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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

All Green Bay Packers fans should be ecstatic about this news. All of the top safeties, with the exception of Stanford’s Ed Reynolds, have now declared for the 2014 NFL Draft. The biggest name — Alabama’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix — declared Thursday morning.

We’re going to tell you about a bunch of these guys in a moment, but first, let’s review.

The Green Bay Packers safeties were a collective steaming pile of dog crap in 2013. Morgan Burnett and M.D. Jennings were arguably the worst starting safety tandem in the NFL. Probably not even arguably, now that we think of it.

It started with Jennings, who is more recognized for missing tackles, not creating turnovers and giving up yards after the catch than he is anything positive. Jennings is a restricted free agent and we pray the Packers do not re-sign him. Did he know in addition to not creating any turnovers, the guy didn’t even defend one pass in 2013? Then there’s Burnett, who signed a big extension in the offseason and then turned into one of the biggest underachievers on the team.

It didn’t end there. Jerron McMillian, a fourth-round pick in 2012, was cut midseason he was so bad. That was a swell draft pick, Ted. Like Jennings, the other two safeties on the active roster were one-time undrafted free agents. One, Sean Richardson, was injured the majority of the year and the other, Chris Banjo, is raw as raw can be.

So how bad were these clowns in 2013? The Packers had the only group of safeties in the entire NFL not to record an interception. It’s like you almost have to try to not intercept balls for that to happen.

Anyway, you get the point. The Packers need actual NFL-caliber talent at the position. That’s not to say Richardson or Banjo won’t continue to develop, but neither is going to step into the starting lineup and be a playmaker next season.

Here are your playmakers.

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