Packers Stay Alive with Win Over the Falcons

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Andrew Quarless

Andrew Quarless

You’re probably thinking what the hell took so long? Well, the boys and I were freezing our asses off at Lambeau. And… the Green Bay Packers pulled off their first win in over a month!

So, totally worth it!

At the end, it was a 22-21 win that kept the Packers in the division race. Coupled with the Detroit Lions’ loss at Philadelphia, the Packers are now only a half game out of the division lead.

So who did it?

The first guy that comes to mind is tight end Andrew Quarless. The second guy is receiver Jordy Nelson.

When the Packers needed plays, Quarless and Nelson stepped up.

We thought Eddie Lacy would have a big day and he did alright, with 65 yards. However, the Falcons dared Matt Flynn and Co. to throw the ball and throw the ball they did.

Flynn threw for 258 yards. Nelson was the biggest beneficiary — and playmaker — hauling down four of those passes for 85 yards. Quarless, however, was most impressive on Sunday.

That guy had his best game as a pro, catching six passes for 66 yards and a touch.

It wasn’t like he made us forget about JMike, but he proved he can play in the passing game.

The Packers defense also stepped up when it was needed, which was a nice change of pace. Granted, they were playing the three-win Falcons, but something is better than nothing.

The Packers only allowed 83 yards on the ground and came up with several big stops on third down.

Like, who are these guys?

At this point, it’s run the table or cash it in. If Aaron Rodgers comes back next week — which is finally a real possibility — then running the table seems legit.

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58 Comments on "Packers Stay Alive with Win Over the Falcons"

  1. PF4L

    The Packers beat a 3-9 team, at home, by the skin of their teeth. It was nice to see some D-lineman make plays..Mike Neal, forced fumble, Jolly-recovered. Was our 8 million dollar man playing today? Oh yea, 0 tackles, no sacks, no ff’s. Looks like BJ is playing as “expected”.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    The pick-6 was not Flynn’s fault…the strip sack wasn’t either. Solid win by the Pack in a game which the score was deceiving.

    One thing I saw which remains a constant…the opposing team (in this case, a bad Falcons team with a bad O-LINE) getting 4-6 yds. per carry on 1st down.

    • Phatgzus

      That sack-fumble is on Flynn-Corner Blitz with a 4-man D-line, he’s gotta audible out of the play or move the RB to the other side.

  3. cd4packers

    I for one am happy about today’s game. It was sure a heck of a lot better than watching them play like total shit and lose. They were decent. And in some cases down right impressive. I loved Lacy today and was encouraged by Quarless as well. There were the typical mishaps resulting in turnovers, but overall a pretty good day for the Pack. I’ll take it. Keep fighting Green and Gold, never give up. GO PACK GO!! :)

  4. Richard

    That score wasn’t deceiving at all. The better team lost because they were on the road in a freezing environment.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      which game were you watching?

      Really? Freezing? Packers were playing in the same fucking conditions. Hello?

      We were down 21-10 & came back & won.

      Yea…um …what?

      Packers were the better team far & away. Put them in a dome & the Pack kick their ass there too. Put Rodgers in that game & it’s a blood-bath.
      Win is a win. I’ll take this one anytime.

      & yes, Rich. It WAS deceiving…a lucky pick-6 & a strip-sack. …Packers won that game even in the face of those adversities.

    • cd4packers

      There is no such thing. The better team always wins. To say otherwise makes you look foolish and immature. Go figure. The Packers were the better team this Sunday. Any given Sunday, remember?

  5. CO Bob

    At least there’s some hope yet.
    I remember 2010 being sorta like this but not quite as bad.
    If they get to the playoffs, which is still sorta feasible,… it’s a whole new ballgame…. So to speak.
    I’d rather see this year happening like 2010 vs steamrolling thru the regular season then shitting the bed in the playoffs.

    • Savage57

      I was pleased, deflated then elated by the course the game took. While a win is a win, the playoff idea still seems like a reach.

      The ‘canary in the coal mine’ play for me was the 36 yd-TD early in the 2nd quarter by the Falcons to answer the Packers best drive of the day.

      On the play over the middle where Drew Davis beat Burnett, as he was coming off the line of scrimmage, he was supposed to ‘chip’ CMIII coming off the line. The ‘chip’ actually resulted in CMIII being blown back about 2 yards by a WR, who then proceeded to finish his route and complete one of those ‘gash’ plays that the Packers have become all to adept at yielding this season.

      When your best pass rusher gets blown up by a WR coming off the line, who then proceeds downfield to beat your best player in the secondary, you may want to dial down those playoff hopes.

  6. E. Wolf

    Season is still over, but I am glad we started actually playing, fought back.
    Still want Capers gone. I still believe there is talent there on defense.
    Here is to the Packers 2014, making every single opponent pay, and pay dearly.

  7. Dave

    We beat a 3 win dome team by 1 point (saved by a really nice pick – THX Jarrett!!) in December at Lambeau. Since Detroit still seems to be pulling a “Detroit”, we still have a chance to dance. All that is nice, but I am a realist and am not convinced.

    Although there were far less missed tackles today, the Falcon’s receivers or running backs were still beyond the first down line too many times before that tackle happened, especially in the first half. There were some individual heroics on the defense, but there needs to be better consistency. Did Clay Matthews play today? I don’t remember our superstar making any superstar plays?

    Now for the offense. For the love of God, could we please figure out how to get a single first down to allow our QB to take a knee and run out the clock? AQ did have a really nice game and so did Jordy. Eddy looked pretty good even though he got dinged up just before halftime. Flynn was respectable most of the time, but he still was under too much pressure.

    It was nice to see a win, FINALLY. We did overcome some adversity and come back from down 14 to win. I still have my doubts about our chances to advance in the playoffs. I dearly would like to see us dance the Tango in January, but I fear that we would just do a really bad Hokey Pokey.

  8. Richard

    Wow, came back from 11 down against a 3-9 team that checked out a couple weeks ago. Sign me up for Super Bowl tickets. GB loses by a TD if they played this one in Atlanta

    • cd4packers

      There are no “ifs” in the NFL. And the Falcons did not look like a team that had checked out. They came to play and did a pretty good job of it in freezing weather. Pull the turd out of your pocket grumpy pants.

  9. Richard

    Enough of this fair weather shit. There are no lucky vs legitimate pick-6s unless you are wearing packer goggles.

  10. Maryland Cheese Whiz

    Gee “dick”. Troll much? Julio jones is a nice receiver but there is no comparison to the packers missing Rodgers. None. Now through in Finley Cobb and our starting left tackle. Do we played with our 4th string qb.

    BTW, I’m still laughing at William’ pick-6 in Atlanta in the playoffs. Meant a little more then, Richard, I mean, Dick.

    • Savage57

      One the one hand, I agree with you whole-heartedly that when the man makes the plays, give him his credit.

      On the other, when he’s THE MAN, what does that say about the state of the rest of your defense?

  11. DD

    The Vikings almost beat the world champs. That’s a win in my book. Now excuse me while I fap to 1998 Vikings highlights, with my Mom watching, in her basement.

  12. Iltarion

    One of the biggest gift INTs for a TD I’ve ever seen. A complete fluke.

    I’m glad it happened though. 21-10… fluke play to end the half… Detroit leading… That is one hell of a turnaround.

    This was mostly thanks to Matt Flynn. He converted third downs and made the passes that had to be made. We somewhat pathetically couldn’t run the ball all game, but Flynn made enough plays to put us over the top.

    Huge win that saves the season for now.

  13. T-Pack

    Nice comeback win. Defense played well n 2nd half.

    But why the hell was Lacy given the ball with a few secs left in first half. Was he suppose to break it for 70 yards. Take a knee and move on. Now we got a hurt Lacy. Moronic play call. Flynn is still useless. Can’t move in the pocket. No roll out, no scramble. Just horrible. Hate having to root fr the cowboys ugggg. Fuck me.

  14. Richard

    Sorry Maryland Cheese Whiz, but you kind of made my point about Atlanta being the better team. Obviously I was basing that statement off of the current active rosters and not including the pointless what-ifs regarding injured players

  15. Richard

    Yeah, I genuinely hate it when a guy catches a fluke INT at the 29 yard line and teleports himself to the end zone on the other side of the field.

  16. Iltarion

    It was such a fluke that everyone thought the play was over. The stadium announcer even said- “pass is incomplete”. Easier to run the field when everyone is too stunned to chase you.

    • Savage57

      Maybe play to the whistle? Ignore the stadium announcer? Teach the announcer to STFU until the play is over?

    • PF4L

      Don’t get me wrong. I ‘ll take any Packer win. Especially these days without Aaron. Was i impressed? Not really. I thought Lacy was his unbelievable self, the way he runs, Violent, toughest back to tackle in the NFL. But he rushed for 3.2 ypc. Hardly earth shattering by NFL standards, I don’t have a problem with Lacy, can you imagine what this guy could do if the line actually opened a hole for him?

      Now iltarion. 2 things. 1) Although we don’t see eye to eye alot. I was reading some post from 2 years ago just for kicks, interesting to see people’s view points from awhile back. So i have to say, a lot of what you posted 2 years ago was dead on. You have some insight that deserves respect, i have to say i was impressed. For whatever it’s worth.

      2) I’m will concede Flynn’s pick 6 was a fluke in the aspect of the ball being kicked up by a guys foot. BUT….2 things happened, that led to the ball being tipped initially. if you watch the play close, the left side of the line collapsed around Flynn, he had to unload it quick, in doing so, the pass was thrown high and to Kuhn’s left, he didnt have a chance because the pass was rushed. The play was broken from the get go. To me it was cause and effect, bad pass, therefore got tipped. Just my .02

  17. Iltarion

    If Atlanta ever wants to be proclaimed the better team, by anyone besides Richard, then they might actually want to beat the Packers once.

    • Phatgzus

      They did once, when Rodgers fumbled; then we proceeded to embarrass them at home en route to a Super Bowl.

  18. Richard

    Homefield advantage generally counts 3 points on average. Vegas had this at exactly 3, so even the betting public believed this was a dead even game between dumpster dwellers.

    • Phatgzus

      Yeah because football’s exactly like the SATs-ya just head to the stadium and ya get 3 points for making an appearance.

  19. Andy

    quite pleased with zero 2nd half points allowed. My problem is still red zone offence, 2nd worst in the league to the jags.We’ve easily left two wins on the field because of this. But still a win is a win, and I enjoyed this game non the less.

  20. Harbor Bar

    Best quote in awhile… “If you play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ backwards, you hear Eddie Lacy banging your sister.” Thanks for laugh. These nail biter games suck though. How many years do we have to live with games down to the last second?! (not counting Detroit game where a huge turd was left on the field).

  21. cd4packers

    Did anyone hear what Tony Dungy said when asked which teams might be a surprise in the playoffs? Well I did and his reply was without hesitation the Green Bay Packers! He emphasized of course, that would only be the case if Rodgers was healthy and starting. Just imagine if Cobb were back too? Haha! Things could get interesting. Never say never. And I would love to see that wolf character eat his words. Hows about a nice crow sammich wolfie? :)

  22. buster bluth

    A win is a win. And just think how pissed everyone would have been if they lost to a lousy dome team. Still its hard to dredge up a lot of enthusiasm. The Packers are who we thought they were !

  23. MadCity Packer Fan

    E wolf you might want to stay away from the motivational speaking profession because you’re posts are always depressing! The season is not over yet.

    • E. Wolf

      Sorry man, you know I love this team more than anything. The best policy is to deal with truth only.
      I do feel that we can build on from whatever happens in the next three weeks for next year.

    • PF4L

      Nothing, and i mean nothing, pisses me off more, than some people who think they know everything, not only is it extremely foolish, it’s also highly insulting, to those of us who actually do.

  24. Richard

    Don’t argue the 3 point theory with me, take it up with Bovada or the people who set the lines. They’d know more about it than anybody else here. Unless you just honestly believe, for example, that Seattle was a much better team in week 2 than they were yesterday and the venue means nothing.

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