Here’s a Really Drunk Minnesota Vikings Fan Falling

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drunk Minnesota Vikings fan

drunk Minnesota Vikings fan

Oh, this is glorious. We’ve got one obviously shitfaced Minnesota Vikings fan recording an even more shitfaced Minnesota Vikings fan.

The commentary is great.

“Look at this fuckin’ idiot. Look at this fuckin’ idiot right here.”

Then really drunk tumbles backwards over three rows of seats and drunk is really pleased with himself for getting it on video.

“I got you, you idiot!”

Vikings fans being Vikings fans!


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11 Comments on "Here’s a Really Drunk Minnesota Vikings Fan Falling"

  1. Voice of Reason

    Sad thing is the children sitting right in front of the guy filming and using that language. No class.

  2. uncle rinkus

    Good wholesome family entertainment to be had at many NFL venues. Drunkness, coarse language, fights, even murders. What the FUCK is the matter with people??

  3. E. Wolf

    I wonder if this staged. The seats in front are conveniently empty. But then, why would someone stage this.
    Perhaps there is room for common ground after all–I have needed strong drink since Rodgers went down myself. Then again, no, no common ground. Not ever.

  4. Savage57

    Only thing that would have made this better is if the dickhead would have tumbled all the way over the edge and broke his fucking neck when he landed.

    Darwin had the right of it.

    • Phatgzus

      Seconded, it’s a shame the fans in front of him who were actually trying to wath the game didn’t GTFO of the way so he’d keep on rolling. Oh well, maybe all of that booze’ll make his sperm permadrunk so they end up recreating the parking garage episode of Seinfeld.

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