David Bakhtiari, You Rascal!

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David Bakhtiari

David Bakhtiari

You probably remember when Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari got injured last week against San Francisco. You probably remember because you cringed when you saw that turd Marshall Newhouse trot onto the field.

Bakhtiari went into the locker room because the medical staff thought he may have been concussed. Then he came back out, although he wasn’t cleared, and inserted himself into the game.


Not for pussies… or Marshall Newhouse.

Unfortunately, that only lasted one play. Bakhtiari inserted himself on an extra point and on the next series, the round mound of giving up sacks was back out there.

The NFL wasn’t too impressed with this stunt. The good news is, they put it on Bakhtiari and not the Packers, so there aren’t going to be any penalties against the team.

The league sent a letter to all the teams detailing what happened and getting on their high horse and such. Here’s part of it.

“We emphasize that we find no fault in how the team medical staffs conducted themselves last weekend. If a player refuses to follow your advice and leave the sidelines after being diagnosed with a concussion, we recommend that the head athletic trainer seek assistance from the player’s position coach (or another member of the coaching staff) or from another team official to remove the player from the sidelines as soon as possible.”

Another player, Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis, remained on the sideline after he was suspected of suffering a concussion. Apparently, such players are supposed to be sequestered in a quiet windowless room, much like a jail cell.

Okay, yeah, we made the part after “quiet” up.

Anyway, neither player will be fined either. Just shamed publicly.

Although it may have been a stupid move, we salute your dedication David Bakhtiari.

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13 Comments on "David Bakhtiari, You Rascal!"

  1. Phatgzus

    Nothing but increased respect for him; was it a smart personal decision? Probably not. Was it a smart personnel decision? Probably-J.S. Bakh knows how Bad Marshal Newhouse sucks. Was it a warrior’s decision? You betcha.

    We’re talkin’ about the Playoffs here. PLAYoffs? Playoffs. PlayOFFS? Playoffs. PLAYOFFS?! Damn straight, the

    • the real russ letlow

      couldn’t have said it better Phat! I’m real OK with him running back out there to play some ball. One tough mother in my book. No criticism here, maybe give him a look like your grandma did when you swiped a cookie before supper…”Now thats OK this time, but don’t do it again (wink, wink).”

  2. Let’s face it, finding a starting, rookie left tackle in the 4th round was a fucking genius pick. Bahk made us all proud, and relieved, all year. Thompson did very, very well.

    With the Bull coming back to re-man the right side, and possibly Sherrod available as a capable backup, our o-line could be an area of strength for the first time since we let Wahle and Rivera go.

    Concussion, fuck it, I’ve got some blocking to do.

  3. Richard

    Sad thing is, this guy could come onto the field drunker than Dennis Rodman and still block better than the Outhouse

  4. gort

    Even though Eddie Lacy gets the big headlines and has a real shot at “O” rookie of the year, my vote would go to David Bakhtiari. Don’t get me wrong, Eddie put together a spectacular year and is well deserving of that award. Without him, our season would have been lost long before the playoffs. That being said, DB was a strong performer all season long. I saw a stat that said that he played 1,118 of the 1,121 snaps on offense during the regular season. That is pretty damn good for a 4th round pick who entered camp deep on the depth chart. Maybe he got his bell rung a little, but his heart is in the game. If we would have had ANY safety that contributed as much as DB did, we would be still playing!

    • Phatgzus

      Right on! I don’t know if he’ll win it, but he certainly deserves to be in the running. His sacks allowed wasn’t all that great but considering 1) he faced an All-Pro or Pro Bowl calibre player in all but 2 games, 2) he was protecting Flynn or Tolzien almost half the time, 3) you didn’t notice the QB scrambling like he was on the Walking Dead, and 4) our running game was the 7th best in the league I’d say he did pretty damn well.

      He definitely has heart; considering he came from an awful program in the heart of legalized MaryJaneLand and is now playing for one of the most storied sports franchises in history, I don’t see him losing it.

      All the respect in the world to this young man.

  5. Savage57

    All season long, every time he got dinged, he showed he was a tough MOFO, always eschewing help or assistance and lined up for the next play. I can only imagine what the conversation with the training staff sounded like after he got his bell rung. Something tells me a few phrases like ‘kiss my ass’, ‘fuck off’ or ‘blow me’ might have popped up a couple of times.

    I like it, and hope that Campen finds a way to get it in the others guys heads that sometimes you have to just straight up kick ass, even when it’s your own.

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