Green Bay Packers Fans Are Everywhere!

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There’s probably one lurking around the corner of wherever you are right now! That is, a Green Bay Packers fan.

Why do I say this? Well, as you’ve probably noticed, the Green Bay Packers didn’t play this past weekend. They didn’t play the one before either.

Because their defense sucks. And their team-building strategy sucks. But that’s another story.

Two teams that did play this weekend are the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. They played in Denver and much to my chagrin, Peyton Manning didn’t pull his usual big-game choke and choke in the big game. He still has one more game with an opportunity to choke in though and the good news is, he’s done it before on the same stage!

That’s beside the point though.

Who was at that game in Denver? At least one creepy-ass Green Bay Packers fan.

How do I know?

Green Bay Packers fan in Denver

Aaron Rodgers in the house, bitches!

Maybe that’s why Tom Brady kept overthrowing wide open motherfuckers. He was distracted by the dude in the Aaron Rodgers’ jersey.

Clearly, regardless of what any Chach says, No. 12 in green was the best quarterback in building. Even though he wasn’t, technically, in the building.

QB1, baby! GBP!

(Via Reddit)

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10 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Fans Are Everywhere!"

  1. T Pack

    I love it. What was up with Brady. I mean I can’t stand his crying ass but he was overthrowing receivers all over the place. They were lucky to be even in the game if Thomas could catch that TD pass it would have been a blow out.

    • Chad Lundberg

      Thinkin the same thing. It’s performances and games like that that make me think the NFL is rigged. They probably told Brady “lose this game and we’ll guarantee you’ll win three more rings”.

  2. Nacho dan

    I went to a Packers Lions game and there was a guy wearing a Vikings Favre jersey. I was like what the fuck??

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