCrosse

    i could drive my 400hp Vette there by Sunday from Virginia where i am staying, but the wx conditions dictate a more prudent choice of transportation: my 4×4 pickup, which would be just too tedious. this wx is making me long for the four seasons of the midwest. i want to retire and die on the great plains, preferably in with a buxom blonde babe barkeep in one arm, and a cold bottle of Grain Belt Premium in the other, hopefully within earshot of a freight train whistle blasting its mournful call out across the wheat fields…

      • Fritz from LaCrosse

        2007 A-6 w/Z51 performance/tires pkg. T-top coupe. btw i could easily get an extra 20hp just by refitting a larger front air intake for a couple hundred bucks or so… the 2008 coupe came out just like that (almost), boasting 438hp, with the same engine as the previous C-6 models…only larger intake and larger exhaust…otherwise same V8 engine…

  2. Phatgzus

    For realsies, Monty; the NFL makes $9 billion/yr in revenue (more than any other North American sporting league) and they don’t even pay taxes. And if they did they’d probably pull a Carnival Cruise and register in Panama, somehow.

  3. the real russ letlow

    there are always indicators that the number one priority for the NFL is making money. You don’t have to look hard to find them. Anything else they (NFL) try to sell the media, or the fans, is pure bull crap. These guys are business men, and their number one business is to make lots of money. And that is business in America. That is the focal point of capitalism. And that is why we are lucky not to have an owner controlling the profits of the team. Everything the Packers earn goes back into the Packers. No owner who needs a bigger yacht, or two more mansions, or who wants to gobble up a bunch of little businesses. I’m not against making money. It is the American way. But I never believe anything from the NFL offices where they try to tell the fans how important they are. It not the fans, it the fans money that is important to them. Congrats to all the fine Wisconsin businesses that stepped up and purchased tickets to assure the sellout, and no blackouts. They are top notch!

    • Phatgzus

      Right on!

      And may there be a sea of Green and Gold surrounding tge few islands of scarlet and iron pyrite.

  4. Fritz from LaCrosse

    Maybe i should just retire to the W. ND area, say Grand Forks, buy a bar in the shadow of a grain elevator… call it something like “Toastie’s Tavern” and of course it would be a Packer Bar (no Viking fans allowed on FB sundays), complete with a hot blonde barkeep/waitress, preferably one of A-Rod’s many ex-flames from his college days… would also settle for one of those hot ‘Bama chix i saw in the cheerleader section at the Sugar Bowl last nite…

    • Fritz from LaCrosse

      Oh yeah, i almost forgot, would welcome combat vets and/or family anytime, no matter whom they are a fan of…

  5. Asimov

    Seeing as Fox affiliates in WI bought out a number of the remaining tickets, I don’t see a significant problem in this situation. 40k tickets sold in 4 days, I imagine locals who workd for Fox and Associated Bank will get to go for free, and Fox doesn’t lose out on the MASSIVE commercial sales it will get.

  6. Fritz from LaCrosse

    even the scalpers were leery of scooping up Murphy’s “windfall”…is a good omen…guess the scalpers didn’t like their prospects for selling them off in the face of Wisconsin’s oldest, dearest resident: Old Man Winter…i think he has retired permanently to WI since being kicked out of the neighboring “indoor dome” NFL venue/s; am now anticipating: Ice Bowl 2 and thus won’t mind sitting this one out so much, from the comfort of a man cave, but would still rather be there…

  7. Chris

    It’s officially sold out… Third largest stadium in the league mind you, with 80,750. Indy sold out today with 62,421 seats and Cinci has tickets remaining of their 65,535 seats.

    ESPN and others can suck-it, as they don’t report the fact that the Packers didn’t make the playoffs until Sunday Night and have a shit-ton more seating than these other clowns. On top of that, there was no reason for those of us that live out of state, to book a flight to Green Bay for a game, prior to the beating the Bears. Hell, the Pack had a slim-to-none chance of even being in the Playoffs after Thanksgiving, but thanks to the dirt-bag Lions and Mr. Pick 6 in Chicago, the Packers got in, even with the MVP QB on the bench for half the season and a crappy Defense.

    Blackout, Blackout, Blackout… yada yada yada… It’s a small window to purchase 40,000 tickets and they’re gone now. Why don’t they report that 40,000 tickets were sold, in four and a half days, to a game at Lambeau where the temp will be sub-zero.

    Go Pack Go!

  8. Iltarion

    18 below this morning… a record… and when you are setting records for cold on January 3rd in these parts then you are really accomplishing something.

    The cold around here has been INSANE.

    Though I would still go to the game if I got the tickets for free.

  9. Fritz from LaCrosse

    hell, i would buy two tickets at $150 apiece and give one away at the Lambeau tailgate party to someone who needed it. after all, do u know what some college bowl game tickets go for??? it can be in the thousands! still think the nfl fans should boycott and not shop there until goodell is fired and we can get some quality refs, including a video ref in the booth who works in real time with the crew on the field, hell, if coaches can work a radio to their QB and DB captains, why can’t the refs get continuous help from an additional crew in the booth?

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