Minnesota Vikings are Trying to Get a Super Bowl

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Minnesota Vikings stadium

Minnesota Vikings stadium

Don’t confuse that. The Minnesota Vikings and a Super Bowl? Laughable. However, there’s another way the Vikings can get a Super Bowl.

They can host one in their stadium. And they’re trying to go that route.

The Vikings have thrown their hat into the ring for the 2018 Super Bowl, which they would host at the Hormel Chili Dome.

“The Super Bowl is the most watched annual event in the world. In addition to game attendees, it brings over 100,000 people to the host community for a weeklong celebration,” said Mark Gov. Dayton. “Hosting the Super Bowl would bring enormous economic benefits to many Minnesota businesses, as well as provide a terrific opportunity to again showcase Minnesota to the world.”

Hahahaha. Showcase Minnesota to the world!

Like the world wants to see Minnesota!

Minnesota is actually one of three finalists for the 2018 game with Indianapolis and New Orleans. Why? Because they’re building a new stadium and that stadium will be done in two years and the NFL likes to award cities who build new stadiums.

So why can Minneapolis get a Super Bowl and not Green Bay? Clearly, it’s an inferior town with an inferior football team.

Well, because it has an airport with more than three terminals.

It is, however, the only way the Vikings will ever have anything to do with the Super Bowl.

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12 Comments on "Minnesota Vikings are Trying to Get a Super Bowl"

  1. Chad Lundberg

    This is a blessing in disguise. We’ll win one in their stadium. It couldn’t be better than that!

  2. Hoops24

    Exactly what I was thinking. It would just infuriate those viking fans if the pack won the superbowl in their stadium. I would laugh about that for years

    • Phatgzus

      Win the SB? They won’t even make the Playoffs. The irony is there won’t be a Vike jersey within ten miles of the stadium.

  3. Don Q

    I would lose my mind if the Packers made the Superbowl at the Chili Dome. I would drive down there everyday during Superbowl week and rub that shit in with all my Packer gear on. Simply rub the salt all up in those fucking wounds.

  4. Savage57

    This story is simply confirmation of this imagined fate when the Minneshithole vermin got ass-raped by Zygmunt (rhymes with ??) and laid down to keep their pathetic Shitfucks in the land that God shat upon.

    Most likely scenario – Shitfucks win the Division that season, Packers get a wild-card. Shitfucks have a bye week, then beat the Cowboys at home to make the Championship game. Packers dismantle the 9ers and Seahags on the road, and have to travel to the Chili Bowl to play the Shitfucks in their shiny new stadium. Minneshitholeans go off the deep end, predict victory for their heroes and brag of finally having another chance to shit the bed in the Super Bowl.

    After dismantling the Horned Faggots in their new toilet by a score of 49-3, The Packers win the conference championship, contributing to the self-induced, albeit beneficial reduction in that god-forsaken hellhole’s population by more than 100 souls. In doing so, the Packers earn the right to represent the NFC in the game that the national media starts to question – “If the game is played in Minneapolis, can it still be called a Super Bowl”? Despite a passionate public outcry to have the game re-labeled “Toilet Bowl I”, the NFL relents after Minnesota’s douchebag governor threatens that if the name of the game is changed, he’s going to try and bring another NFL franchise to the state.

    Despite an intensive week-long lobbying effort to have the game moved to a location where the players, media and fans won’t suffer a 30 point IQ reduction, Goodell insists the game be played in Minneshithole, revealing that he “at least owed the team and ownership that much” after it becomes public that he’s ass-owned Zygi for the past three years.

    When the game finally arrives, it is a festive affair, the stands replete with out-of-towners, thereby eliminating the much feared and speculated upon sweat, piss and chili-fart stench that would have overwhelmed the stadium had more than 100 native ass-wipes been in attendance.

    The Packers go on to beat the upstart Cleveland Browns in a closely fought game, 27-24. Immediately after the final gun, not confetti, but chili and pig-shit rains down on the field and the spectators in a clever tribute to the host city and state. Upon their return to Green Bay with their 6th Lombardi, their 2nd in a row, the team unanimously decides that there will be no post-game celebration for this game, and assign an often-used women’s shitter in the Lambeau atrium as the permanent resting place for the trophy.

  5. Disposable Hero

    Savage, fucking hilarious! You should take a stab at writing children’s books and have Morgan Freeman or Samuel L. Jackson narrate.

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