Predictions: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

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Tony Romo playoffs

Tony Romo playoffs

Shawn: Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was very annoyed at yesterday’s presser, and he had reason to be.

With Aaron Rodgers under center against the worst pass defense in football, the Packers are probably a 6-to-8-point favorite to get to Week 16 very much alive for a division title.

With Matt Flynn under center, however, the Packers are about a 4-point underdog with a loss all but ending their season and making future prospects of Rodgers playing irrelevant.

The Cowboys’ defense is porous and Tony Romo has an inept history versus Dom Capers’ defense. That all gives the Packers a chance if Matt Flynn and the defense have decent games.

So there is hope, but I don’t see a win this week. If the Cowboys can’t win at home with the playoffs on the line against a Packers team without Aaron Rodgers, then Jerry Jones should fire everyone, including himself.

Cowboys 27, Packers 17

Monty: So it pretty much comes down to this for the Green Bay Packers. Beat a fading Dallas Cowboys team with Matt Flynn under center or pack it in.

There’s some reason to think that’s possible. The Cowboys were absolutely torched by the Chicago Bears and their backup quarterback, Josh McCown, last week. The Packers finally have a little momentum after picking up their first win in over a month against Atlanta.

Ultimately, this game should come down to a few matchups. Flynn should definitely be able to have some success against the 32nd-ranked pass defense in the NFL. However, the real keys for the Packers offense are Eddie Lacy and David Bakhtiari.

If the Packers can run the ball and control the clock with Lacy, their chances improve dramatically. If the rookie tackle can keep pass rusher extraordinaire DeMarcus Ware off Flynn, their chances improve even more.

We know the Cowboys can put up points with Tony Romo running the show. That puts the focus for the Packers defense on the secondary. They’ll need to come up with stops on third down.

We’ve got two teams fighting for their playoff lives on Sunday. Like Green Bay, Dallas is looking up at Philadelphia in their crappy division.

Despite the good vibes from last week’s Packers victory, there isn’t a lot of reason to think this team will win on the road. After all, they’ve won just one game — by one point — since Aaron Rodgers has been out.

Despite Dallas’ obvious shortcomings, they’re getting the nod because they’re playing at home.

Cowboys 31, Packers 24

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

93 Comments on "Predictions: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys"

  1. PF4L

    Well, after watching the presser. McCarthy did get annoyed (pissed) once. The reporter had the gall to ask if the decision to hold Rodgers out was strictly a medical decision. Who the hell does that reporter think he is, asking a legit question like that? He should probably have his press credentials take away. I doubt we hear that reporter ever “getting out of line” again like that.

    As far as McCarthy getting annoyed, he had no reason. The question was a legitimate question.

    Concerning Tony Romo’s inept history against the Dom Capers defense. Time will surely tell how that plays out.

    Rodgers didnt have a scan done, and based on McCarthys reaction, i don’t believe the decision to hold him out was strictly medical. Especially citing the fact McCarthy wouldn’t answer it. I believe they were throwing in the towel for this season as far as Rodgers is concerned. Maybe that decision was reached awhile ago, especially concerning the contradictions in how Rodgers was doing the last few weeks.

    I’m guessing, that there was some raised voices with Rodgers, McKenzie, and McCarthy in those talks on whether Rodgers could play. Just my guess based on McCarthys demeanor.

    As far as predictions. I think Dom Capers defense shits the bed again. I say that hoping i’m dead wrong, and the Packers get a victory and that Rodgers plays against the Steelers. But i’m thinking that decision too, might have already been made.

  2. Big B

    You can’t repeat CT scans weekly, there’s not enough time to note any interval change, and the radiation dose is significant. By the time another scan is meaningful the season is about done.

    I expect the Pack to score some points, but the key is whether the D can hold down Witten and Bryant. Quality TEs have consistently gouged our defense; this will be a true test for our ILBs and Safeties. I’m afraid the faux America’s Team will defeat the true America’s Team.

  3. It is not a question of whether we can…but whether we will… beat the cowgirls. Our lack of D, O and all things coordinating don’t give us much of a chance…but then the Chargers weren’t given any chance against the Broncos either…maybe its the week of the miracle…

  4. buster bluth

    Probably just me, but this team without Rodgers is almost unwatchable. See Jessie Clark and Jeff Query.

  5. TyKo Steamboat

    Low-life scum lords of the NFL:
    1.) ViQueens (& its not even close)
    2.) Bears
    3.) Asswipe Denver Doncos
    4.) Dallass Cowboys

    …I’m 30…I find that most of my regular Packer buddies (in their 50’s) hate mostly:
    1.) Bears
    2.) Cowboys

    • E. Wolf

      The Vikings are in a category of their own. I hate that team more than saints hating sin.

      2) Patriots. Fugly uniforms, a fugly bank logo for a symbol. Hoodie the cheater,
      3) Cowboys

      Really beginning to hate the Seahawks. When I went back home, learned that Seahawks fans are becoming like Raiders and NIners fans. They even attacked or were threatning to female Packer fans during the Fail Mary game.
      As for the Bears, I respect them. A worthy adversary and counterpart. The Bears are our greatest rival–the Vikings are our most hated.

      • rebelgb

        This, definitely this ^ minus the Patriots. I respect what NE has done, how can you not. For me its insert the Lions in that spot. Otherwise, yep.

        • E. Wolf

          One–they cheated. Not sure they would have beaten either the Rams or Panthers without cheating.
          Beyond that, and to me this is more important, they turned their back on a classic timeless look for those faddy, 90s era duds. The flying elvis looks like a fucking bank logo. I hate it. That is the difference between teams like them and teams like the Packers or Steelers. We went through a 25 year drought–never changed our sacred, illustrious G symbol, or our colors.
          As for the Lions, they are scumbags. They deserve eternal futility. If we did not have to play the Bears on the last week, I’d rather see the Bears win the division. Since we do, my hope is that, if the Bears are still in contention, Rodgers plays and we ruin their season too. Not because I hate the Bears, but out of pride.
          At this point I’d like to see a Saints Chiefs Super Bowl. I will always owe the Saints a debt of gratitude for averting the ultimate doomsday scenario. I dislike both the Patriots and Broncos–such fugly uniforms.
          Here is to next year fellahs. Despite some of the pathetic caterwalling on here, Mac is a good coach, and I have faith in Ted. Send Capers on his way and a lot of those draft picks will really blossom.

  6. Richard

    I think the Packers play their best game since Rodgers went down, which should make them just about equal against an average Cowboys effort in Dallas. 27-24 Cowboys

  7. rebelgb

    God I cant believe we are here right now. By week 3 I was thinking our Oline was coming together and was going to turn epic, our defense just needed time to gel and get healthy, and Lacy was going to be a God.

    I saw hope, despite my distaste for all things Mccarthy. I even thought a ring was possible IF we could pull some shit out against Seattle and / or Franny.

    Now wtf? Boys we are going to get spanked.

    This goes one of 2 ways:

    -Pack starts out hot, gets decent lead by half, Cowboys come out in 2nd and spank us.

    – Dallas comes out and gets up big, everyone is fucking jumping off the broken Leo Frigo Bridge, with some dying of frostbite first because you cant drive up to the dive spot you have to walk. Then Dallas sitting on their fat asses and Pack making a comeback to fall short so Mccarthy can tell us how despite the loss, he is proud of the team and how hard they fought and how we “almost pulled it out there at the end..”

  8. Don Q

    My top 10 hate list is…

    #1 Vikings (because their fans define the word “Trash”)
    #3 Bears (because the Bears still suck)
    #4 Seahawks (because Pete Caroll hasn’t suffocated on a peice of gum yet)
    #5 Patriots (because those Chowder-head fans are loudmouth pricks)
    #6 49ers (because Jim Harbaugh is the biggest fucking douche-bag on the planet)
    #7 Lions (because Jim Schwartz is the second biggest douche-bag on the planet)
    #8 Cowboys (because Jerry Jones is the biggest scum-bag on the planet)
    #10 Giants (because Eli is a pouty bitch, and Tom Coughlin looks like Lady Elaine from Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood)

  9. Iltarion

    I hate to be unoriginal, but the list of teams that spike my derision is about the same as everyone else’s…

    1) VIKINGS – Google “big game chokers” and hell if these losers don’t come up. Amazingly, their fans act like they’ve WON all those games. Team and fans are wannabes.
    3) LIONS – Over-rated starting with their QB. Scumbag head coach. Former dirtiest, most shit-talking team in the NFL.
    4) SEAHAWKS – New #1 dirtiest, most shit-talking team in the NFL. Play defense by the tried and true method of simply getting away with more shit than anyone else. Head coach who is an enabler and should be wearing a skirt and pom-poms on the sideline.
    5) BEARS – I respect the Bears’ history, unlike the Vikings and Lions. But otherwise, FUCK THE BEARS.
    6) COWBOYS – Arrogance personified. Jerry Jones. Enough said.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      I am a bit shocked that there are so many haters of the Patriots & Seahacks here…

      & whats all this “Respect the bears” bullshit everyone keeps talking about? Whats there to respect? They were Chicago cardinals way back in the day. One lousy superbowl??? are you kidding me? Fuck the Bears. All that talent in the Mid-80’s & Ditka only won one stinken Superbowl. That’s a shame. I can’t believe that man is worshiped in the city of Chicago…hell, Mike McCarthy has exactly the same amount of Superbowl wins as Ditka. I, for one, did NOT watch the Cowboys/Bears halftime show as I think Mike Ditka is an overrated idiot. The dumb fucker traded away ALL his draft picks for Ricky Williams 1 year…Nuff said…
      I’m 30atched that team smoke a pole my whole life. They suck. Their fans are trash. Just like ViQueen fans except fatter. Their women, uglier.

      Also, I like watching the Seahawks play. I am NOT a closet sehawks fan, but I am a Russel Wilson fan & I like seeing that team play football.

      Go Packers.

      • E. Wolf

        Hi Tyco,

        I appreciate your position re the Bears. I know it is how a lot of old timers feel (not to say you are one). It is very old school. I just don’t hate the Bears the way I hate the Vikings.
        I have a *grudging* respect for them. They have a tradition and history that is comparable to ours. Their uniforms are clean and classic, and have not really changed over time.
        Perhaps my more benign view arises from the fact I have not had as much exposure to Bear fans as I have Vikings fans. I also might feel a lot differently if the 90s and first half of the naughts were not so lopsided in our favor.
        Anyway, I have been able to have a drink and respectful conversation with Bears fans. I cannot do that with Vikings fans.
        That is why I say the Bears are our greatest rival–the Vikings are our most hated.

        • TyKo Steamboat

          Oh, Wolf, fair enough. I completely agree with you actually. I live in a transient/tourist town…so I have many Vikings/Bears friends….I just don’t sense enough Bears hatred from my bros on this site…I hate “Chicago Mouth-Breathers”

        • E. Wolf

          Hey Tyko

          Again I respect your position, and others who hate the Bears. I might be that way to if subject to enough ass-clown Bears fans.
          Vikings friends? Not me.

      • Deepsky

        I think the Chicago Cardinals became the St. Louis Cardinals who became the Arizona Cardinals.

        Vikings and Bears are my most hate team, although it has been harder hating he Bears who the Packers have owned for a couple decades now.

        Viking fans are the absolute worst fans. During the 1998 season, legions of them regularly trolled Denver Broncos websites gloating how they were going to destroy the Broncos in the next Super Bowl. This was months before the game was actually played.

      • Phatgzus

        We can “respect” the Bears mainly because we’ve beaten the Soldier Field tar out of them in recent years; the Bears also don’t mooch our table scraps then think they’re better than us because they’re eating the food we didn’t want. Finally, Packers and Bears players (for the most part) like each other and play clean, hard-fought games. The Leos battle but are deer-tay; the Vikings play clean but aren’t much for fighting sans AD, Allen, and Ponder at home last

        As Iltarion said the ‘Chickens are dirty, specifically cheaters; I’m talking drugs here, particularly amphetamines. They are the most sanctioned team re: drugs since Carroll became head coach, nearly twice as many as the second closest team. They also are given more leeway in coverage than most any other team in the NFL, e.g. Browner tackled the former GJ 30 yards down the field last year and didn’t draw so much as a glance from the refs.

  10. Cheese

    Currently the teams I can’t stand are ones with piece of shit players or coaches.

    1. Patriots- Everyone talks about how great they are after they CHEATED. Notice they haven’t done shit since they got caught? The tuck rule is the biggest joke ever too. NFL cover ups at its finest.
    2. Steelers- Roethlesberger, piece of shit. He’s not that good. Three rape accusations? Doubt that’s a coincidence. His first Super Bowl his QB rating was 22, yes 22! Way to ride your running game and head hunting defense to a championship. James Harrison was a scumbag too. Throwing haymakers at a Cardinal player at the SB? No one’s gonna see that one hey? I used to like Tomlin but that goof against the Ravens makes me wonder.
    3. Seahawks- The whole world seen that interception, stop lying out your teeth saying it was a catch. Golden Tate, Pete Carrol, no respect for them. Be a man and stop hiding behind the joke that is the NFL.
    4. Saints- For some reason I don’t care for Drew Brees. Maybe I think he’s full of himself. I don’t know. He’s brags about getting the city of New Orleans back on it’s feet, but when they wanted to resign him he turned down an offer that would have made him the highest paid player in the league because he wanted even more money. Ego much? I don’t watch Saints games but I keep hearing his 5,000+ yard seasons are mainly because they keep him in during garbage time as well. Without their profit-for-injury defense they don’t win the Super Bowl either.
    Bonus: 49ers- Surprise, Jim Harbaugh is a cocksucker. Other than that I respect their team. They hand it to the Packers every time we play them.

    As for division rivals, it’s hard to hate anyone that hasn’t been a threat in recent years. I disliked Dallas growing up because of all the bandwagon dipshits wearing Cowboy jackets everywhere I went. That feeling has faded though, since they haven’t been relevant in 15 years.

  11. Richard

    Honestly not sure how anyone can hate the Lions considering they have one playoff win in the last half century, or at least close to the last 50 years. The Seahawks get hate because 1. They are all roided out, obviously, they should be given the Lance Armstrong treatment and banished from competing for a Super Bowl this year, and 2. Pete Carroll and Golden Tate still believe the replacement refs were correct and should still be employed by the NFL, and that fail mary touchdown was the correct call. Fuck Seattle.

  12. Don Q

    Richard, just get an image if Jim Schwartz’s weezley fucking face in your minds eye. Feel the hate for the Lions now? :-)

  13. Vijay

    After this week, we can really start analyzing the draft eligible players and “needs” which many thought prior to losing Rodgers we had covered. It’s time to write a large, signed note and send it to Ted to get us a Free Agent or two (non skill position of course).

  14. Savage57

    Prediction for the game?

    Easier to try to tell you lottery picks, but If Buck and Aikman are doing the game, a loss is a forgone conclusion. Talk about hate.

    On the tangential note this post has taken…

    1. Bears – not even debatable
    2. Cowboys – too many reasons to list

    That’s it. Why no Vikings you ask? In order to make my list a team has to have relevance, and if any team ever defined irrelevance, the horned assholes across the river have elevated it to an art form.

  15. Deepsky

    The Cowboys are good for about 35 points a game at home, a point value which the Packers lead by Matt Flynn cannot possibly reach, even playing against the worst defense in the NFL. Add to that Dez Bryant is one of those big receivers which our defensive backs will play 20 yards off so he’ll have a career type day.

    Cowboys 41
    Packers 24

    • Phatgzus

      You don’t get awarded points just because you’re at home. You have to play to win the game. That may be their avg. (it’s actually 34) but the Vikings’atrocious D held them to 27, in November, when Romo actually wins games regularly.

      The Packers DBs did well for the most part vs. Da Bears and thy have 2 Bryant-calibre/sized receivers, Dez is faster, but shields is fast. LBs/Safeties vs. Whitten and Tramon vs. Austin will be the key points in the pass D for me.

  16. Tom Moore

    FYI…the Chicago Bears were never the Chicago Cardinals. Different team entirely. The predecessors to the Bears are the Decatur Staleys (1920) and Chicago Staleys (1921) of the old APFA – American Professional Football Association. The Chicago Bears are charter members of the NFL from 1922.

    The Chicago Cardinals were also a 1920-21 APFA team and were known as the Chicago Cardinals in the NFL from 1922-1959. Known as St. Louis Cardinals from 1960-1987, Phoenix Cardinals from 1988-1993, and finally Arizona Cardinals 1994-Present.

  17. Deepsky

    What’s going to suck about today, is that once again the Cowboys will end a Packers season, just like they did several times in the early-mid 90s.

    The most painful of these losses was the 1995 NFC Championship game where the defense played pretty well finally against the Cowboys offense, and the Packers were actually ahead in the 4th quarter, but, as some of you remember, Favre would go into brainlock at Cowboys stadium, and, in a sign of things to come, threw two picks in the 4th quarter allowing the Cowboys to win the game.

    • cd4packers

      That was then this is now. I have my doubts about the Packers winning this one today, but I am not as doubtful as you are. If you look at past trends, you will find that the Cowboys have been making a habit out of falling apart in the month of December. I am hoping that Romo stays consistent with his late season downward tumble. Packers may surprise us today and beat the Boys in a close one. Romo likes to throw a couple to the other side now and then. I hope our secondary shows up to play today.

  18. PF4L

    As far as this game goes. I’ll take the same stance iv’e taken since after the Bears game. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

    This starts the best time of the year for true football fans. Teams playing for the playoffs, playoff seeds, it doesn’t get any better.

    I wish Aaron Rodgers had a say in the matter. But it’s not to be.

    As far as teams we hate, respect, ect. Here goes.

    1) I respect any team that has won a Super Bowl. if it was easy, every team would be doing it.

    2) The Bears…. I despise them and most of their fans. Nothing hurt more than having our 6 game winning streak against the Bears snapped this season. Thanks TT for giving us Seneca Wallace. In Ted We Trust.

    3) Vikings…I don’t even view this as a rivalry. So Randy Moss fake mooned the Packers at Lambeau. who cares. Randy Moss has disrespected everyone in the NFL, including the NFL. Get over it and move on.

    Brett Favre, So Brett went and played for the Vikings. Who gives a shit. Last i remember, in America you can work where you want too. As far as Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell, i would have loved to had them stay in Green Bay but that wasn’t in TT’s playbook. In Ted we Trust.

    Some seem upset, because Favre “almost” went to the Super Bowl with the Vikings. Who gives a fuck, he didn’t. Personally, i took great joy in watching the end of the 2009 NFCCG Saints game. Also in watching Favre play in 2010. Good stuff!!!

    Plus the fact, that we won the Super for 2010, could that have ended any better?

    3) The Bears still suck!!

    4) Detroit who? Again, who gives a shit about Detroit, what have they won? Yea Suh is a dirty player, we get it. its over, Move on, its the fucking Lions.

    5) Bear fans are morons.

    6) Seattle Seahawks. Yea, we got a bum call, it sucked. Bum calls happen every week, it happens, pull up your big boy pants and get over it.

    Seattle has a great team. They earned where they are, plain and simple, not because of some cheesy refs call. The NFC road to the Super Bowl, most likely goes through Seattle, and i don’t see any NFC team beating them at home.

    7) The Bears still suck!!

    8) 49ers. DEEP respect for the 90’s 49er teams and the organization. Jim Harbaugh is a P***Y. Can’t stand the site of the whiner.

    9) The Bears-Packers rivalry, is the only real rivalry in the NFC North. Goes way back. I wont list all the reasons why, you should know it being a Packer fan. Look up the history. EPIC.

    10a) The Bears still suck!!!!! From the top of the organization down to it’s dumbshit fans who think Cutler is the man.

    10b) I hope Jay Cutler throws 3 picks today and fumbles twice cause, THE BEARS, Cutler, and their fans, STILL SUCK.

  19. ay hombre

    What the hell’s going on out there!

    Is this not a Packer website?
    Are we not playing the Dallas Cowboys?
    Are they not led by Tony Romo, who is most known for blowing must-have games through his own incompetence?

    I have no doubt in my mind we can win this game. Sean Richardson needs to knock DeMarco Murray’s head off in the first quarter and after that it’s a pick ’em game. Dude is injured every other play so it’s not like this is out of the realm of possibility.

    The Cowboys defense is a joke. There is no reason why we can’t but up 30 points on this team and that’s with Flynn at quarterback and Starks taking the bulk of the carries.

    To me this is without question the final straw for Dom Capers. If we get humiliated in this game, it’s a certainty he’ll be gone. If he can put together a gameplan that allows us to stay close and we actually win this game, he’ll muddy those waters further as public opinion swings back to the positive.

    I want Capers back, but not to the point of hoping we get blown out.

    Go Pack!

    • ay hombre

      Jesus….read first before submitting.

      I DON’T want Capers back, but not to the point of hoping we get blow out.

      Carry on.

    • PF4L

      I can’t understand why any Packer fan would want Capers back. For what? 3 more years of defensive meltdowns? It took the Lions what. 9 years to figure out Matt Millen was not worth keeping. bring him back for what? On the “hope” he can give us a top 10 defense? That train has left the station.

      • Phatgzus

        Capers’ past success has earned him another year. The defense was great for 2 years, helped win a SB. then they fell apart in ’11, but were on the upswing in ’12 (yes, they had some bad games) and the beginning of this year (yes, Rodgers’ injury significantly affects their performance as do the injuries to all the others).

        That’s all I have to say about that.

        • E. Wolf

          Another year that Capers is given a chance is another year of Rodgers is wasted. TIme for Capers to retire
          I appreciate what he did in 2010. He had me convinced that he was a defensive genius. But the evidence is now conclusive. It is time for Capers to go.

        • PF4L

          I thought Capers past success did earn him another year. From 2011 to 2012.

          Problem is were going backwards again, not to the extent of 10 -11, but backwards nonetheless.

          2010 = Giving up 15 points per game

          2011= 22.4 ppg

          2012 = 21ppg

          2013 = 25 ppg

          That’s not even the whole story for me. When the Green Bay Packer defense shits the bed in certain games. They shit the bed in a world class manner. I’ll name those games if i have to.

          We’re talking about some defense performances, that not only are classified as epic embarrasments as a Packer fan. But some of the worst defensive performances not only in Packer history, but NFL history.

          The day that the 31 other teams do not have any injuries. Is the day i’ll post an injury excuse for Dom Capers or the team for that matter. I remember all the injuries and the injury talk in 2010, like it was yesterday. Here’s what i remember, Next man up, and a Super Bowl win.

    • PF4L

      Well Mad, that would be cool. Especially if the Bears and Lions lose, we’ll find out shortly. The playoffs aren’t the same if the Packers aren’t in it.

  20. PF4L

    Its nice to see BJ Raji, keep the Dallas offensive lineman “occupied” while DeMarco Murry ran right by him for 41 yards. BJ Raji = run stopper. Get off your block and make a fucking play fat man!!!!

  21. PF4L

    The Packers give up 192 yards (in the 1st quarter)…Sometimes ya just gotta laugh it off, this is one of those times. This is getting ugly….QUICK

  22. cd4packers

    They barely won games with Rodgers in there, pulled games out by the skin of their teeth. Now without Rodgers its not likely we are going to do much of anything. Really sucks.

  23. T-Pack

    Not sure who is worse. Offense or defense.
    Just threw up watching this game. Dallas is doing whatever they want. Capers should be fired a half time!

  24. PF4L

    Here…let me save Shawn a lot of brain damage reviewing this game. Maybe he can use that extra time getting ready for Xmas.

    Packers vs Cowboys

    Sloppy play. All 3 phases.

    The end.

  25. Richard

    Ha, this is fascinating that people were honestly making the argument that Atlanta played with a Super Bowl effort last week when GB stomped them by one fucking point. This team is garbage. I can’t believe I though GB would only lose by 3

  26. PF4L

    Have some faith Richard, With Capers making adjustments from up in the box, i see the defense forcing 4 turnovers turning that into 21 points, and the Packers still thick in the race.


  27. PF4L

    Looks like the person who declared 6 weeks ago that the season was over, repeatedly, was wrong again. And there is your Dagger!!!

    Packers win!!!

    In the future, only real Packer fans please.

    Thank you for understanding

    • E. Wolf

      Shut the fuck up you despicable dog. I’d rather be wrong about that than wrong about firing the coach and the general manager, which personifies the cliche of the stupid, unoriginal fan.
      This sound familiar?

      There is no good reason for Ted Thompson to be employed by this organization after today

      It could be written by you. It is also a JScomment tweeted by the JSComments twitter feed for universal ridicule.
      I am still not convinced this season can be redeemed. We need the Lions to lose and need to beat the Bears in Chicago–no easy task even with Rodgers.
      Please, more vebral diarrhea crying for Ted and Mike to be fired….

    • PackAttack

      huh? are the packers all the sudden in the playoffs or something? Didn’t Chicago win today? Pack are alive but by no means does this seal the playoffs. settle down.

      • PF4L

        Well, It’s a reason to be optimistic. As a Packer fan, i’m not giving up, until its over. No need to settle down, fuck that. That was a EPIC comeback dude. Be happy.

        We have to worry about Detroit, not the bears. We play the bears yet, with Aaron Rodgers presumably. Fuck the bears. Need the Lions to lose.

        Still in it to win it.

  28. Phatgzus

    Fire Dom Capers!
    Fire McCarthy!
    Fire Ted Thompson!
    Fire Mark Murphy!

    Fire Shawn Slocum!
    Fire D. Perry!
    And damn it to Hell!
    Fire yourselves for not being Merry!

    Say what you want about the team but this game was a Christmas gift and Tony Romo Santa Clause.

  29. PF4L

    Lets wait for the end of the season to fire those guys. Well, fire Capers now if you want. A defense giving up 466 yards and 36 points shouldn’t give you job security in the NFL.

    Kudos to Tramon , tough game clinching interception. credit when it’s due.

    Co-game MVP’s Matt “Fucking” Flynn and Eddie “The beast fucking” lacy.

    Fuck the gift.

    Flynn, Lacy, and Tramon went and won this game. They took over the game with 5 2nd half touchdowns. They had to, after the defensive embarrasment of the 1st half.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  30. Richard

    That was an amazing finish. Frankly I’d rather see a team in the playoffs that can beat Seattle, these guys might embarrass themselves and don’t fit the bill. At least Megatron will have the ability to actually beat Seattle

    • PF4L

      If nothing else, it would be interesting to see the Packers play the 49ers in the 1st round at home. For a measuring stick, to see what should be done in the off season.

    • GrnMachineCrushesQueens

      Fuck that. We beat seattle last year in their house. You read me right you son of a bitch… Bring on the birds. We owe em one -and this time we’ll actually have a run game in the holster. You know the drill – Go Pack Go.

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