Mariana González Won Super Bowl Media Day

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Mariana González

Mariana González

There’s one every year. This year that one was Mariana González. That is, some hot chick who shows up at Super Bowl media day wearing some skimpy outfit and reminds us that the NFL lets pretty much anyone into Super Bowl media day.

González is a host for TV Azteca. And why wouldn’t she be? Look at her.

Yes, that’s a white lace dress. Throw on some knee-high boots, which we like to call fuck-me boots, and some obscene hat and you become the story.

Mariana González


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7 Comments on "Mariana González Won Super Bowl Media Day"

  1. E. Wolf

    Dig THIS scenario–her wearing nothing but those heels, with her ankles nice pulled up to her shoulders.

  2. T Pack

    I think she is the same chick that accused the NY Jets of harrasing her. Wonder who she will accuse this year.

  3. jot

    Different girl. And the reporter didn’t accuse anyone, another lady in the locker room accused the players of harassing the reporter,

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