John Kuhn Had a Little Trouble with this Lambeau Leap

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John Kuhn Lambeau Leap fail

John Kuhn Lambeau Leap fail

John Kuhn certainly isn’t the most athletic guy on the Green Bay Packers. That was on full display after he scored on a one-yard run early in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

Kuhn went to do the traditional Lambeau Leap and… failed miserably.

We’re not exactly sure what was going on. Kuhn has made the leap before. Maybe it was slippery. Maybe Kuhn just didn’t have anything in the tank. Maybe it was too damn cold.

Whatever it was, we haven’t seen a botched Lambeau Leap in quite some time. Maybe ever.

Kind of the Packers’ season in a microcosm, isn’t it?

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4 Comments on "John Kuhn Had a Little Trouble with this Lambeau Leap"

  1. Remedy

    Doesn’t surprise me to see that he sometimes struggles with explosive movements

    He’s a hard-working player, that relies on his outstanding work ethic to make plays

  2. buster bluth

    On a brighter note, Mike Sherman…..aka Man without a wit…..
    was canned by the phins. Too bad Ireland wasn’t fired too.

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