Randall Cobb Will Be Active on Sunday

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Randall Cobb: boss

Randall Cobb: boss

The Green Bay Packers have activated receiver Randall Cobb from injured reserve in time for Sunday’s showdown with the Chicago Bears.

On Friday, coach Mike McCarthy suggested the Packers would activate Cobb if he responded well on Saturday. The Packers pushed Cobb in practice on Friday and obviously he responded.

So, Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb will be on the field together for the first time since October 13, on Sunday.

Cobb, who broke his tibia against Baltimore, is obviously pleased about the situation.

And so are we.

The only question is what role Cobb will have on Sunday. In his absence, Jarrett Boykin has been playing like a boss. Meanwhile, we know Jordy Nelson is Aaron Rodgers’ No. 1 target. And then there’s James Jones.

Good problem to have, though.

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12 Comments on "Randall Cobb Will Be Active on Sunday"

    • K.L.

      Agreed. Especially now that we know Boykin is a more than adequate replacement should anything happen to Cobb again. Cobb for kickoff returns, Hyde for punt returns.

    • cd4packers

      Well I happen to agree with you. We could need that extra boost in the ST. We are at the now or never moment so I say do whatever it takes to get this win. Cobb is the best man for the return job. Let him do it.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      with as well as Hyde is playing, I disagree.

      Especially since he is coming off an injury. Won’t happen.

      • PF4L

        I think it’s foolish to put Cobb returning kicks now, or in the future.

        He means way to much to this offense, people seem to forget how effective he was because he’s been gone for 2 months.

        Cobb, is a play maker on offense, plain and simple.

        The last thing i want to see, is Cobb taking a hard unprotected blow to the knee or leg, simply because of shitty special teams blocking. Hyde is doing fine.

  1. PF4L

    Agreed. I doubt they want to stick Cobb in on special teams right away anyway. If he could catch a few passes and open up the passing game, i’d be happy and consider it a bonus. Thank God his broken leg didnt take 2 years to heal.

    • Cheese

      You mean like Derrick Sherrod? I mentioned Sherrods name to someone today, who is pretty involved with football, and they didn’t even know who he was.

      “First round draft pick? What’s his name again? Sorry, never heard of him. He must be pretty bad if he can’t beat out Marshall Newhouse.”

  2. Phatgzus

    Do the returns of this most holy Triumvirate (pardon the sacrilege) make anyone else think of the appearance of the Army of the Dead in The Return of the King, or have I just been watching too much LoTR?

  3. FITZCORE1252

    Shit, son… Anderson Silva hopes he can get back on his leg that quick… Highly unlikely. That was some serious breakage.

    Oh… Welcome back R-dizzle!

  4. Phatgzus

    That shit was messed up, awful way to end your career (I wonder if Joe Theisman was watching). Lesson, kiddies: careful when you kick someone so you don’t wrap your shin around their knee, bad stuff happens.

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