Still Plenty of Good Packers’ Tickets Available

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Packers fans lined up for Family Night tickets

Packers fans lined up for Family Night tickets

Hey, are you one of those people who is constantly complaining about not being able to get Green Bay Packers tickets or that they’re too expensive?

Well, this is your lucky year then!

As of Tuesday morning, the Packers still had plenty of tickets available for what will surely be another one-and-done playoff game.

Heresy, you say!

Well, let’s consider the facts.

The Packers, in all of their infinite wisdom as an organization, sent out notices to season ticket holders asking them to buy playoff tickets several weeks ago. The Packers’ season looked a lot like a dumpster fire at the time, but hey, the Packers will ask you, season ticket holder, to buy not just playoff tickets for one game, but for three games! Non-fucking-refundable!

Yeah, so of all the season ticket holders, probably two people took those assholes up on that offer. And we’re pretty sure those two people were drunk.

So, on Monday, the Packers offered up seats to just the 49ers game to season ticket holders. That is, those with a registered email address.

They assumed those tickets would be gone in about 30 seconds. They were not. So, they went on sale to the general public Monday afternoon.

And… still not gone.

Look, there are two things at play here.

First, we’re not Minnesota Vikings fans. If you’re a fan and can get to Green Bay on Sunday, buy a goddam ticket, get drunk and take it like the rest of us! At least you’ll be in Lambeau.

Second, the fans, who clearly are knowledgeable enough to know what’s going to go down on Sunday, are obviously dissatisfied with the product on the field.

Hey, Big Ted? You fucking fuck!

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

31 Comments on "Still Plenty of Good Packers’ Tickets Available"

  1. Nacho Libre

    I was close to buying tickets last night, prices were pretty reasonable, the airline prices made me say otherwise. $1,150 for ONE round trip ticket! I’m not flying to Australia for the tickets to be that damn expensive. I’ll save my $$ for Packers season opener hopefully a flight to GB won’t be as pricey then. GO PACK!!!

  2. Asimov

    Some fact checking about the playoff ticket option is probably needed.

    It was impossible for the Packers to have three playoff games in Lambeau, so the organization would be unable to sell tickets for the divisional round game. Two games were offered.

    Assuming two tickets per game, roughly estimating the cost per ticket, total cost for the wild card game (2x$125) and the conference championship (2x $200) would be $650.

    If the Packers were not to make the playoffs, the amount of money the season ticket holder spent on tickets would then be credited to their next season ticket purchase, with the remaining funds (if any) being reimbursed.

    This isn’t some kind of giant scam, just an efficient way to allow season ticket holders first-shot at decent tickets. Granted, that’s assuming those season ticket holders want to renew their tickets the following year. We all know how many people decide to do that.

    • Arcturus

      Precisely right. And I was one of those two drunks who took the offer and got seats on the 40,17 rows behind the Packers and am glad I did. Facts are a wonderful thing.

  3. T Pack

    “As of Tuesday morning, the Packers still had plenty of tickets available for what will surely be another one-and-done playoff game.”

    More negativity from the Packer authors of this site. Really is unbelievable.

    1: It is early. They will sell out I am sure. Though it doesn’t help that it will be zero degrees and the game starts at 5pm.
    2: They just clinched Sunday. Have to give them some time.
    3: How about just being happy that there are PLAYOFF tickets to sell.

    Considering you make your living off the Packers sometimes You guys suck.

  4. E. Wolf

    Man, there are seats between the forties about 20 seats up from the Packers bench. … for 125.00 The airfare and hotel though just does not make it possible.

  5. malone

    The cost of the tickets isn’t what got me, it was the cost of the flights. You’re essentially buying a last minute ticket and the price was ridiculous! Nacho Libre is right, I’ll save my money and wait till next season.

  6. T Pack

    Airfare is a killer. The prices tripled as soon as Cobb dove into the endzone. How in the world is anybody in Green Bay not going to this game. Moronic. Sat-Mon would cost me about 3K. Just can’t do that. Killing me not to go.

  7. Nacho Libre

    About $2,300 for 2 round trip airline tickets, $445 for 2 game tickets. I will still need hotel, rental car, AND most importantly beer, food and souvenir $$. So I’ll be in the hole for around 4 grand. It sucks being a Packer fan from Los Angeles :-/

  8. Gummy

    Nacho Libre, sucks been fan from LA?? Try to be fan in Mexico, I need to wach the games on line due we dont have all the games here, the airfare from Cancun to Chicago (because we don have direct flights Cancun- WI) is above 16 G. To be in the playoff game this weekend in unpayable.

    Any way I will be enjoying the game from Hooters next Sunday Go Pack Go

  9. Season ticket holder here. It’s been a long year. I felt like I played after the Vikings game!! I’m going to game but it’s hard work at playoff games! Yell non stop on defense and then go to work next day with no voice. Let’s hope it goes better than giants in 07 and 10. I’m still mad at Favre for Corey website pick..

  10. the real russ letlow

    Packers fans are everywhere, and yes it is always awesome running into to a few where you don’t expect to see them!

  11. IGGLES

    Real passionate fanbase huh? Our stadium sold out in 28.8 seconds. You guys are the ultimate bandwagon fanbase. You want to see diehard come talk shit to me in Philadelphia. Faggots.

    • Phatgzus

      Sure, 37-year wait list (after renovations) comprised of 81,000 fans-that’s a massive bandwagon, Noah’s Ark status. What’s the wait list for your legendary Wiggles?

  12. Nacho dan

    Why aren’t you on a Philly site then? As a packer fan I have never even thought of going to an eagles site. What would be the point? I’ll convert eagle fans into packer fans?

  13. Pack4Life

    I was able to snag 2 tickets in the 18th row for $110 each. Not too shabby!
    Drinking the whole weekend and ice fitchin’ in da yoopee at da cabin den I’ll be a swingin tru God’s Country fer some good beers and a heck ofa game!

  14. crash

    Its official, the lack of tickets sales in Green Bay has made the Seattle local news. Needless to say, the piece made quite a mocking tone. Fucking pompous Seattle fans. Come on locals, buy some damn tickets already.

  15. Phatgzus

    This is embarrassing; 100,000 people in the Green Bay Area alone and they still haven’t sold their Playoff tickets…C’mon, Fans!

  16. Dave

    I’m lucky enough to be in town visiting from boston, extended my stay and am going to the game, 5th row for 115 bucks a piece. go pack!

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