Ted Thompson Talks, Says Packers Might Sign Free Agents

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Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson is at the Senior Bowl this week, as are most general managers and scouts.

They talk to and evaluate the players there and sometimes, they also get cornered for interviews. Thompson is pretty notorious for not giving interviews because, you know, “I’m Ted Thompson, how dare you question me!”

But he’s been out in the open this week instead of hiding upstairs at 1265, so what can he do?

First, he talked to Vic Carucci and Adam Caplan on SiriusXM NFL Radio. They asked Thompson if he’d continue his method of team building — draft, re-sign your own guys and ignore everyone else. Thompson indicated that he would.

“We just think it’s a good model to use under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement and that sort of thing,” Thompson said. “We just feel like your best policy is to try as best you can — and it doesn’t always work out because sometimes you have to do different things — but if you draft good people, you develop them, you get a good coaching staff that coaches them up, they like it there, so you try to retain your own players as much as you can and you don’t (always).

“We lose players just like everybody else. But if we can, we like to keep our own and continue adding guys through the draft and through free agency.”

Whoa! What was that last part? Add guys through free agency?

Is there a glimmer of hope that the Packers might actually sign someone worth a shit this year?


The Urinal Sentinel’s Tyler Dunne also got to Thompson and he also asked him about free agency. Here’s that response.

“If an opportunity presents itself and it helps us be better, then yes,” Thompson said. “But I think doing it for the sake of doing it is a waste of time and energy. If we get the opportunity, if it presents itself and makes sense for the club with the way we put things together, we’re going to do it. We’ve done it in the past. We try to do it selectively.”

Basically, we read that as “yes, we’ll kick the tires on a few guys and then lowball them until they sign with another team.” We saw that strategy in action last offseason.

Fortunately, the guys the Packers were looking at were really second-tier guys who ended up not really contributing much elsewhere.

In other words, status quo. The Packers will look at free agents to improve the team, but if everything holds to form, they won’t sign any of them.

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18 Comments on "Ted Thompson Talks, Says Packers Might Sign Free Agents"

  1. The Money Mike

    Here’s your list Ted:
    1. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints tight end
    2. Greg Hardy, Carolina Panthers defensive end
    3. Brian Orakpo, Washington Redskins linebacker
    4. Jairus Byrd, Buffalo Bills safety
    5. T.J. Ward, Cleveland Browns safety
    6. Alterraun Verner, Tennessee Titans cornerback
    7. Branden Albert, Kansas City Chiefs left tackle
    8. Michael Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals defensive end
    9. Lamarr Houston, Oakland Raiders defensive end
    10. Brent Grimes, Miami Dolphins cornerback
    11. Eugene Monroe, Baltimore Ravens left tackle
    12. Vontae Davis, Indianapolis Colts cornerback
    13. Linval Joseph, New York Giants defensive tackle
    14. Jason Hatcher, Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle
    15. Jared Veldheer, Oakland Raiders left tackle
    16. Aqib Talib, New England Patriots cornerback
    17. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Denver Broncos cornerback
    18. Alex Mack, Cleveland Browns center
    19. Eric Decker, Denver Broncos wide receiver
    20. Michael Bennett, Seattle Seahawks defensive end
    21. B.J. Raji, Green Bay Packers defensive tackle
    22. Sam Shields, Green Bay Packers cornerback
    23. Walter Thurmond, Seattle Seahawks cornerback
    24. Donald Butler, San Diego Chargers linebacker
    25. Randy Starks, Miami Dolphins defensive tackle

    • K.L.

      Now now, we all know that’s not going to happen. When he said free agency, I think he meant UNDRAFTED free agency. You know, so we can add a bunch of nobodies to the roster again and pray that one of them becomes a star.

  2. disposable hero

    In other words, if we can get the guy that fits for a price that suits the organization we will attempt to sign him. Don’t get me wrong, I hope we are able to sign a stud defensive player but I am not holding my breath.

  3. Zapper

    “If we get the opportunity, if it presents itself”..

    Jeah on a golden plate , someone everybody wants but who like to play for the Packs for half the money kind of present.

  4. Jack

    ‘scuse the regression, but is there a solid reason we did NOT sign Marshawn the Beast. Was it a “character” concern back then? A-Rog wanted him (Cal), we needed a back at the time, the Beast is now Superbound… it’s mute now that we have Lacy… but what could’ve been the past 3 years… Or was it just Thompson being blind?

    • Phatgzus

      1) Probably because he wasn’t a free agent 3 years ago-he was traded; he had just been arrested on gun charges and had a major shoulder injury and had suffered other smaller other injuries not long before the trade,. Thus character and injury concerns.

      2) His nickname is Beast Mode.

      3) It’s A-RoDg, as in Aaron RoDgers.

      4) Moot, not “mute”.


  5. Iltarion

    These are sage words that should be written in a GM handbook somewhere.

    Absolutely, we shouldn’t sign someone in free agency just so Packer fans have something to talk about in March. If it is the right guy for the right price, then yes.

    The Packers have $26 million to spend, and when you consider the draft ($5 mil) and all of our own free agents (EDS, Quarless, Jolly, Mike Neal almost certainly need to be resigned, and then maybe Shields or Raji), well, that doesn’t leave you with a lot of money left over to sign anyone else.

  6. lars

    No news here. Sure he might sign FA’s. Then again he MIGHT not. Of course he will sign about two dozen UNDRAFTED FA’s. Ted Thompson did sign Jeff Saturday a few years back. Before that the immortal Brandon Chillar.

    The packers haven’t hit on a FA signing since 2006 with Pickett and Woodson. They spend no time scouting/evaluating in that area because Thompson would rather hang out at college campus’s checking out the young (football player) talent.

  7. lars

    Also, when you overpay for crap like AJ Hawk, Morgan Burnett (LOL), Brad Jones and throw $6-7 million a year at one dimensional players like Pickett ($8 million for the fat Raji offer) you can guarantee no FA activity. Sorry boys, we had to take care of our own.:)

  8. Dustin

    What players from this weeks senior bowl have stood out to you as potential players the packers might be interested in? For me I’ve noticed Kenny Ladler and Terrance Brooks as potential selections to help solidify our safety position. At inside linebacker I’m high on Jordan Zumwalt and Christian Jones, possibly even Kyle van noy the byu linebacker, but I’ve been having trouble figuring out where he fits in what scheme. I believe he’s a ILB in a 34, but I do love his ability to blitz, so I guess he’d be a ted backer, but isn’t that also aj hawks position? Another question I have is what position is Morgan burnett? I know our safeties are interchangeable but to help me identify what safety type to scout I’d like to know if you think morgan is a ss or a fs, in my opinion he’s a ss and we need to find a FS, if I’m correct then terrance brooks might be someone we should look into.

  9. Yeah..10 street free agents..i dont get how the patriots..and..the donkeys can sign a bunch of decent free agents on the cheap..and they seem to be their missing pieces..we take a mulligan..and cut him before the season. Its ok..they overpaid burnett instead of shields!! Why..i have no idea. Couldve spent that money to improve the roster!! If we’re stuck watching michelle delaney jennings struggle again next season..then the ghost should be shit canned!!

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