Teammates Didn’t Know Aaron Rodgers was Coming Back

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

There was plenty of speculation leading up to the decision on whether the Green Bay Packers would let Aaron Rodgers play this week, but the cat wasn’t let out of the bag until yesterday. Not even for the Packers.

The decision was announced to the players in Thursday’s team meeting for the first time.

Guard T.J. Lang said he didn’t think Rodgers was playing until he heard the news.

“I honestly didn’t think he was going to play,” Lang said, via Brad Biggs of theChicago Tribune. “The last three or four weeks, when he was close, I learned not to get my hopes up. To hear that news on those Fridays that he was not playing, it was tough. . . .

“Everybody just kind of smiled. It’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘Finally, man.’ It was almost a sigh of relief. The news gives you a little spark.”

The Packers may have the spark they need to beat the Chicago Bears and win the division title, but everyone also knows they’ll still have to perform on Sunday.

“Just because Aaron is the quarterback doesn’t mean we’re going to be able to go down there, have him walk out of the tunnel first and we get a win,” wide receiver Jordy Nelson said. “Everyone is going to have to do their job. Going into Chicago to beat Chicago isn’t going to be easy.”

Of course, don’t tell that to the media and fans. We’ve read at least 100 tweets from both news outlets and fans alike that now claim the Packers are Super Bowl contenders again.

We are far from jumping to that conclusion. Super Bowl contenders have defenses that play at a high level. The Green Bay Packers do not.

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16 Comments on "Teammates Didn’t Know Aaron Rodgers was Coming Back"

  1. Great to have Aaron back!!

    If we only had a “D” that was playing at a middle of the road level instead of the toilet, we might be able to win a few playoff games, instead of getting bitch slapped by San Fran again.

  2. trvs

    If the defense can stop or at least limit Marshall, Forte and Jefferey then maybe I would consider them to be a possible super bowl contender. Rodgers is certainly going to make the journey more obtainable, but until the D truly steps up there is no way. One game at a time.

  3. T Pack

    Let’s beat Chicago first. But saying that San Fran isn’t the same team and are very beatable. The problems come with the Seattles & Denvers of the league. Then you got yourself a game.

  4. Richard Crainium

    Denver’s D is not very good either….and the loss of VM def hurts them.

    In fairy tale land I see a road lined with redemption! Fuck you BEARS! W against SF….fuck Jim fuck you Kap! W at Seattle…Fuck Carrol, fuck Tate, yes…fuck you Russel the love muscle! Fuck you Philly! And Fuck you Bill and the trophy comes home!

    Season not over Wolfe!

    • bob at 81

      my my my – I think the one who is getting the f..ed over is you. these men are doing a job that you dick head CAN’T HANDLE. the pack, as any team can show up and win. but remember, the rest of the teams get paid too.
      we true packer fans pray for the best but except a loss with “CLASS”
      go pack go

  5. PF4L

    We’ve come to expect the doom and gloom “season is over” from E Wolf. Or Wolf and even Monty saying that why even get to the playoffs, to just lose.

    How about, just stfu and support the team? Enjoy the Bear game, if we win, enjoy the fact we won the NFC North. Enjoy the fact were in the playoffs. Then if we lose in the playoffs, you can bitch, like we all probably will. But while were still in it. How about trying to be a Green Bay Packer fan.

    But stop with this shit…..


    “Even if the Packers beat the Bears this weekend, they aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs.”

    “You know that, we know that and Rodgers knows that.”

    “We’re the Packers. We don’t tank. However, what’s the point of getting a playoff spot this year?”

    E Wolf….

    Wolf’s post speak for themselves.

  6. Don Q

    PF4L, well put. That is a mantra every Packer fan should embrace. Too bad there are so many energy sucking people out there.

  7. Packfan

    I for one get the doom and gloom. I have been so disappointed with the team this year that I have said,”we suck, we don’t deserve a playoff spot”. I think when you have passion for your team you can be the harshest critic. Now that we are close I am weary. Can the team make me proud? Sure, they can. But more often this year I have been embarrassed to talk with anyone that knows I am a Packer fan. Except for Lacy, Lacy has been a true positive beacon of light.
    I hope for nothing more than Aaron to show up and kick the Bears ass worse than Eagles did, Then to exact revenge on all teams teams that have beat us in the last few years. I need to see a spark though. I want it, but I want them to want it, I actually just really want to see defense want it. Fuck you Defense, Do your job!

    • PF4L

      Well, the playoff and Thanksgiving game debacles of recent history were indeed embarrassing. No offense Dom. Although, i was embarrassed by those ” defensive performances”. I’ve never been embarrassed of being a Green Bay Packer fan. Ever.

  8. Phatgzus

    We almost beat the Bears sans Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Randall Cobb; the defense played one of it’s worst games of the year, particularly vs. the run and in the 4th. We now have Rodgers and possibly Cobb returning, but are again without CMIII, Jolly; additionally Mr. Lacy is hobbled. The defense, while not fantastic nor even consistantly good, has been forcing more TOs and actually playing pretty well for parts of games.

    The Bears, on the other hand, are again without Peanut, but they do have Lance Briggs returning, but that’s at least offset by having Cutler back, additionally they won’t likely be stacking the box against Aaron Rodgers for very long, not if they actually want to make it to the Playoffs.

    The Pack’s D probably need to play about one half (preferrably the 1st) of football like they have the past few games, control (not shut down) Matt Forte, and let Cutler dish it up in poor weather on a field the consistency of pudding. I think they can do this.

    On O, Lacy needs to stay healthy even if that means giving Mr. Starks more action-Lacy a lot of short yardage/GL perhaps-he has shown he can beat the Bears when they had good D’s and gashed them on a handful of carries this year.

    Obviously Special Teams will be a major factor this game. Masthay and Crosby need to keep the ball away from Hester in those field conditions. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears try a trick play or 10 of their own. And for the love of Ares, no offsides/encroachment or roughing/running-into-the punter penalties.

  9. PF4L

    Good points made.

    I’m going to wait for the predictions article to summarize what we need to do, and who needs to step it up. Cuz i got’s to go.

  10. icebowl

    Should prove interesting….
    If you like high scoring games you’re bound to like the one coming up….
    Wish they had moved thus game to prime time…
    Eagles should trounce cowpokes…..

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