Green Bay Packers Have Second-Best Odds for Super Bowl XLIX

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Green Bay Packers cheerleaders

Green Bay Packers cheerleaders

This season’s Super Bowl is still two weeks away, but there are already odds posted for the winner of next season’s game. The Green Bay Packers have the second-best odds, according to William Hill U.S., at 12-1.

Three teams are 5-1. They are the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.

There are also two other teams at 12-1. The New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints.

So, if you think you can predict the future, maybe you want to go get in on some of this action. That is, maybe you know which team is going to have the best draft. That event happens in May. Maybe you know who’s going to sign the right free agents. Free agency begins in March. Maybe you know which teams are going to suffer major injuries in training camp and which ones aren’t. Training camp starts at the end of July.

In other words, setting odds for next year’s Super Bowl right now is pretty stupid and these will fluctuate as the offseason unfolds. But hey, gotta bring in that money for bookmakers like bwin!

And hell, you could go get the Jacksonville Jaguars at 150-1 right now and say they draft a franchise quarterback, sign some big ticket free agents and it just all comes together for them. I mean, Kansas City had a pretty dramatic turnaround this past season.

Just sayin’.

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13 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Have Second-Best Odds for Super Bowl XLIX"

  1. E. Wolf

    Maybe you know which teams are going to suffer major injuries in training camp and which ones aren’t.

    Alas, unless there is that audit and overhaul of the medical and training staff, as I have been calling for, out Packers will be among the teams afficted with an unusually high number of injuries.

  2. Tucson Packer

    Tampa Bay. Super Bowl bound! (no…no no)

    Who did William Hill U.S. predict being at this NY Super Bowl?

    • Phatgzus

      2nd best odds-there is only 1 set better-TEAM 4th most likely to win; nuances of connotation and denotation. Regardless, altogether irrelevant unless you wish to bet on next season’s Super Bowl weeks before this season’s has begun; a practice that, as the article states, would be utterly stupid.

  3. K.L.

    I think the packers would be amazing if only they could stay healthy. And if only they had some leadership on the defensive side. Clay Matthews is good but he sure as hell isn’t leader material. We need a guy like Charles Woodson.

    • Chad Lundberg

      Leaders usually are up to 30 years old, because they have the experience it takes to be a leader and actually know what you’re talking about. It’s not fair to say to Matthews isn’t leadership material IMO.

      • Phatgzus

        Agreed with regards to Matthews-there exist a multitude of different leader-types, arguably the only qualities all leaders share are charisma, confidence, and apparent purpose.

        You lost me on the demarcation age-that may be an arbitrary requirement to lead a group or nation, but experience, maturity, and other relevant immeasurables know no specific age; Joan of Arc was all of what, 15, 16, 17? when she became a major leader for the French military. Yeah, they kicked some krumpet-sucker ass during her tenure. Tutankhamun was all of 9 or 10 when he took the throne and helped maintain tge supremacy of the Egyptian Empire.

  4. lars

    Agree with Cheese…these things are meaningless. The blindered fans do see it as proof that GB is still an elite team, though. 8-7-1 with a defense that can’t stop shit the past three seasons and the odds are 12-1. Yea right.

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