Packers Get Extension to Avoid Local Blackout

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Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy

There are still plenty of good tickets available to watch the Green Bay Packers face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

The deadline to sell those tickets and avoid a local blackout came and went today, but the NFL has given the Packers an extension. The team will now have until 4 p.m. on Friday to avoid the blackout.

Earlier, the Packers announced there were still 3,000 tickets left.

If the Packers don’t sell them, it would be the first time a game has been blacked out since 1983. That game was also a playoff game.

We’ve seen cases in the past — in other cities — where a company would buy the remaining tickets to lift the blackout. That probably isn’t happening in Green Bay.

The Packers aren’t alone. The Colts and Bengals are also facing blackouts this weekend.

So what’s going on here? We see a few things.

First, tickets aren’t cheap. The lowest-priced tickets are $102. When you throw in Ticketmaster and their shitty fees, that’s $111.75 per ticket. When you throw in food, drinks and possibly parking, well… going to the game ain’t cheap.

Second, the weather. Minus 30 with windchill? We can see why people would rather sit in front of their TVs.

Third, and we hate to say it, is the product on the field. The Packers have shown that they haven’t been able to figure out the 49ers and the way their defense is playing, we have our doubts that’s going to change this week.

You also have to look at the fact that the Packers offered playoff tickets to season ticket holders in November. Oh, and those were non-refundable and you had to buy three games on the off chance the Packers would be hosting a divisional game AND the NFC championship.

That just seems like stupid business.

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47 Comments on "Packers Get Extension to Avoid Local Blackout"

  1. Savage57

    If the NFL doesn’t take a look at this and make some sort of adjustment to their blackout rule based on the timing, their fucked up ‘credit policy’ and the horrid fucking weather, I don’t ever want to hear about them stopping a game in Shitcago because there’s ‘bad weather’ approaching. Bear fans deserve to get sucked up in a tornado, because, well, the Bears still suck.

    I wonder how many fingers and toes are going to bite the dust on Sunday?

  2. Asimov

    Once again, there were only two games offered. The information on bleacher report or wherever you are getting it from is incorrect.

    Also, while the money for unfulfilled playoff tickets is credited to your next season’s cost, any money beyond that amount is refunded.

    Show me the season ticket holders who don’t want to renew next year and I’ll gladly buy their playoff tickets with the opportunity to pay for season tickets next year.

    • Arcturus

      I wonder how many times that completely wrong information will be repeated on this site?? What it amounts to is you had to pay for your season tickets a few months early! There is no chance of losing money, Monty, GOT IT?

  3. Gary Getzin

    Who wrote these explanations? When games are sold out thousands of very high priced tickets sell and also for cold games. The problem is the a four day notice. No one knew 40,000 were available until Tuesday. 29,000 sold quickly. The source of the problem was team policy refusing refunds for games not played, requiring credit to next year’s tickets. Notice should have been given in early December that tickets would be available. That is what is going on. The press is negligent in reporting this. The team made several big mistakes. Now there are 3,000 left. It will probably go to 1,000 or o tomorrow and the team or Miller Brewing will buy them. So that means ordinary fans will have bought almost 40,000, knowing it would be subzero and did it in 4 days in a town of 80,000.

  4. Nacho dan

    I wonder how many tickets are in the hands of ticket brokers? HD tv is pretty nice. Anyone want to sponsor my trip to the game? 2 tickets $230, gas $150, hotel 1 night $250, beer $200, handwarmers $10.

  5. Nacho Libre

    Will it be more frigid than the 2007 NFC Championship game? Remember, when good ol’ Brent well, you know…

  6. Nacho Libre

    Sorry about that chief, I shouldn’t have brought it up. But it’s been a while that we have not heard anything concerning good ol’ Bert.

    • Kozak

      Because being in the playoffs is such a novelty to your shiatty team and fans. Tell your mom I said hi. Hope her snatch is recovered from that pounding from the guys.

  7. Nacho Libre

    Wow this guy is truely one stupid fuckin’ dipshit. Would this be the 4th time you reassure us about that?

  8. TyKo Steamboat

    Why the hell would you want to go freeze at that game? Especially when the product on T.V. is so much better.
    & don’t give me the “Its Lambeau” stuff. Lambeau is fun to do once a year. Yeah, if I lived in Milwaukee or GB area, I’d want to go 3-4 times a season maybe.
    I have been to Lambeau 12 times from Colorado…
    I wouldn’t wana be scrunched in between a buncha Jerrys in bubble coats…too cold to drink beer…so uncomfortable.
    Last time I was there, I sat behind this one Daryl that stood-up before the snap of each play. He also smelled like a dumpster behind an Arbys because he was sweating like a whore in Church & he would not shut the fuck up about his fantasy football team…
    I will be watching the game on a 60″ T.V. where I can grab a Miller Lite that only cost 1$ from a fridge full of reasonably healthy/delicious food, a toilet I can pee in immediately, & a few people I actually wana sit by & watch a football game with.

  9. Harry Houdini

    You’re still a twat.

    All other NFL teams require their season ticket holders to buy playoff tickets or they lose their regular season tickets..

    You fucking Blow Monty.

  10. Andy

    It does kind of puzzle me how they bandy around this huge season ticket waiting list and all games sold out for x many years, and they cant sell out the playoff game. It must be down to the short notice. I cant get flights for anything less than 1000, and I assume most packers fans live a flights distance away from green bay anyway. Why not cut the price of the tickets and sell em to school kids?

  11. FITZCORE1252

    Last minute from Seattle is just too steep, if I was within a 15 hr drive, my ass would be there freezing. Belee dat.

  12. E. Wolf

    I am perusing a weather site and it says that it is -14 right now in Green Bay. When I was there for the Boxing Day game in 2010 it was in the 20s. How often does it get this cold. I have been contemplating moving to Wisconsin, but this sort of extreme weather reminds me of Russia in 1941. Here follows text from a warning from the national weather service.




    • Arcturus

      I’m 30 miles west of GB and it’s only 9.5 below right now. Wind chill non-existent at the moment. You can count on 10 below once or twice a winter. What is going to make this next blast special is that it won’t climb above zero for a few days. Forecast high on Monday is 15 below zero. I have 4 tickets for Sunday and now they’re saying the HIGH is going to be 5 below set game time… I am rethinking my attendance right now.

      • E. Wolf

        Obviously this sort of weather happens now and then (eg Ice Bowl). But it not exactly typical either. How often do you experience this sort of thing?

        • Mike R

          I from northern WI, and this is rare. January is usually a bitch, but this winter so far has been way below normal for temperatures. The normal high never gets below the 20’s in the northern part of the state. Some winters, there is very little snow fall, and 30’s every now and then in December and January, but that’s only happened once so far this winter. Go 2 hours south to Madison and Milwaukee, you get quite a bit less snow and it is a little bit warmer, on average.

  13. rebelgb

    As someone said: Why sit between 2 drunk smelly factory workers in their deer hunting clothes too cold to even drink a beer?

    Give me my 45″ HDTV, Surround sound, some warm chili, and a few good friends……(oh and the thermostat set comfortably at 69, my favorite number).

    E. Wolf fuck moving to WI. I have been trying to get out of this fucking ridiculously cold state for years. Last year winter lasted 7 months….

    • Phatgzus

      You think that’s cold? Try Montana, weeks of negative temps. down to -50 with a high of -40, antifreeze freezes, car batteries won’t start, and you still have to go to school and football practice, outdoors.

    • E. Wolf

      I like the Winter-and there are a number of drawbacks to living in NYC. While I like Winter weather, I am not sure I like subzero temperatures on a regular basis. Then again, this is supposed to be the coldest winter blast since the 1900s.

      • Mike R

        If you like the Winter, you’ll like WI. Our summers are certainly shorter than other MIdwest States, but they are also better. HIgh humidity is rare, usually a couple weeks during the summer, but you really can’t beat WI summers. No I don’t work for WI Dept. of Commerce, but just my biased homer opinion.

  14. Looks like Meijer grocery store just did the right thing for the Colts & our soldiers. Time for Roundy’s or Piggly Wiggly to step up!

  15. GBslacker

    Has anyone heard anything about our coaches getting a sniff at a job interview, once rules allow?

    I’ve heard nothing.

    It’s like the rest of the league is not interested in any of our guys — Slocum, Campen… none of them!

  16. Phatgzus

    Slacker, the NFL rules prohibit teams from speaking with coaches of Wild Card teams until sometime in the 2nd week of the Playoffs (remember Philbin wasn’t contacted until a few days before the Gigantes game). Any current information regarding the matter would be media hearsay, and, outside of Aaron Rodgers’ sexuality, I think we all know the National Media doesn’t give 2 squirts about the Packers.

  17. IGGLES

    COME to Philly for the NFC Championship game and WE Will fuck you up. Trust me all round ass beatings against you Fudge Packin Fans.

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