Packers Considering Holding Aaron Rodgers Out for the Year

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Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Aaron Rodgers: spectating

We’ve discussed this possibility and now it sounds like the Green Bay Packers are discussing it. That is, not bringing back injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers at all this year.

Rodgers wants to play this week when the Packers face Atlanta, but coach Mike McCarthy has made no guarantees that will happen. Ian Rapoport says the Packers could shut down Rodgers if they fall out of the playoff race.

Even though they haven’t won a game in their last five tries, the Packers are currently still in the playoff race. They’re just a game and a half behind Detroit for the division lead.

With Atlanta coming to town, they have a realistic chance of remaining in the race at least another week. If anyone’s defense is playing as poorly as the Packers’ right now, it has to be the Falcons.

The primary consideration with Rodgers is obviously his long-term health. If he returns too soon, he could injure his fractured collarbone again and then have to rehab for five months.

With that in mind, it begs the question of whether the Packers should shut Rodgers down whether they stay in the playoff race or not. Clearly, this Packers team has too many holes to make any sort of playoff run even if they do sneak in.

Is getting into the playoffs and losing a wild card game really that much better than just not making it at all?

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34 Comments on "Packers Considering Holding Aaron Rodgers Out for the Year"

  1. E. Wolf

    Shut it down. I don’t care what people say, we DO have talent on defense, on the line, as far as linebackers, and in the secondary, with talent gaps at nose tackle and secondary. A rash of injuries combined with substandard coaching by Capers and his staff are the culprit.
    Send Capers on his way, recalibrate and we should be a strong contender in 2014 and beyond.

  2. Don Q

    The Packers don’t deserve to smell Rodgers farts for the rest of the season. Rest him, and embrace mediocrity. It makes us Packer fans appreciate the great Aaron Rodgers.

  3. hate faux fans

    Bright sides: high draft pick so the pack can get an impact player on defense (NT, LB, S) and upper management can find out who has heart (raji you already failed) and last find out who can play, ya know mix things up rotation wise (Richardson, lattimore, sherrod)

  4. Richard

    They should shut down Lacy and Nelson for the rest of the year too. No point in risking them or running them into the ground, and the Green Bay Rodgers’s need to get the younger players some more live game experience anyways.

  5. Iltarion

    Actually, this was probably in their thoughts since Day 1, which would explain why they refused to ever commit to any kind of timeline.

    One more loss and these are all good suggestions.

  6. Ivomitonvikingfans

    17 free agents to re-up, and what? 8 picks(with compensatory) in the draft? Get ready for a shitload of no names as the genius rebuilds for another 8 yrs. WASTED Rodgers’ prime.

    D-line will be thin and all of their big bodies may be gone. Raji isn’t worth it, Pickett is old and along with Jolly can’t hold up for a whole season.

    Call it an early preseason. Empty the bench and tell them all this is their audition. IR every starter on Def. and sign a shit ton of players off of practice squads and give them a shot. Can’t be any worse.

  7. hate faux fans

    You can’t put people on IR if their not hurt and how has Rodgers been wasted? He’s considered the best QB in the league

    • PF4L

      They can put Rodgers on I R if they want too.

      Is Seneca Wallace hurt?

      They can put the Easter Bunny on IR if they want to free up a roster spot, as long as he was on the roster.

  8. tedtomato

    Well..we all know what the weaknesses are. Sadly tt will probably sit on his hands in free agency and draft the best available kicker..long snapper..or whomever is not a position of need. Then when the draft is over sign a bunch of undrafted guys..and expect dum and perry and whitt to coach em up..only to see failure again..i just dont get that guy. Open your coin purse once in awhile ted!

  9. PF4L

    What happened to BJ Raji being the nose tackle? Was it decided Pickett was better there?

    Ad i’d love for Ted to tell Packer fans why he thinks Raji is worth 8 million a year, much less 5 million. Raji is having the worst season of his career. And on top of that, he turns down 8 million?…Really?…Send him packing.

    Raji in 12 games has11 solo tackles, assist, o sacks, 0 forced fumbles. This playing defensive end. 8 mllion?

    Wasn’t it Raji who said before the season that he was gonna “bring it”?

    Dump Pickett and useless over paid Raji, dump the 3-4. Lets end this nightmare.

  10. hate faux fans

    The best 3-4 dont have mainly fat people they have strong people,49ers-justin smith, ravens – ngata, steelers-kiesel

  11. Richard

    Yeah, but who needs strength on the defensive line when you have studs like Blow Job Raji and the Codeine Kid clogging the middle

  12. Iltarion

    Bears got beat the by Vikes today. Just further shows that the season isn’t over. Until you lose again, you do everything you can to win.

    There are some spoiled frickin Packer fans if a chance to make the playoffs somehow means nothing. 90% of fans in the NFL would love a shot in the playoffs.

    Raji’s value is not going to show up on the stat sheet. He was having a great season through the first five or six games. He has disappeared ever since the Packers’ D began its decline. I have been wondering if he is nursing an injury we don’t know about or is just tired.

    The market will likely determine his value. Because he never sacks the QB, his value will be limited. It certainly was helping his value when he was a tackle on the 3rd ranked run defense versus what has happened over the last month.

    Still, if the Packers lose him, then you have to replace him. Pickett is on the decline, and you have to have someone who can stop the run no matter what defense you play.

    • Kozak

      People here forget the Packers were the 6th seed in 2010? Needed a frickin miracle to even get in the playoffs? It’s not too late if they can get healthy and catch fire. Winning a SB is a mix of talent, luck and timing.

  13. PF4L

    So what’s your point?

    “Raji’s value doesn’t show up on the stat sheet”. Is one of the dumbest things i’ve read.

    You act like Raji should never have a QB sack, QB hurry, tackle, tackle for loss, a forced fumble. When McCarthy was bitching about players not getting off blocks, you think Raji wasn’t included?

    Raji hasn’t had a sack since 2011, He should have a fucking sack by ACCIDENT in 2 seasons.

    Raji has NEVER forced a fumble. In the last 42 games, Raji has had a total of 41 solo tackles.

    In the 2010-11 seasons, Raji had 9.5 sacks…..In the 2012-13 seasons, he’s had 0 sacks. I thought Raji’s value doesn’t show up on the stat sheet? Don’t you value sacks?

    I’ll simple this up for you iltarion as much as I can. BJ Raji was getting penetration back in his early years, getting sack’s, hurry’s, more tackles. He hasn’t done shit since. There is a reason you never hear his name called, but…You hear Mike Daniels name called don’t you? What’s the difference?….Mike Daniels is making plays.

    • Phatgzus

      The difference is that Mike Daniels comes in on downs that will likely be pass plays and Raji on run plays, thus he has mire opportunities for sacks. This is because regardless of your opinion of either, the fact is Daniels is a better pass rusher and Raji a better run stopper. Raji created a good deal of pressure last year but didn’t get credited with a sack, this year he has been frankly quite awful.
      Raji, as a part-time player is not worth the $8M he was offered, maybe TT’s jacking up his FA price, maybe he thinks Raji will respond positively, to a somewhat exorbitant contract; the point being we have almost no knowledge on the matter so all we can do is speculate.

      • PF4L

        I’m sorry, Did you call Raji a “run stopper”?

        Don’t you have to be able to tackle someone to be a run stopper? I’d hardly call averaging almost 1 solo tackle a game the last 2 years, stopping the run.


        • Phatgzus

          More so than Daniels is, yes; and no you don’t have to have prodigious numbers to be considered a run-stopper, especially in the 3-4 scheme-Pickett’s and Jolly’s stats are nothing fantastic either. Stats dont tell the whole story, they’re just Cliff Notes.

          Yep, I’m also Iltarion, in fact I just can’t hide this from you anymore-you’re just too keen-I’m every person on this blog that you don’t agree with.

          • PF4L

            SMFH…..I don’t think you are iltarion, I wrote his name, because my post was directed at iltarion, and you responded as though it was directed at you. You really are a special kind of asshole…lol

            There, now you know , now that I explained it too you phatgut. Never stop learning.

        • Shawn

          Multiple people using the same username is not allowed on this site. I would delete their comments if there were.

          In other words, you can rest assured that there is only 1 Iltarion, and 1 Phatgzus, etc. etc….

          Also, multiple usernames per the same person is also not allowed. 1 Username / 1 IP address. There you go.

          • PF4L

            Again, I didn’t think phatgut was also iltarion, as I posted and explained above.

            On the other hand, phatgut has accused me (multiple times) of being both PF4L/Cd4packers. He claims to have went to college, and uses a lot of $20 words. So I can’t imagine him being wrong.

  14. PF4L

    Maybe if we sit Rodgers, lose some more. We can improve our position in the 1st round, maybe early enough that even Ted can’t fuck it up.

    • Lance McCullers

      If the pick is too good, Tight Wad Polar Bear will trade that early first rounder for about 6 fifth round picks…Teddy LOVES draft picks, and the smell of his own farts.

  15. Richard

    Maybe the Green Bay Rodgers will end up with another top 10 pick and can steal the next generations AJ Hawk in the draft and proceed to overpay him for a decade.

  16. hate faux fans

    PF4L is a ravens fan, it seems every time he its proven wrong (which us a lot) he hires to something like “ozzie could do it”

  17. hate faux fans

    PF4L is a ravens fan, it seems every time he is proven wrong (which is a lot) he goes to something like “ozzie could do it”

  18. PF4L

    I’ll assume you are talking about Ozzie Newsome trading for starting left tackle Eugene Monroe?

    Yes, Ozzie did that. He saw a need. He got it done. It didn’t take him years, it took him days.

    Maybe we didn’t need a left tackle, we had Marshall Newhouse protecting Rodgers blind side for 2 seasons.

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