Sunday’s Packers Game Could Be Coldest Ever

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Packers pep rally

Packers pep rally

We’ve been hearing this and that about the weather report for Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers. We know this — it’s going to be freezing cold.

So cold, in fact, it could be the coldest game in NFL history. That record currently is held by the Ice Bowl, when it was -13. The coldest game when factoring in the wind chill was the Chargers-Bengals AFC title game in January 1982. It was -59 that day.

Some reports are indicating the high on Sunday will be -5 and the low will be -20. When you throw in wind chill, it could be -51.

That’s fucking bonkers.

Ironically, had the geniuses at the league office looked at the weather report before scheduling the game on Sunday, they would have seen that it’s going to be in the 20s on Saturday in Green Bay.

We’re betting the Packers wouldn’t have had the issues they did selling tickets if the game was being held in those balmy Saturday conditions.

Over 200 people turned up today in downtown Green Bay for a Packers pep rally in 13-degree weather. Of course, that was free.

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20 Comments on "Sunday’s Packers Game Could Be Coldest Ever"

    • Kozak

      I hope it rains, then snows, then gets balls cold. Serve the NFL right if the conditions are awful for trying this stupid trick.

      • Phatgzus

        Gonna hafta agree to disagree then, I think it’s awesome. Like it or not weather IS a part of the game, always has been, hopefully always will be. Good passing teams have enough of an advantage in this league anyway, why continuously give them another in the biggest game possible? There’s always baseball, basketball, hockey, Arena League, or Canadian (wonder if their footballs are made of ham as well) football.

  1. Maryland Cheese Whiz

    I love fooball grew up in wisconsin lived in Moscow russia. Have walked to work when it was – 35 actual. Love the ice bowl lore BUT it is frigging stupid to play in that weather Call me a pussy (just don’t call me a “Bear”) but I’d fake a case of appendicitis It is inhumane and if the NFL gave two shits (note: they don’t ) about player safety they would have moved the game.

  2. T-Pack

    6 degrees right now here in NY. Suppose to be a high of 17. Great SB weather! It’s football give me a break.

  3. Harbor Bar

    It was -4 at kickoff of the 2008 game. i was there, but I cant remmeber what the windchill was.. I think it was in the -20’s. Didnt matter.. enough beer I was wasted enough to not notice.

  4. Savage57

    Real men don’t talk about “wind-chill”, or give a rat’s ass about it either. That’s for pussies that need to try and make something out of their weak ass temps so they sound like they know what the fuck cold is “because it was windy”.

    Oh, it feels colder when the wind blows? Thanks for that revelation, Nostradamus.

    I used to live in Cincinnati and anytime I brought up the fact that I was from Wisconsin, I’d get the same tired shit about “the coldest NFL game was played in Cincinnati – it was -59* ‘wind chill’ factor”.

    To which, I would resort to the previously mentioned line of thought , then we’d get in a fight, I’d have to kick someone’s ass and re-set their thinking about how you measure cold.

    • Phatgzus

      Love the mentality diving the rant, Savage, but gotta disagree with ya on wind chill. Assuming all other conditions are equal (e.g. Humidity, sunlight, etc.), I’d much rather be subject to a balmy -40 day with little or no wind than a -30 day that includes a wind chill factor of greater than 15 degrees. For one, there exists a virtually ubiquitous physiological phenomenon (I forget the term) in which the sensory receptors adapt to continued exposure to a specific stimulus and decrease (there also exists a contrary phenomenon) their responsiveness to it after a period of time (could be minutes, hours, even days or months), effectively lessening it’s effect. This mechanism can be effectual on days with little wind that expose these receptors primarily to ambient temperatures; however, unless the winds gust at a fairly constant velocity for an extended period of time, this response will not occur or will be significantly diminished. Secondly, relatively stationary pockets of air have much more difficulty penetrating the fine weaving of clothing and triggering our sensory receptors than do hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbons monoxide and dioxide, et al. gas particles
      traveling at high speeds-physics, she be a bitch.
      Thirdly, when sweating or otherwise wet in those temperatures wind greatly increases the latent heat loss by convection (a major contributor to heat loss and Hypothermia).

      • Savage57

        Ease up, large holy one, I got lost about half way through. I appreciate the fact- based explanation as to the physics and physicology of calculating the multiplier effect of wind on humans perception of cold, but what I wrote was a weekend rip on the all the weather-based conjecture and doom-calling.

        Either you man up for it, be the temperatures ambient or wind-chill, or you don’t.

        • Phatgzus

          Well, allllllrighty then; train’s a-rollin’ to a halt. I gotcha, couldn’t agree more; either grow some chestnuts or make your other one’s drop, fair enough.

  5. Fritz from LaCrosse

    i did not know it was so cold in the SD @ Cincy playoff game in the 80s. i am not worried about the FB players, except Krumpeldick, who is too skinny to survive that kind of arctic storm, but i wonder how many fans were injured with frostbite or later had heart attacks. the hospitals were not allowed to release medical confidential info then, nor now, in all likelihood. i am 70 years old, in good shape, and could probably survive taking my shirt off at the game, but u have to be smart. hope the youngsters from GB all take their shirts off tho, even for short intervals. very intimidating to the few SF fairies who make it to GB! the “12th man” could be a big factor in this game,,,

    • Phatgzus

      Krumpeldick, good one, can’t say I’ve heard it before. That’s right up there with (Englebert) Crapper/Krumperdinck.

    • Phatgzus

      Especially the ladies; hello LAaaaydeez (he said with a creeper smile and his best Matthew McConaughey Dazed-and-Confused voice).

  6. Fritz from LaCrosse

    also, i have to say, selling alcohol, including beer, in that kind of wx is just physiologically, and medically, irresponsible. people that are big and overweight should be ok downing a few brews, tho.
    but for most of us, better to save the celebratory imbibing for AFTER the GB win, which is by far the most likely outcome in these conditions. why? because the nfc north teams are the acknowledged masters of “take away” football.

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