You’ll Have Jay Cutler to Kick Around for Seven More Years

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Jay Cutler: Cutty!

Jay Cutler: Cutty!

There were some camps that thought the Chicago Bears wouldn’t re-sign quarterback Jay Cutler this offseason. Well, we can already put that notion to rest.

The Bears have signed Cutler for seven more seasons. Adam Schefter is saying the deal is worth north of $17 million per season.

In announcing the new contract, Bears General Manager Phil Emery called Cutler “a demonstrated winner” and said 2013 was his best season because of his “leadership, his improvement, his display of toughness.”

Demonstrated winner. Hahahahaha!

Cutler played in just 11 games in 2013 and he had a record of 5-6 in those games. He threw for 2,621 yards, 19 touchdowns and 12 picks.

And, ss you probably are well aware of, all of this is great news for the Green Bay Packers. Cutler has been awful against the Packers. Since joining the Bears, Cutler is 2-9 against Green Bay. He’s also thrown more picks in his career against the Packers than he has touchdowns.

So by our estimation, this is a fine move by the Bears.

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28 Comments on "You’ll Have Jay Cutler to Kick Around for Seven More Years"

  1. the real russ letlow

    Cutty hasn’t been very good against us, so I would think that this is a positive for us. Beating Green Bay may not be Emery’s & Trestman’s first goal I guess.

  2. Fritz from LaCrosse

    wow, Phil Emory can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! another famous chicagoan, BO, should hire him as a PR sop.

  3. Phatgzus

    Bahahahaha! When it rains it pours, and it’s raining diamonds right now, baby! Same mediocre QB and a much worse defense-I love it

  4. Charlie Martin

    Cutler has only beaten Green Bay ONCE, not twice. And it was that bullshit 18 penalty clusterfuck game

  5. Skinny

    Cutler was quoted as saying Coach Trestman is an “amazing man” and he will continue to look forward to being mentored by him.

  6. theripster

    I’m pretty sure Cutler is 2-10 since last Sunday’s loss. I don’t write for a website tho so why would I double check?

  7. Tucson Packer

    Its just sad when your arch-rival is more excited about a QB extension than your own fan base. No complaints from me.

  8. FITZCORE1252

    If James Jones wouldn’t have fumbled on the sideline, the GREEN BAY PACKERS would’ve overcame the 18 penalties and blatant ref hate… Gay Butler would have a goose egg against the GREEN BAY PACKERS.

    Fuck herpes, duh bares are the gift that keeps on giving!

    I was a scoche concerned that Emery and Trestman have showed signs of competence, but this extension makes me feel good. Like, boner good.

    Thanks, bares!

  9. lars

    If you look at the contract it’s more like THREE years the Bears on on the hook and the last four they can cut the big puss cake w/out suffering cap hell.

    This just in from Total Packers: Aaron Rodgers may or may not be gay!!!! Gay, not bi, not queer, not straight. See Aikman, Troy and Young, Steve for a few other QB’s who married late (real late for the Mormon Young).

  10. Nope

    Two things: 1.) These comments are why I have no confidence in the american educational system. 2.) I’m going to laugh when Cutler owns the Packers next year. Write it down.

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