Here’s Paul Hornung Getting Ambushed by TMZ

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Paul Hornung

Paul Hornung

Oh, good. TMZ has a sports division now. You can bet there will be some real hard-hitting stuff coming out of there. Anyway, those clowns found Green Bay Packers great Paul Hornung at the airport, I’m guessing in Los Angeles.

Did the Golden Boy play along? He sure did.

When asked what he thinks about the Super Bowl being played in New Jersey this year, Hornung said, “I hope it snows and rains like a bitch.”

He went on to predict the Patriots would play in the game. As for the NFC team? “I hope the Packers, but I doubt it.”

So do we.

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    • Phatgzus

      Fuckin’ eh-I’m sick of that dome/warm climate bullshit, this is FOOTBALL, goddammit! How about we play more games outside, ya know in stadiums with history, like Lambeau-it’s not like it’s a small stadium-or Arrowhead, or Sunlife, etc.?

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