Here’s a Really Pissed Off Dallas Cowboys Fan

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angry Dallas Cowboys fan

angry Dallas Cowboys fan

They’re all throwing the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Green Bay Packers at Tony Romo’s feet and by they, I mean Cowboys fans.

Nevermind that the Cowboys only ran the ball seven times in the second half in a game in which they were gashing the Packers. Anyway, I digress.

After the Packers pulled off their epic comeback, Cowboys fans were pissed. Here’s one of them.

This was presumably shot by a Packers fan. Be warned, there are plenty of fucks in the narrative here, in case you happen to be at work…

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36 Comments on "Here’s a Really Pissed Off Dallas Cowboys Fan"

  1. E. Wolf

    I would empathize with the guy. It is not just a game. If a man gloated the way she does, he would be liable to get punched in the mouth.
    And this is why I do not empathize with the guy. You don’t date within the division. Nor do you date (or cohabitate) with fans of rival teams, or fans of teams you despise.
    Take a tip from the Bruins Bear mascot, kids:

    • cd4packers

      There goes wolfie again telling us what we can and cannot do. I don’t automatically hate someone because they may belong to a different fan base. That is assinine. Sheesh.

      • E. Wolf

        Consider that the dynamic is different for men than it is for women. Imagine if it were an upset female fan who was being recorded by a man. It would then be regarded as pretty reprehensible.
        Further consider that many times women act in a passive aggressive manner in a way that would get a man punched in the mouth. They do this because they know the man will not react that way. For those Breaking Bad fans amongst us, Skyler White put a clinic on this sort of behavior. THe point is, do you really want to be subjected to that on top of your team losing?
        Finally, I am not telling you or anyone what you can and cannot do. I am simply saying it is not a good idea. No one is prevented from doing anything based on what I or anyone else write. I also think the Boston Bruin bit is hilarious. And as much as this result pleases me, and as much as I can tell this guy leaves a lot to be desired as a human being, he sort of shows why people should listen to the Wolf and Bear.

  2. therealChuckywasCecil

    I live in Austin, although am originally from Wisconsin. Today has been a wonderful day. I just want it to last forever.

  3. Gort

    It is not just a game, but you gotta not have a coronary about it. I am a native cheesehead, but my better half is from Chicago. I quit betting on Bear / Packer games with her years ago because we almost always lost those games and I hate doing the dishes.

  4. PF4L

    That’s good stuff. i wouldn’t expect anything less from any fans football team. If the Packers played the 2nd half, the same way that the 1st half was played, that video would have been considered mild to how i would have reacted. My favorite You tube video’s are from Vikings fan reactions to Brett’s NFCCG interception. I’ll never get tired of those. :)

    And this treasure…

  5. FITZCORE1252

    I’ve been there, I can’t blame the guy.

    And Wolf, you absolutely blast as many enemy women as possible. Definitely don’t date em, just throw it in their pooper and send em back to their kind. Especially bare fan chick. Anything less would be uncivilized.

  6. the real russ letlow

    did you notice the dog? it was getting the hell out of there in a hurry when the dude started slinging the naughty finger and f-bombs.

  7. E. Wolf

    Someone put on Meow Mix for the Detroit Lions! HA! I really love cats–but this is one litter of kitties I love to watch drown.

  8. Nacho Libre

    Yea I agree with Mr. Wolf, you don’t date within the division, nor date fans of a team you detest. Good thing for me, the old lady and I are both Packer fans, and NOT because it was myself who got her into it (my brother for example is a Patriots fan, and his old lady became one because of him, in other words “bandwagon”) she was already a fan before we met, how awesome is that? The ONLY thing we have in common..! GO PACK GO!

  9. rebelgb

    Its ok to date within the division and Cowboy fans as long as the woman takes it in the ass with gritted joy and knows how to make a mean sandwich upon demand.

  10. Nacho Libre

    Or better yet, she swallows while simultaneously making you a sandwich. Now that’s a good woman right there..

  11. SA packerfan

    It was a beautiful day in South Texas yesterday. I made sure to run to lots of appointments and errands so I could listen to cowboy rants on the radio. I was like eating bar-b-que and drinking beer all day. I could stop but why when there is a whole plate still in front of me on top of my never ending cooler full of beer. I may have to partake again today. Hell yes!

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