Green Bay Packers Are Somehow NFC North Champs

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Randall Cobb wins it for the Green Bay Packers

Randall Cobb wins it for the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers 33. Chicago Bears 28. Green Bay Packers NFC North champs. Chicago Bears — not.

It took a last-minute effort by the Packers, but it got the job done. Let’s first say, it’s good to have Aaron Rodgers back. It’s also good to have Randall Cobb back.

Rodgers wasn’t terribly sharp. He threw two interceptions and threw some balls that were high and behind receivers. The team was just 3-for-6 in the red zone. Rodgers came through with what was probably his signature moment in the end, though.

Rodgers hasn’t exactly been captain comeback during his career, but he was today. With the Packers down by a point, Rodgers led the team downfield, picking up three fourth downs along the way and connecting with Cobb on the winning touchdown — a 48-yarder with 38 seconds left.

John Kuhn should be credited with a huge block on that play. Kuhn came across the formation to get a shot on Julius Peppers. That allowed Rodgers to get out of the pocket and find Cobb alone behind the defense.

Cobb caught two touchdowns on the day, which were also his only two catches on the day.

Jordy Nelson was the guy who kept the Packers in the game. Nelson had 10 catches for 161 yards and seemed like the only guy Rodgers would look at on some plays.

Jarrett Boykin also scored on a fluke play, where Rodgers got sacked and fumbled forward. While the Bears were milling around like a bunch of idiots, Boykin alertly picked up the ball and ran it in for a score.

Chicago has the worst run defense in the NFL, but they somehow managed to bottle up Eddie Lacy on the day. That was largely because the offensive line wasn’t opening any holes in the second half. Still, the Packers managed to control the clock and gain 160 on the ground while averaging 4.7 per carry.

That was largely because of James Starks, who had 88 on 11 carries.

The defense was its usual terrible self, with the exception of cornerbacks Tramon Williams and Sam Shields. Shields did get beat on huge catch by Alshon Jeffery, but he should have had safety help from Morgan Burnett.

Of course, Burnett was nowhere to be found.

Jamari Lattimore started for Brad Jones at linebacker and played terribly. A.J. Hawk? A whopping two tackles, although he did force a fumble.

The special teams coverage units were even worse, but should we expect anything else?

Devin Hester averaged 25.4 on kick returns and brought a punt back 49 yards. He was almost the difference in the game.

In the end, the offense did enough to pull it out. Just enough. The Packers win the North at 8-7-1. Who would have thought?

And now, another playoff rematch with the San Francisco 49ers.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

134 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Are Somehow NFC North Champs"

  1. Remedy

    Aaron Raahgaahs da gawd

    -Jordy! Most underrated WR in the game? Him and Antonio Brown, imo
    -Lacy with that awesome TD run, and playing through obvious pain
    -Starks in 2010 Postseason mode
    -Cobb, some bitches musta forgot!!

    The Bears got killed in Chicago, USA
    Today was a good day

  2. Arcturus

    Well are you expert naysayers now unhappy? I mean what would the point of the Packers winning the division be if they are only going to get trounced next weekend? Let’s make sure we don’t enjoy this victory, OK?

    • chucks

      Seriously man! There are way too many worry warts and haters around here. By the way, the 49ers are not consistent, so they are totally beatable.

  3. K.L.

    And not even that long ago, many of you were bitching that the season was over and we had no chance.

    We play the 49ers next. Honestly, I don’t really care if we lose. We won the division. That’s all I wanted.

    • E. Wolf

      I care if if we win or lose. I at least want to ruin the 49ers season. If we don’t do that it’s all for naught. And there is the danger that somehow Capers will kept on.

  4. Savage57

    “The Season’s Over.”

    Go fuck yourself for once and for all.

    It’s just startin’ bitch.

    Stay the fuck home, and join in next season, when the Packers are poised to make a playoff run.


    • Savage57

      Oh, and I forgot about all the McLaughlin Metaphysical Certitude bullshit as well.

      You are some kind of fucking oracle, take it to the bank.

      • PF4L

        I couldn’t have said that better myself…Wait, i have already.

        Great Win!!…Great game to watch!!

        Fuck!!! I’m so happy how that turned out.

        Jordy was huge, Lacy did his beast best being gimpy. Starks played well also.

        Not going for the 2 point conversion could have bit us in the ass.

        Thanks to Cobb and Rodgers, they made it a non factor.

        Converted 3 4th downs to win the game. Unfricking believable.

        Playoffs aren’t the same without the Packers.

        It ain’t over bitches!!!!!!

        Proud Packer fan.

        • E. Wolf

          Proud Packer fan: who also said the season was over after the Thanksgiving Day game, you blithering, piece-of-shit hypocrite in the guise of a yappy little mutt.

          • Phatgzus

            Jesus Christ Almighty, you guys just witnessed one of the 20 greatest Packers (and 10 greatest Packers-Bears) games ever and this is how you celebrate?! Fucking Hell just drop, just for the rest of the season, please, and enjoy the Playoffs dammit!

          • PF4L

            What can i say phatgzus,,,I was celebrating the victory wasn’t i?

            Read above if needed, all i was doing was praising the Packers.

            Then who decided to post with his “blithering piece of shit” post?

            Was it me?

            If not, direct your post where it needed to be directed.

          • Kozak

            I agree with Phatazus.
            At some point you have to enjoy the NOW.
            I’m also a Cubs and trust me that “wait till next year”
            shit gets old. The Pack won. Rejoice.
            Once again we smote the Ancient Enemy in his lair.
            And knocked him out of the playoffs. IMAGINE how long
            the winter is going to be for Bears fans!

          • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

            Jesus Christ would you petulant fucking children take this elsewhere? Sick and tired of you dipshits dominating the comments section of every post.

          • Phatgzus

            Fuckin’ eh, Kozak, I know your pain, been a Sawx fan for over 2 decades; Steve Bartman = Bill Buckner.

        • PF4L

          Excuse me?

          A Packer fan, and also a Cubs and Sox fan? How does that work?

          I don’t get that. Maybe being born a Packer fan and a Brewer,Badger fan ect. makes me a homer, i just didn’t think it worked any other way.

          The day i become any Chicago team’s sports fan, is the day i should give up my Wisconsin fan badge and drink poison. Fuck everything Chicago sports related.

          To each their own, but i think it’s rong. R O N G rong.

          • E. Wolf

            I’m not a Sox fan. And the Packers are not a regional fanbase, unlike the Brewers, Mariners, Seahawks and so on.

          • Phatgzus

            Sawx-Red Sox; virtually an entire half of my family hails from the Dairy State and are all stalwart Packer fans. I lived in RI for 4 of the first 5 years of my life so I was a Sawx and Patriots (for all of 2 years). Then I learned about Brett Favre, Drew Bledsoe got injured and displaced, and my family moved West. I owe my fanhood to Favre, White, Nomar Garciapparra, Mo Vaughn, and Pedro Martinez (and ultimately the GMs who acquired them).

    • E. Wolf

      C’mon man, I thought we made nice. Looking at things after the Giants game, and particularly after that Thanksgiving game, it was highly improbable, to put it mild. If it was not a metaphysical certitude, it was pretty damn close.
      Let’s hope the Lions do not fire Schwartz just yet. Had they done that last year, metaphyiscal certitude would have blossomed into hard, cold, present-day reality.

      • PF4L

        Does he have to spell it out for you? I thought he articulated his feelings pretty well.

        Take hint and quit sniveling.

        • rebelgb

          You too should just cease fire. Or one of you become the bigger man and start ignoring the other.


          • E. Wolf

            This asshole is the one instigating this shit–I merely respond. I did NOT start the fire. I do call him out when he makes assanine comments, such as re Bakhtiari and so on. Don’t blame me. Blame the rapid, yappy little mutt.

    • Deepsky

      Right on. The media is gushing over Rodgers, but that dude scores once or twice every 4th quarter. The only thing different THIS time was the defense forcing a punt with 6 minutes to go and the defense stopping a last minute hail mary pass. Most games they give up a score or two and Rodgers gets blamed.

  5. Phatgzus

    Hide your kids, hide your wives Aaron Rodgers is a bad man, and he’s baaack, baby!

    Pretty sure body snatchers exist cause that sure as Hell can’t possibly be Jarrett Bush in that no. 24 uni-dude came to play.

    Randall Cobb was a ninja assassin today, you didnt see him often, but when you did you were already dead.

    Burnett has 1 good point right now-he always seems to be
    around the ball when someone else knocks it loose.

    Boykin wasn’t exactly aware on that play, just more aware than anyone else on the field of play; that’s about as fantastic as winning a Bears’ fan beauty pageant.

    Aaaandddd, the Bears still suck.

    Happy New Year mofos!

    • Remedy

      “Randall Cobb was a ninja assassin today, you didnt see him often, but when you did you were already dead.”


    • PF4L

      Boykin wasn’t aware at all, most players weren’t either until Rodgers told him to run when the Packer sideline was going nuts, crazy play. We needed it.

  6. T-Pack

    First off. Alert play by Boykin to pick up the ball but even better was Rodgers whispering to him to run the ball in. Lol.
    All the Awipes on here that wrote the Pack off go F yourselves.
    They won the division. Yes maybe they will lose next week but like I said I will worry about that then.
    Unbelievable game. Tough to watch tramon get smoked like that but the game pretty much went as thought.

    Now to secure playoff tickets!

  7. Awesome win. Now all us (self included) armchair qbs. Know why lattimore wasn’t playing in front of brad jones.
    Our best defense was time of possession!!!

  8. buster bluth

    Amazingly on the play before the game winner to Cobb,
    James Jones was wide open for a TD and Rodgers didn’t
    see him.
    Tubbie Twinkle toes is tip toeing all the way home tonight !

  9. MMK

    This was proof positive that you play a season to its end. That shitty attitude of “we’re not going anywhere in the playoffs, seasons over, deactivate starters, wah wah wah” doesn’t belong in the NFL. As a result of a strong late season, the packers get at LEAST another week of football and a chance at a title game. Their flaws are obvious, but every team has them. Would you rather be talking draft positioning in week 7 like the Vikings?

    -Kuhn gets play of the game for throwing down that block.
    -Great to have Rodgers back for the obvious reasons, not the least of which is the ability to control the line of scrimmage and change the play/check multiple receivers.
    -Bend but don’t break Capers defense is getting so old.

    Packers win. Division champs, shot at the post season, let’s go.

    • PF4L

      This is what i’m talkin about.

      MMK is a true Packer fan. Agreed, Capers defense is about 3 years too old

      Rock on.

      Go Pack Go!!

  10. Richard Cranium

    SB 2013 for the Packers complete… Any win here on out is icing on the cake. I would love nothing more than knocking that dickless cockface asswipe Harbaugh and that ass clown cockhead Kapernick out of the playoffs.

    • GBslacker

      if he’s “dickless” — how could he have a “cockface” ??

      but I think I agree with your sentiments…

    • Nacho Libre

      I hope the same thing happens to that super bowl losing cock smoker as well. If they lose, we won’t see any pussy ass fake band wagon whiner fans anymore. I hope they kept their receipts and left the price tags attached to that #7 jersey to get their $$ back.

  11. Iltarion


    What a great FRICKING WIN!!!

    Reminiscent of the Brett Favre heave against Detroit.

    4th and 8, all out blitz, Rodgers- who had an up and down game- escapes Peppers, stops and heaves it. For a brief moment, I’m like- Why the hell are you throwing it 40 yards downfield on 4th and our season?

    And then, there is Randall Cobb all alone like an angel. Tuddy. What a fricking play.

    All the jokers whining for the last two months, bashing MM, you guys just all got pawned. Now only two teams in the NFL have made the playoffs the last 5 years straight- the Packers and the Patriots.

    Now bring on San Fran- the team I’ve been calling for the last month. AWESOME!!

    • cd4packers

      Well, I still like MM. But he is far from perfect. I think the majority of whiners were whining about the Defense. And rightly so. Hopefully, we will get our crap together by next week. I know it’s a long shot but this has been a very strange year. And I am not ready to call it quits ever. We are not out until we are out. GO PACK GO!!

  12. the real russ letlow

    WE WON!!! WOO HOO! enjoy it Packers fans, you’ve earned the right to celebrate this division championship! and really, on Sunday night, after one of the most satisfying victories in the last 3 seasons, “WE WON” is all that matters!!!!

  13. park

    I’m just going to say, this is a different team with Rodgers and Cobb back. If lacy can just get his ankle soreness fixed by next week I say we beat the shit out of the 49s. The defense is not great but when our offense starts playing well they get fired up and make some great plays. Like stopping Chicago in the 4th. I think all these anti packers bitches will be eating their words come next Sunday night.

  14. Sean

    Packers on IR…
    Van Roten

    Plus Rodgers and Cobb missing huge chunks of the season.
    And they win the division. WOW!

  15. PF4L

    My post under the article “Aaron Rodgers will be Shut Down on Thursday”. Somehow vanished.

    I wrote about people giving up on the season, ect, I mentioned Montys content of that article where he didn’t care one way or another if we won(Go read his article). I also wrote what it means to be a Packer fan and support the team.

    I guess that’s not allowed as the post was removed.

    The following is an excerpt of this websites “about” section.

    “Total Packers doesn’t pull any punches. We are outspoken. We are entertaining. Sometimes, we are crass. But most of all, we are passionate about the Green Bay Packers because we bleed Green and Gold.”

    I guess “free speech” is just a phrase here. I guess i was mistaken, i thought i lived in America.

    Maybe someones feelings got hurt and went crying to Shawn and Monty (again), so to appease him, they took it off. I think we all know who i’m talking about.

    Deleting my football post about what i think makes up a Packer fan?…Really Monty?

    Maybe in the future those who call other people pussy’s shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house.

    • Shawn

      PF4L, I did not trash your comment, and it is hard for me to believe that Monty did. I looked through the trash, and it isn’t there.

      Regardless, I have been giving you a lot of latitude because you are obviously a Packer fan and not your standard troll. However, there are a couple practices I have warned you about before that you continue to break.

      1) Stop replying to your own comments.
      2) Stop copying other comments and pasting them into yours.

      It would be a shame to lose a vigorous and sometimes insightful Packer fan, but I will engage in the tedium of trashing your comments wholesale if you continue.

      My advice to both you and Wolf would be to stop replying to one another and stop referring to each other in your posts. Does that mean you can NEVER reply to one another or refer to each other? No. But let’s call it a good faith start.

      Don’t reply to this comment. I will just trash it. Thanks.

      • rebelgb

        PF4L it is obvious to me that between the 2 of you (you and E.Wolf) you have the ability to be the bigger man.

        Let E.Wolf play epeen from his mothers basement, noone like that is worth responding to and by not doing so you will, 1- have countered any idiotic statement he makes in the MOST effective way. 2 – set yourself on a path of ridding yourself of him since most kids get sick of calling names when the recipient simply isnt interested.


      • E. Wolf


        You dare to question my fanhood, simply because I assess the season after Week 9–without the advantage of hindsight–realistically. And yet you yourself also pronounced the season over, among many other things such as your tireless inane attacks Ted and Mac, so and so forth ad infinitum.
        And so you incur my enmity.

        • PF4L

          Let me correct you Wolfie.

          I just don’t question your fanhood.

          I question your manhood.

          Like others on here do.

          Glad we got that out of the way.

          Thank you for understanding.

          • E. Wolf

            All from behind the safety and anonymity of a keyboard and screen. FUCKING LITTLE BITCH.

          • PF4L

            Easy there tiger, don’t blow a gasket, the other users and Shawn don’t want you writing a 25 minute rant of you losing your mind, again.

            Thank you for understanding.

  16. Nacho Libre

    Awesome game, couldn’t have ended any better than the way it did. Chicago paid its debt to the Packers, they broke Rodgers’ collar bone, HE broke their hearts. Second debt to be collected will be the bitch ass Whiners for last year’s playoff elimination. And third, to play against the Seahags and beating them to make up for the game winning touch-ception, or “Fail Mary”. Watch out, we’re coming for you bitches… GO PACK GO!!!!

  17. Packfan

    Aaron changes everything. I did not expect playoffs after Thanksgiving. I want nothing more than to get revenge on the 49ers at home. With Aaron, it is possible. Go Pack Go!

  18. Richard Cranium

    The win cost us exactly 7 draft positions would have been 14….Now 21 (subject to change of course). Soooooooo I guess there’s only one thing left to do…. Win the whole FUCKIN thing!

    • Phatgzus

      Fuck the draft, it’s not like we were going to get Jadaveon Clowney anyway, and this draft isn’t exactly replete with 1st-rounders at our positions of need.

    • Phatgzus

      And 7 spots as a sacrifice for thus feeling, and perhaps an even stronger, better one totally worth it-anyone who doesn’t feel the same likely hasn’t won anything of signifcance.

      It’s also nit like it costs us anymore to trade up based on our position either, as spot values are largely determined by their absolute position and only minorly by the difference in position in same round picks (though the ratios of these two variables vary depending on round).

    • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

      There are few things that I wouldn’t give to have beaten the Bears like we did yesterday.


    Whatever you may beat the 40whiners. But you won’t beat us EVER. Bring it on you cocky Wisconsin fucksticks.

    • K.L.

      Now that’s the kind of class I would expect from a Seahawks fan.

      By the way, we pretty much beat you last year. Have you not heard? Or are you still in denial about that game?

    • Kozak

      Say, tell me what have the Seahacks ever won? Get back to me.
      Or does your trophy case resemble the ViQueens?

      • rebelgb

        Ha ha Ownage. The Seachickens trophy case is as empty as Miley Cirus’s head….

        Fucking Seachickens. How pathetic.

    • E. Wolf

      If we do beat the NIners (and the Eagles beat the Saints), the Seahawks are admittedly the prohibitive favorites. You may beat us this year, but I have faith in the long-term prospects of this team. Rodgers has again proven why he is the best qb in the league. Next year hopefully we will not devastated with a plague of injuries. We may not beat you this year if things pan out that way, but we will beat you, and the Rodgers McCarthy era will, in the end, prevail over you.
      Btw, if you do make it to the Super Bowl, know that your team has probably the worst history in the NFL in two respects:

      –away playoff games
      –travelling East.

      It took you almost thirty years to win a road playoff game since the 83′ 27-20 win at Miami, and that was against a subpar Redskins team with the overhyped RGIII.
      Should you make it to Meadowlands, be prepared to lose against any of the likely contenders, Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots and Bengals and even the Colts, all of whom travel better. And, remember this, since Tom Landry won the Super Bowl in 1978 after losing in 1976, no team has lost the Super Bowl and then won it with the same quarterback and coach tandem. (We are again seeing this with the Niners this year). So if you make it to the Super Bowl, but lose, it looks like another 30-40 years of hopeless futility for the running joke in the Pacific Northwest: the Seattle Seahawks.

  20. Phatgzus

    Did anyone else see DeMarco Murray Mack truck an Eagles DT or Jerry Jones nearly throw himself out of the owner’s box?

    • Arcturus

      Yes, I could almost hear Jones screaming “fuck” at least twice. I can recognize that body language. It was icing on the cake for me.

  21. TyKo Steamboat

    If you’re one of those shameful Packers fans that “respect” the bears…why?

    Shame on you

    that is a slap-dick organization Chicago is a fuck-nut town. Ditka worshippers? wow. I’d rather McCarthy or Holmgren…only difference is, nto Saturday Night Live skit….

    That is a pathetic team. Chicago Cardinals. I bite my thumb. Fuck the goddam bears….rite where they belong

    • PF4L

      There is nothing much sweeter than beating the Bears ..anytime, but especially in their house for the Division, or winning the NFCCG.

      The majority of the Bear fans spent all night crying about the refs. Typical.

      And yes…The Bears still suck!!

  22. Berty Judas

    E. Wolf is the biggest faggot I’ve ever not met. I will meet up any time, any place to whoop the shit out of ol wolfie. Aren’t you happy the season is over? Oh wait, you can’t predict morning wood, nonetheless a Packers win. Grab a thesaurus and jack off with it you fucking faggot. Any time, any place.
    PS everyone hates you

    • rebelgb

      Actually Shawn respectfully asked you to be the bigger man and stop the pissing match. By asking you he showed his beliefs that you are more capable of acting like an adult than E. Wolf.

      Yet you continue to put him down.

      Step up to the plate man, move on.

    • cd4packers

      Hey PF4L. You are better than old man wolf. There is no good reason for you to continue to banter with him because he won’t listen and what are you proving anyway? You are a great Packers fan and no one can change that by their idiotic words directed at you. I personally enjoy reading your comments in here and do not want to see you banned from posting in here. That is exactly what old man wolf would love to see happen. Don’t give him what he wants. Ignore him. What can he do if he is simply talking to himself? Not a damn thing. He is what he is and he puts it out there for everyone to see. You don’t have to do anything at all for people to see that the wolf man is. He does all the work on his own just by commenting in here. He already has plenty of rope. Let him swing. ;)

    • Phatgzus

      Nah we died and now we’re in Heaven with our Seraphim Quarterback; you sound scared, so mech so I can smell it from here.

  23. Andy

    I’m pretty much in the same mood as winning the NFC championship game at this point. Beating the bears in their house is just too fun too enjoyable and the reason why this team kicks ass. Just to have the 3rd consecutive division tittle is bad ass, we own this division!

    Now for the rest of the way we’re underdogs, so the “experts” wont give us a chance. Thing is they dont understand the mystic surrounding this ball club like the fans do. Amazing shit is going to happen and its going to be times like this when we can thank the football gods that we’re packer fans not fans of one of those other 31 lame ass franchises. The packers aint a franchise its a way of life!

    • rebelgb

      Fuck man, well played brother….well played.

      I watch highlights from other teams every week and think: fuck God must love me special, how else do you explain why im not stuck as a Browns/Buc/Jaquar/Viking/Bear/Lion……………… fan??

  24. T-Pack

    3 4th down conversions. Holy shit. Still don’t know why we go for 2 pt conversion. But who cares now.
    Need Lacy to heal up quick. I would expect Rodgers to be much better next week. Good game but you see his timing was off. Love that those asshole Bears didn’t e en bother picking up the Rodgers fumble. Idiots.
    Division champs again boys!

  25. Abe Frohman

    Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the Rodger’s pass to Cobb was 50 yards in the air, off his back foot, and more or less on a rope? Holy cow does he have an arm! That was incredible.

    I am sick of our LB’s playing like shit. Nick Perry got used like a cheap whore on that Forte screen pass. Our outside LB’s lost contain so many times it made me sick.

    On Forte’s first TD, Lattimore’s ONLY job is the rb coming out of the backfield. Hell, I learned that in middle school. Why does he fucking wait until the ball is in the air to react to that? Stop staring at the QB!!!

    Williams and Shields played very well and were more or less the only bright spots on D.

    If Bears “fans” are going to whine about the refs, I’ve got a complaint of my own. I counted two blocks in the back on Hester’s big punt return.

    Great win. I am pumped. I think we can beat SF if the D shows up.

    • Phatgzus

      Agreed in full.

      The refs missed the spot on that late Lacy 3rd-and-1 run (though not by much) and a couple of facemasks on both sides, still I think that was one of the best-reffed Packers games in the past 2 years.

      Pretty sure Rodgers took a little somethin’ off that pass as well to make sure he didn’t overthrow him.

      • PF4L

        I think Rodgers said he made sure to put more on it, so it wasn’t under thrown. whatever the case, it was absolutely perfect.

        • Phatgzus

          There was a 10-20 mph wind as well so that’s certainly possible; didn’t see that interview so I can’t speak as to whether A-Rodg was funnin’ or not.

          • PF4L

            Watching that play again phat. If Rodgers put all he could on that pass, it was just enough because Cobb had to slow up a bit. I don’t know if i’ll ever forget that play. Words can’t describe it for me.

  26. rebelgb

    Now the kicker and cherry on top to start my week off great! Come on Lions fire that piece of shit Schwartz!!!

  27. d Scheel

    STAYIN ALIVE BABY! KRANK IT UP AND LIKE IT! Packers are gett’in down and the Niners are going DOWN!

  28. Cuban

    Two things ran thru my head when i saw perry run right past forte, #1 being are you fucking kidding me, #2 being how many times wolf has told us how much talent and promise he has, if thats the kind of talent hes gonna display every year, the packers are fucked

    • PF4L

      Perry looks out of place in coverage. TT likes drafting these tweener guys for some reason, Not an ideal NFL def. end, not enough skills to play OLB unless he’s rushing the passer. I’d like to see him play end in a 4-3. Who knows, i could get my wish, we’ll have to see what happens with Capers.

      • Phatgzus

        The obvious-in Capers’ D (and most 3-4 schemes) very often it’s the ILBs in coverage and the OLBs essentially stand-up DEs. Capers took that to the extreme with Perry and then the converted Neal, they really aren’t good in man coverage but are usually decent in zone schemes; however, they are (usually) good vs. the run and decent pass rushers when healthy.

  29. PF4L

    Schwartz can stay a Lions coach, Cutler can stay with the Bears, i like how things are as they are. Give Cutler a new 90 million dollar deal and keep him in the NFC North. Why should a different division team’s get to watch him self destruct. We own Jay Cutler.

    If Rodgers didnt get hurt, we probably win this Division back in week 13 and ended up at 12-4.

    With that said. It doesn’t get much better than going into Soldier field against Cutler for the NFC North Title, and beating the Bears on a 4th and a season Rodgers/Cobb touchdown. Because Rodgers is a Baaad Man!!!

    GO PACK GO!!!

  30. T Pack

    The axes are falling everywhere. The Shanahans, Schiano, Frazier, Chudzinski & of course Schwartz as you mentioned. All gone. Love that Lions & Vikings fired their coaches and we took the division title from the Bears. Not a bad couple of days for a Packer fan!

  31. cd4packers

    I have one more thing to say about the win yesterday. Even if it is the last win we will have this season, it was epic. As a few grumpy posters on here have reminded us daily, the Packers have not been very good this year. We have gone through the loss of multiple players due to injury. We have had to endure the archaic defensive play calling of our beloved DC Mr. Capers. We have watched helplessly as NFL referees took away TDs and penalized us in error. (as they do to all teams) It seemed after Rodgers went down and out that the teams moral went out the window as well. Players appeared lifeless and uncaring on the field outside of a couple like Jolly and Lacy. There were more but those two stand out in my mind. Not only did many Packers fans give up the season but it looked as though the players themselves had given up on any hopes of making the playoffs. We had become the underdogs.

    History tells the story of many a sports team deemed “underdog” that not unlike the Packers did on Sunday, rallied back from despair into the envied light of victory. Going through trials and tribulations does not make a team a bad team. Giving up, however, makes an individual or a team a loser, because you simply cannot win if you give up. The Packers were down but they were NEVER out. There were a few players in the locker room who kept the faith and continued on in the hopes of making the playoffs. They spread the enthusiasm to fellow players. This is indeed the spirit of a true “team.” The GB Packers have that spirt. The spirit and chemistry that it takes to be Champions. They proved that yesterday. Call it a fluke, call it a mistake, you can call it whatever you please, but the fact remains. The Green and Gold live on to play another day.

    The story of the underdog will never grow old. Sometimes the harder the trials the sweeter the victory will be. No, they are not a perfect team. But I have no doubt that they are indeed, a TEAM. And that is what will bring them to the SB. The season is not lost and never has been. I’m still watching and so are you. It ain’t over till it’s over.

    GO PACK GO!!

  32. CO Bob

    That was an awesome game!!!!!!
    Hope Seahawks choke next weekend, like they should.
    Not a Harbaugh fan and hope we beat that dickhead as well.

    to those using this site as a sparring zone….please stop…you’re pathetic

  33. PF4L

    “The GB Packers have that spirit. The spirit and chemistry that it takes to be Champions. They proved that yesterday. Call it a fluke, call it a mistake, you can call it whatever you please”

    I don’t call it a fluke, or a mistake, or luck.

    I call it Aaron Rodgers.

    This is a spiritually different team with Rodgers in there. No offense to Flynn. But this team plays with more spirit, and at a higher level with Rodgers in.
    With Rodgers in, it’s my belief that the Packer players feel like anything is possible. Just my .02

    • cd4packers

      I kinda implied that with this statement:

      It seemed after Rodgers went down and out that the teams moral went out the window as well. Players appeared lifeless and uncaring on the field outside of a couple like Jolly and Lacy.

      No doubt, the Packers are a different team with Rodgers.

  34. PF4L

    Congrats should be in order for Peyton Manning’s record setting season.

    No doubt, IMO, the greatest QB in NFL history, so far :)

    He’ll be winning his 5th MVP in a landslide.

    Not sure if the Bronco’s have the defense to win a Super Bowl, it takes more than a QB, it takes a team. Evidenced by the Packers 15-1 2011 season. No matter how good the QB is.

    Manning is the standard, by which other QB’s are judged.


    • Phatgzus

      Smartest successful QB ever? Highly likely. Best regular season QB ever? Probably. GOAT? Not for my money. Montana, Johnny U, Brady, and maybe Otto Graham are all ahead of him in my book; in fact I’d put Manning at about the same level as Favre (better stats vs. better Playoff record including an extra SB appearance and lesser offensive supporting cast) Marino, and Young in the next tier, seriously.

      • PF4L

        Montana had better support on both sides of the ball. Graham and Unitas are way before my time. Brady i’ll give you. Dan Marino is thankful he’s not judged on SB’s i’m sure.

        I don’t like comparing the old timers with modern players, the game is so different on a lot of levels, players are vastly different from back when in so many ways. back in the 50’s and 60’s a lot of players had other jobs. Didn’t players use to smoke cigs on the sideline?

        I just looked up Otto Graham stats. This dude stats are horrible. he threw more picks than touchdowns, passing percentage is BAD. Passer rating is worse. Only played for 6 seasons.

        I’d never put Manning at Favre’s level, it’s a insult to Manning. Manning is a self educated NFL mastermind (his own offensive coordinator) vs Favre’s heave and chuck routine, and hopes his guy comes down with the ball.

        • Phatgzus

          Yu may have looked up the wrong Otto Graham-10 years, 174 TDS, 135 INTs (better numbers than a decent number of QBs in the current era-*cough wheeze, erhem* Jay Cutler), 7 championships, (yeah yeah, weak AAFC, fewer teams, and so on and so forth) 3-time MVP, 7-time All-Pro. Damn impressive; agreed it’s tough to compare the old players to new (some talents just translate better to different eras) but PFR provides an adjusted rating as well as a rating relative to the contemporaries in the league which O think is one of the best ways (though not without fault) to measure success-dominance vis a vis contemporary competition. Sammy Baugh dominated, and along with Brown was the main impetus for the Browns’ success and further existence.

          As for Montana, he had (focusing on offense) arguably the
          GOAT, Bill Walsh, a good TE, and a great OL. Manning had 2 (now possibly 3 or more-Welker, Thomas) HOF WRs, multiple Pro-Bowlers in Edge and Clark, and now the Thomases, and one of the best pass-blocking OLs ever led by future HOFer Jeff Saturday.

          As for Favre, his football smarts are seriously underrated likely largely because he threw (many/bad) picks and acted like a stubborn kid at times. He didn’t have a great Wonderlick score, but it could have been a lot worse, he also produced a team with the most prolific offense in it’s division as a OC (granted it’s HS, still something to be considered). The 2 TD passes vs. the Pats were both audibles, the first being the result of him watching tape of the Pats alone in his hotel room before the game (not gameplanning from the coaches), that OT TD vs. the Donkeys was also an audible. Just a few examples, there were many more. Later in his career Favre became extremely devoted to film study. It saddens me that people don’t give him the credit he deserves and refer to him merely as a gunslinger (a somewhat pejorative term IMHO). Yeah, taking risks was a
          major part of his game, but he was so much more than that (he also got rid of the ball quickly and accurately much as Manning is lauded for). The major difference between Favre and Manning’s stats (besides Manning playing significantly more years in this era and an abysmal D that forced him to
          continue throwing throughout games) is the arm strength. When a play broke down Favre would try to make a play often throwing into ridiculous coverage (usually with great success or failure) because he was so confident in his ability to zip the ball in there, whereas Manning knows he doesn’t have the canon to do so and usually throws the ball away.

          • Phatgzus


            Also, Otto Graham has a career record of 114-20-4 (9-3 in Playoffs) for a career winning percentage of .814, the best ever.

            Favre also has a better Playoff record (albeit not by a whole helluva lot) than Manning. Sure, it’s a team game, but Favre-just like Manning-has carried some pretty mediocre teams to the Playoffs. Remember, before Brady, Manning, and Rodgers dwelled in nightmares there was Brett Favre.

          • PF4L

            As i’ve stated, Favre’s great years were largely 94-98. From 1998-2010 Favre’s playoff record was abysmal. I’ll save you the labor pains of me going through them. I’m sure you’re aware.

            Living in Wisconsin. having access to local Newspapers, local articles on Favre. I never read or saw anything reported that Favre became devoted to film study. Not wanting to be involved in OTA’s and training camp, yes, but not film study. But then again, i don’t have 1st hand knowledge, so i can’t speak for it either way.

            What are the odds there were 2 Otto Graham’s that both played QB in the NFL? So my bad i guess. Regardless, i don’t have enough give a shit in me to look it up, so i’ll take your statements as fact, as i do the majority of your post.

            I wasn’t saying that Favre didnt have football smarts. I think he does. But Favre is cut from a different mold than your run of the mill NFL QB. As much has he was great, and give you those ” Wow, did you see that?” moments. he could equally shit the bed on occasions. I remember watching him play and when he threw a interception, a lot of times the camera would show him, and he’d be smiling, that pissed me off to no end.

            As far as Favre coaching HS football. Playing 20 years in the NFL alone, gives you knowledge and know how, period. It’s not at all surprising how successful his offense was. It’s probably not a stretch to figure Favre knows 1000 times more about football than the other HS coaches he was coaching against.

            I just think that Manning is on another level. I don’t think i’m out of line to say that Favre’s interceptions in playoff games may have cost him and his teams 1-3 more Super Bowl appearances and possibly wins.

  35. FITZCORE1252

    Whatever goes down on Sunday, this season was a success. We ruined duh bares and their fans New Year, at their hizzy. For people that have it twisted, they are, have been, and will always be our greatest rival. Dropping a huge steamer in their punch bowl = success.

    That last fourth down play was just fuckin epic, top-to-bottom. I’m a happy guy today. Life. Is. Good.

    I don’t get the people who were clamoring for Schwartz to get canned. IMO, we should have all hoped that he and Frazier got lifetime contracts.

    Gonna be tough to get a W next week, but I have faith.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  36. E. Wolf

    Hey guys, if you want to delight in a little bit of Schadenfreude, I highly recommend the Doug and OB postgame show. Not quite as delicious as Paul Allen after a Packers victory over the Vikings, but still more than palatable. It is easy to find on itunes. ….

  37. Tucson Packer

    Anyone wanna argue pointlessly with me on a blog over a team we both like on the internet?!?! Sounds like awesome-sauce to me.

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