Predictions: Week 17 – Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

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Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler

Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler

Shawn: So, everything comes down to this for the Green Bay Packers, and it is no surprise.

Win and you’re in. Lose and your season is over. Essentially, the playoffs start this week for the Packers and Chicago Bears.

As everyone with an Internet connection knows by now, Aaron Rodgers will be playing. That fact changes the betting line from Bears by 4.5 to Packers by 3.

Obviously Rodgers should have a bone to pick with the Bears, but then again, we always have a bone to pick with them.

Conversely, the last time the Packers and Bears played a game like this it was in the NFC Championship game after the 2010 season. Jay Cutler preferred standing on the sideline and making faces to playing, and the Packers ripped it from the Bears in their own stadium. Many of the Bears should remember that as well.

Jay Cutler has been terrible against Dom Capers, which has helped the Packers dominate this rivalry in the last five seasons. Cutler has at times looked more comfortable in the Marc Trestman system this season, and at other times he has looked like the same old Cutty.

Maybe because of the sad state of the Packers defense, I feel like Cutler is due to have a decent game against us.  He certainly has better weapons at his disposal and a better offensive line protecting him. Plus, take a look at the Bears’ injury report once. There isn’t one. No one is injured. Earl Bennett missed practice on Thursday for non-injury reasons. Otherwise, the Bears had 100 percent participation in practice.

Of course, that was also the case last week when the Bears got dump-trucked by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Bears’ defense just isn’t any good, whether it is healthy or not. It is just worth pointing out that the Packers aren’t fated to win this game just because Aaron Rodgers is going to take the field.

I think we all know that both defenses aren’t very good. So, that means this game hinges on the quarterbacks. Whoever has the best red zone performance and the fewest mistakes likely wins this game. Can Cutler avoid the big mistakes that have made him who he is? How will Aaron Rodgers play after two months of no football?

Even though the offenses are good and the defenses are terrible, don’t be surprised if there is a little defense played in this game just because it is Packers vs. Bears.

The Packers use Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rodgers to consistently put up points and keep the pressure on Cutler and the Bears’ offense. Someone for the Packers on defense makes a play or two, and that is the difference.

Packers 38, Bears 31

Andrew: Packers-Bears. NFC North. The Norris. Rough and tumble football. Division title and postseason birth on the line. Three yards and a cloud of dust. Tough defenses. Where touchdown numbers and quarterback ratings shrivel up like the common man’s testes in the frigid cold of the Windy City.

Don’t make me laugh.

This game might need two scoreboards. There might be that many points scored. I mean seriously, who is going to stop anyone? The oddsmakers currently have the over/under for this game set at 52.5 and it’s my opinion they missed the mark. Either team is capable of scoring 50 in this game. Hell… both teams are capable of scoring 50 in this game.

Jay Cutler, long the sad clown of the NFL, has to be frothing at the mouth to redeem his putrid past versus the Packers and Dom Capers. With his rugged outside receiver tandem, Cutler has more toys to play with now, but can he avoid being Jay? Let’s hope not. Regardless, I see Matt Forte having a career day and he will be the biggest thorn for the Packers. The Bears are going to get theirs.

Aaron Rodgers is coming off an eight-week injury, but has proved capable of firing right out of the gate after a layoff, as demonstrated in the home opener versus the Saints to open the 2011 season as the defending champs. Everyone talked about the rust and that Rodgers should have done more offseason work with his guys. Well he gave all those doubters a big middle finger that night at Lambeau and I see no reason why he wouldn’t have his ‘A’ game on Sunday. Ok… I’ll give him two drives to straighten it all out, but I doubt he’ll even need that. Look for him to come out guns blazing.

At the end of the day I think the Packers defense, as beaten down and banged up as they are, have a better shot to make one more play than the Bears defense. Which is to say I think Jay Cutler will make one more ill-advised play than Aaron Rodgers. You can call it whatever way you see fit, but that will be the difference.

Green Bay 51, Chicago 41

About The Author

Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.

43 Comments on "Predictions: Week 17 – Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears"

  1. K.L.

    Our whole team plays better when Aaron Rodgers is active. Our defense was awesome in the first half of the season, even without Clay Matthews. All of that changed when Rodgers was injured. I expect our offense and defense to take it to the next level in this game.

  2. the real russ letlow

    considering the circumstances, we couldn’t ask for anything more than to play for the division title on the last Sunday of the regular season. The NFC North Championship game tomorrow, and your Green Bay Packers are there! WOO HOO!!!! GO PACK GO!

  3. Richard

    28-27 Packers, as Matt Flynn makes a surprise appearance and a suddenly pro-bowl-less defense can bring enough pressure from unexpected players to pull out a win in Chicago

  4. Phatgzus

    51-41? Holy shit, that’s Madden territory.

    With the amount of running each team will likely be doing there won’t be enough time to score that many points.

  5. PF4L

    The light will be shining on the Packer offensive tackles to protect Rodgers.

    Personally i’d start Starks against the worst run defense in the league, and only bring in Lacy if needed. He’s hurt, and he’s been ridden harder than a $20 hooker on a party boat on Lake Minnetonka. Try to rest him.

    We need to generate pass rush, that ensures Jay will be the same ol Jay and pass the ball to us, as he’s been accustomed to doing. if Cutler gets too much time, he has the potential to expose our safetys. Cutlers new style, is just throw the ball high to Jefferys and Marshall. But that also provides opportunities for picks.

    Need to hold Forte to reasonable yards. Who knows, maybe even Raji can get off a block and tackle a runner or something silly like that.

    I’d expect Forte to get his yards running and catching out of the backfield. Dude is dangerous out in the flat with some room. Lets face it, he can make most of our lb’s and safetys look slow and inept. Could we shut him done? idk, but i’d love to see it.

    So it’s my hope, the defense overachieves. Maybe creates a few turnovers. offensively, we “should” be able to stack up yards running the ball. As far as Rodgers goes, it concerns me a little he’s been out 8 weeks, but if he threw for 300 yards, 3 or 4 td’s and 0 picks, that wouldn’t surprise me either because he’s a Baaaad Man!!. We’ll see what the O line gives him, I’ll be watching that close. They need to step the fuck up. this turn style pass protection with Barclay, Newhouse, Bakhtiari has to tighten up, now.

    Don’t know what Cobb’s status is, but he’d be a game changer if he can go.

    As always, my prediction is…

    Expect the worst, hope for the best. I can’t wait till game time.

    • cd4packers

      Indeed. And I agree that Forte could be a problem if our D decides not to show up today. Forte could be the difference maker in today’s game. He makes me a little nervous. The Bears would be wise to use Forte as much as possible today. But when do the Bears ever do what they should do? Thank God we can count on the Bears to put their blinders on when it comes to Jayne Cutler. They will let him be his typical self which will give the Packers a great advantage in winning this game today. :)

  6. Don Q

    Yeah, most of us derelicts won’t read more than two paragraphs on a blog site. Less is more, but your passion is appreciated.

  7. Nacho Libre

    51-41?? That’s more like Sega Genesis Joe Montana Football than Madden. I call the score 26-20, the Pack wins the division in Shithole Field.

  8. and No its Chicago’s time to shine. I think Rodgers is going to be hesitant. Due to the fact that we were the ones that caused that 8wk. Injury. Furthermore if Cutler plays hands on football making passes to Jeffery,Marshall, or Both Bennets, not to mention the run game by Forte & Bush. We should be in the clear. Our downfall is our D. If Peppers &Wooton can rush the passer and Briggs or Bostic watch Lacy. We’re Gucci. In other words Bears – 34 Packers – 17. Bear Down Baby

  9. Phatgzus

    Bakhtiari has been quite good in pass protection; as for Newhouse, if he sees the field for even one offensive play, I think it’ll be in a losing effort.

    Forte and Hester are the 2 I’m worried about; Forte can make quick LBs look foolish, our backers need to crash on him hard and decisively, even if they miss, otherwise they’re screwed.

    We definitely need pressure-Daniels, Perry, Neal, Datone, CBs (I really hope DC sends his corners in this one) in

    D has been creating TOs since the Turkey Day drubbing, I’m hopeful they can keep it up against Mr. Chuck-and-(Fuck a) Duckface.

  10. PF4L

    I don’t have a count on Bakhtiari’s sacks and pressures given up, but i’ve seen too many of them.

    Other than that, as i said at the beginning of the season, Bakhtiari was thrown to the wolves by TT in his rookie season because TT had no other answer, and he couldn’t keep Newhouse in there. i like Bakhtiari, i look for improvement next season. But he’s had his share of hiccups.

    • E. Wolf

      PFAIL continually trashing Bakthiari is all one needs to consider in order to discredit him entirely. Bakthiari had a streak of six games without allowing a sack, and has had one bad game against the Detroit Lions. That is very strong for a rookie–and it is only going to get better.
      Also, it is not Ted’s fault Bulaga went down with an ACL injury (although I cannot say the same about the medical and training staff).

      • PF4L

        I continually trash Bakhtiari huh? Strange, as i don’t even remember the last time i brought him up. maybe you can “research” it and find something from 2 or 3, maybe 4 months ago, not sure.

        No, it’s never Ted’s fault is it? It’s not Teds fault that they had to move Bulaga over to left tackle to replace the Newhouse/Barclay nightmare. It’s not Teds fault the left tackle spot has been a joke since Clifton left. It’s not Teds fault Barclay can’t pass block at right tackle. Nothing is ever Teds fault is it Uncle Wolfie?

        Tell ya what Wolfie, how about you go upstairs, and have your mom help you spell Bakhtiari correctly. Then, when you have that finally figured out, you can get back to trolling and telling everyone how the Packers don’t have a chance this season.

      • E. Wolf


        I have nothing to prove to you, or to others. I remember what you wrote re Bakhtiari. That the best you have is that his name is hard to spell (or rather type), well that about says it all.
        The bottom line is you have gone on the record number of times denouncing Bakthiari, whereas everyone else–all the pundits who know far more than you–have lauded him.
        As I have stated several times before, starting caliber tackles are hard to find. This is evidenced by all the teams with bad offensive lines. The Packers right now are weak at Don Barclay, and that will be solved when Bulaga comes back next year.
        Ted has faced some challenges on the offensive line, so have most GMs. Consider how few foresaw what a bust Gabe Carimi would be.
        And no it’s not Ted’s fault that Bulaga went down. Ted will be vindicated however when Bulaga comes back and we have Bulaga and Bakhtiari as tackles next year. Then you will be even further exposed as the complete jackass that you are.

        • PF4L

          Listen, Ted will not be vindicated even IF the pass blocking finally gets straightened out next year, it just means it took him 4 years.

          2 more things.

          Don’t tell me how Ted is “going to fix the O line next season” come tell me, when it’s actually fixed.

          You focus too much on next season this, next season that. Fuck next season, we have a Division and playoff games to win this season.

          Oops, i forgot, you gave up on this season Wolf. My bad.

        • PF4L

          Wolf, i doubt that any users on here can remember me “continually trashing” Bakhtiari. Just because you want to fabricate something, doesn’t make it true, much like the majority of your authoritative proclamations that turn out to be false.

          Thank you for trying to spell Bakhtiari correctly, you almost succeeded.

          Now go back under the rock you came from. Us real Packer fans are rooting for the Packers to beat the Bears and win the Division.

          It’s game day bitch. i don’t want to deal with negative quitters like you.

          • E. Wolf

            You HAVE repeatedly bashed the guy and I don’t care whether anyone else remembers it or not. Just as you have continually called for Ted and Mac to be fired, either outright with explicit messages saying “I want these guys fired” or innumerable, petulant tirades criticizing them to no end, which are nothing more than constructive, implicit calls for them to be fired.. You even wrote you have been calling out Ted and Mike since 2011. The point is, you continually spew forth these childish tantrums, and then won’t even stand by them.
            Hey Shawn, I thought you warned us both about these stupid piss-matches, which he INSTIGATES and I merely RESPOND to. This clown straight up told you to fuck off, and you simply deleted that comment. You also warned this guy about replying to his own posts two or three times over with so much spam, and yet he continues to do it, pretty much unabated.
            And make no mistake no about it, you are no less “guilty” about “quitting” this team than I am. Your excuse is that you were upset about the loss at the Lions, well I have been upset about Rodgers going down in Week 9. I have still watched all the Packer games, and never traded on my colors.
            Don’t want to deal with me? Then stop writing me constantly, and stop exhibiting a obsessive-compulsive like tendency to catalog everything I write.

          • PF4L

            Atta boy Wolfie, let it all out.

            Shawn, i see Wolf is losing his mind while whining to you (again), is there anything you can do for him?

            If i would have known my football related post i wrote above was going to send Wolf into a screaming tirade, making him lose his mind, i would have been more careful as to not hurt Wolfs feelings in my writings about Teddy T.

            Maybe we could give him one of those big multicolored swirl suckers and some cotton candy.

            I can supply a box of tissues for him.

            This is absolutely tragic.

    • Phatgzus

      Yeah he’s had his hiccups, mainly early in the season/1st 2 or 3 games in his career and Turkey Day. Considering the level of competition he’s faced I’d say he’s performed exceptionally in pass protection. 1st sack was a miscommunication on his first ever series, maybe even play, to Aldon Smith, he gave up 1 more sack that game vs. The Super Smith Bros. He faced a sizzlin’ T-Sizzle, prevented him
      from recording a stat. Essentially shut down Peppers, Allen the first time and was good the 2nd, performed decently vs.
      Johnson, as well as Umenyiora; he helped stone that vaunted Lions front in Lambeau, was good/great vs. Steelers, Eagles, and Browns, didn’t see the Giants game until just before the pick-six (awesome timing on my part) so I can’t comment on that.

      Anyway, that’s pretty much a Murederer’s Row, nay Boulevard of defensive talent and he’s given up 7 or 8 sacks (actually quite a few) but they came in 4 games, otherwise, nothin’.

      • E. Wolf

        Great post Phatzgus. I welcome anything that exposes PFAIL’s ignorance. He’s like a yappy little mutt who SHOULD be put in a burlap sap filled with rocks, tied up at the top and thrown in the river.
        This clown actually blames Ted for Bulaga’s ACL injury while ALSO denouncing a clear knockout punch of a selection with Bakhtiari.

        • cd4packers

          I don’t see his comment that way at all. He is merely having a conversation about a player. People don’t always agree about players. If we all agreed about everything, there would be no purpose for this site. Why do you have to turn every comment into a challenge? or a threat or a dis? Maybe users are simply stating what they think which they have every right to do in a forum like this. We are not here to be in agreement with all that is being posted nor are we here to be antagonists. But you sure have that last one down to a T. lol

        • E. Wolf

          You are fucking pathetic. I could catalog the number of posts complaining about you, including two separate posts complaining about the multiple pissing matches that YOU instigate and that I merely respond to.
          Hey, why don’t you post one more time about how I was wrong about Rodgers starting a week or two, conveniently omitting that Jason Wilde and other pundits thought so, too.

        • PF4L

          #56 written by Art Vandeleigh
          12/19/2013 – 7:22 am

          Wolf, you are such a turd. I read your posts just to see what stupid bullshit comes out of your mouth each day and you never cease to amaze. Can’t wait for tomorrow as each day gets more ridiculous! Now, go cry to Monty and Shawn that people are picking on you…

  11. Nacho Libre

    A quote from an NFL media analyst: “Aaron Rodgers returns and delivers a glorious win for the Pack. Then they get beaten by the 49ers at Lambeau the next week … but that’s a blurb for another day.”

  12. MadCity Packer Fan

    Why would we start Starks when Eddie is probable? I am sure they will work James into the scheme but Eddie will probably get the start.

  13. lars

    To K.L.—that awesome defense you describe blew several late game leads and quit the second AR went down with injury. Wouldn’t count on them to pull the team through even if Puss Cake Cutler gets owned again. Sneak into the playoffs to face Seattle, SF (three straight beat downs) and NO with THAT D?

  14. cd4packers

    The funny thing is you don’t hear the analysts saying anything at all about the possibility that Cutler might re-injure one of his many, many booboos. They don’t seem to be one bit concerned about his knee, shoulder, pinky, groin, or even his hammer toe. lol. But they are sooooo worried that AR might get hit too hard and hurt his collar bone. Bawahahahahahahaha!!!!! Question: If you had the choice to pick which QB would go down and out due to re-injury today, would it be Aaron Stud Rodgers or Jayne Pussy Cutler? :) GO PACK GO!!!

  15. tedtomato

    Gay suckler is good for at least 2 ints..lets hope manual dexter jennings doesnt play…otherwise theres about 3 tds for bears

  16. Deepsky

    The Packers offensive line played absolutely horrible against the Bears the last game in Green Bay. Chicago has the fewest sacks in the NFL, yet 5 of their pathetic 28 sacks came against Green Bay, plus bust Sean McMullin validated his existence in the NFL by taking Rodgers out with cheap shot.

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