Green Bay Packers Potential Wild Card Matchups

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Rams

Aaron Rodgers vs. Rams

If the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday to claim the NFC North, there are four possible playoff scenarios.

They would host either the San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks or Carolina Panthers in a wild card game.

The most likely scenarios involve New Orleans and San Francisco. We tried to play everything out and here’s what we came up with.

San Francisco
If Seattle beats St. Louis to claim the NFC West or San Francisco loses to Arizona, handing Seattle the NFC West, which would occur even if both teams lose, the Packers get the 49ers. If Seattle, San Francisco and New Orleans all lose, the Packers would still see the 49ers. Similarly, if they all win — 49ers.

New Orleans
If Carolina wins, then New Orleans is a wild card. They get the Packers if they beat Tampa and Arizona beats San Francisco.

Right now, the Panthers are NFC South division champs if they win on Sunday against Atlanta, even if New Orleans wins. They would have to lose to the Falcons, have New Orleans and Arizona win to get a date with Green Bay.

If Seattle loses to St. Louis and San Francisco beats Arizona, the Packers get the Seahawks.

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47 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Potential Wild Card Matchups"

  1. E. Wolf

    I can only imagine the Packers being a favorite against the Saints. Niners coming to Lambeau and losing? I just don’t see it. Perhaps Seattle at Lambeau would lose if weather conditions are disruptive enough–then again Marshawn Lynch against this run defense.
    Again, let’s manage expectations folks.

    • Rodgers

      Seriously man, nobody wants to hear your constant negativity.

      Do you wake up every morning (after you pull the dick from out of your mouth of course) thinking, “Wolfie, how can you shit all over everyone’s excitement today”?

      Please, for the love of all that is gold (and green for that matter), shut your whore mouth or find another blog to post your hormonal rants.

      • E. Wolf

        Sounds like PFAIL to me. Fixation on male on male oral sex and keyboard bravado.
        I will write what I please. Of course, you don’t actually refute anything i wrote. PISS OFF.

      • GBslacker

        Seriously man, nobody wants to hear your constant negativity.
        ————not “negativity,” more like objectivity, or reality.

        Do you wake up every morning (after you pull the dick from out of your mouth of course) thinking, “Wolfie, how can you shit all over everyone’s excitement today”?
        ————why would you let anyone “ruin” your day? that’s “on” you.

        Please, for the love of all that is gold (and green for that matter), shut your whore mouth or find another blog to post your hormonal rants.
        ————I think *you* are the one guilty of a “hormonal” rant.

        Not sure where you’ve been the past several weeks, but our defense ain’t for shit — don’t think Rodgers can make up for that (as he already tried, when fully healthy, in 2011…)

        In closing, try to find a more mature way to handle your disappointment… long before you look to insult someone, you need to check out a mirror.

    • PackAttack

      SF isn’t the team it was a year ago Wolf, I would highly doubt you’ve bothered to watch any of their games this year but since you haven’t here’s a rundown.

      * Colin Kaepernick is shit. The only team he’s gutted has been GB. In fact he hasn’t come close to touching 300 yards since torching the Pack for 412 in Week 1. He’s got a less than AVG QB Rating and completion %. He’s not efficient and if you can manage to shut down his scrambling ability — he’s fucked.

      * Frank Gore will not torch any D. He’s old, he’s slowing down, he’s not the runner he once was. He can no longer control the game with his legs.

      * Atlanta should have beat them last Monday. The shitty Falcon offense marched up and down on SF D the whole night. The SF defense isn’t what it once was either. They’ve been a much different unit this year.

      * Their schedule has been soft. Tampa Bay, Atlanta, St. Louis and Washington. Even the game vs. Tampa was in question at half time. This team has pulled a lot of close games out and made them look much better than they actually were. Kaepernick and the SF offense is 31st in passing in the NFL, they are not efficient when they need to throw the ball.

      * This team is extremely beatable on the road. Kaepernick is not the God of the NFL that he thinks he is. If the Pack set up the pass and attack early and force Kaepernick do the same — this game is Green Bay’s in GB — it would be sweet justice to that fucking faggot Kaepernick.

      • E. Wolf

        I agree SF has vulnerabilities. Recall the article I wrote prior to the season opener. This team will lose to either Seattle or Carolina, New Orleans had the Saints not collapsed. The Niners are not going to the Super Bowl–but neither are we.

        • PackAttack

          It’s always the “hot” team heading into the playoffs that ends up making the run. The Packers have nothing to lose and nobody is putting any expectations on them to win — they have an excuse to lose and be one and done. Obviously this isn’t how they are viewing it but it’s the truth and from my view it makes them a very dangerous team going into the playoffs.

          * A fresh Rodgers and a good ground attack + getting a healthy and rested Cobb back is big.

          * The Defense is the key. If this D finally decides to step up and make big plays this team could go all the way and win the whole fucking thing with the AFC being shit.

          * Carolina, Saints, Seattle and SF are all beatable. We have a better QB and a better offense then every one of those teams. It’s going to come down to the D and nothing has really changed since Week 5. Offense is good and Defense is really shitty.

          * No excuses go out and get it done. We can make a run and win.

        • E. Wolf

          Problem is–we are not hot. We are limping into the playoffs ass-backwards. This is only possible because the Bears stunk it up in Philly.
          Denial. It ain’t just a river in Egypt.

        • PF4L

          Wolf, who gives a shit what you wrote. The shit you write has proven numerous times to be nothing but bullshit that gets constantly proven false.

          But you insist to write these “all knowing” opinions, based on guesses, that you articulate as if you knew them as fact.

          Nothing but a phony.

          No, you don’t know everything Wolf.

          No you don’t know what Ted is thinking and why he does what he does. as if he consults with you.

          No you don’t know what McCarthy is thinking, but you insist to tell us why he does what he does and when he’s going to do it, as if you know him.

          No you didn’t know when Rodgers was going to play like you’ve posted, as if you had inside information from Ted or McCarthy. But in the end, were just wrong, each time.

          No Wolf, you don’t know shit. It’s time to stop pretending you do.

          Now, if people want to post in here about how the Packers season is over, wants to cry about injuries, infest this forum with ‘The Packers can’t do shit in the playoffs” or any other negative bullshit they can think of. It’s a free Country

          But if you don’t want to be a Packer fan the rest of this season, why not come back next season when you think the Packers have a better chance of winning a playoff game? Would that be more convenient for you?

          Maybe someone can give you people a guarantee the Packers can win a Super Bowl.

          Would you have some faith, loyalty and spirit in the Packers then?

  2. PackAttack

    Have no problem playing San Fran, would actually welcome them if we beat Chicago. Aside from any and all Minnesota Vikings and their fans — there isn’t a person on this planet I hate more than Colin Kaepernick, and I use the word hate with absolute conviction. I fucking hate that piece of shit.

    If we had a half-way decent D I would be begging to play Kaepernick and fuck his shit but unfortunately we don’t. On the bright side two of the biggest games in this fuckers career have come against our defense — which means he’s not that fucking good to begin with. If that isn’t motivation enough I don’t know what is. Kaepernick rarely throws for over 300 (he didn’t throw for over 300 yards since week 1 vs GB — what does that tell you?), he’s not consistent (58% completion), he doesn’t make good decisions on the run, he’s a very average game management QB — if the Pack can contain his scrambling (which is asking a lot of the slow fucks like Brad Jones and AJ Hawk) you’ve got a chance to shut him down.

    Gore hasn’t run well at all in the second half and the SF D isn’t what it was last year…..this is a very beatable team in a lot of ways and playing them at home is a major advantage. If Green Bay can control the pace of the game and attack early and force Kaepernick to throw and abandon the run —- GB has this game. But McCarthy needs to come out firing in this one, you’ve got attack through the air early and often and get SF out of their pattern. You can’t let them run and control the clock. GB needs to eliminate the 3 and out’s and be efficient early.

    Of course — just speculation b/c Rodgers needs to beat Chicago first in Chicago.

    • Savage57

      It’s probably the least likely scenario to play out, but I’d like to see Carolina have to come to Lambeau, should the Pack manage to kick the Bears’ ass.

      For a bunch of reasons, the moment might be too big for them. It’s been forever since they saw the postseason, and 3 of their 4 losses have come on the road. They’ve been solid all year, but Green Bay would match up as well against them as any other team they might face.

      But first things, first. This one is about more than the playoffs. This one is personal for AR and hopefully a bunch of his teammates. These are the assholes that pretty much fucked up the Packers entire season and it’s payback time.

      I will be elated with a win against the Bears. I will be ecstatic if I can watch that prick McLellan get hauled off the field in a cart, too.

  3. Nacho dan

    Playoffs? You wanna talk about playoffs? Just win the division. This is like talking about what girl I’m gonna fuck after the next one I fuck.

    • Savage57

      I get what you’re saying, but while we’re on the pussy theme, imagine that the Bears are the big ugly friend of the smoking hot dime you’ve been wanting to bang forever. She says you can fuck her, but only after you do her big ugly friend who never gets any dick.

      I’m ok with that. We do what have to.

  4. Richard

    Best case scenario is Seattle. I can’t remember a team with a bye to play for in week 17 losing and then coming back for a strong playoff run. They would be completely flat, even as a road favorite, and lose anyways.

  5. Richard

    Packers are probably underdogs in 3 of 4 scenarios here. Nobody can make New Orleans a favorite outside in a road playoff game anymore.

  6. T-Pack

    Wolf is slowly making this site unreadable. Fuck you. Plus you know nothing. Do you even watch football? The Pack can’t beat the Niners? They aren’t the same Niners team as 2012. Yes of course every game in the playoffs can go either way- we all know that.
    How about we talk about the Bears. Seeing that we still need to win that to even get in. Goddamnit get it together!
    Let’s go Pack!!

  7. T-Pack

    Actually you said ” I just don’t see it”. Same shit. Your holier than thou attitude pisses me off.

    I’ve been searching sites looking for some footage on Cobb. Anybody see anything? Would love to see what shape he is in. With him in line up I really see the Pack taking care of business. Bears have no answer for him.

    • E. Wolf

      No, it’s not the same shit. Saying something cannot happen and saying “I don’t see” something happening are entirely different things. One denotes impossibility, the other denotes that something is simply not likely.
      Some detractors have made a big deal about my “absolute metaphysical certitude” pronouncement. Discounting it is taken from a parody of that windbag McLaughlin on the McLaughlin group, I nonetheless stand by assessment. Not even the most unforgiving critic of Schwartzy could have foreseen that sort of meltdown, particularly after the thanksgiving game.
      Lightning however won’t strike twice, particularly because, with the exception of the Cowboys (who aren’t going anywhere even if they do somehow beat the Eagles) and the Bears (who we should beat), all the NFC contenders, and particularly the Seahawks and Panthers, are not going to shit the bed like the lions did.
      So while we may beat any one of these teams in the divisional round, and while it is less likely, but not impossible, that we could somehow beat the Seahawks at Lincoln Financial field. it is an ABSOLUTE METAPHYSICAL CERTITUDE that we are not winning the Super Bowl this year. Nor will we make it to the Super Bowl this. And thank god for that, because the loser of the Super Bowl can pretty much write of that qb and coach tandem since Tom Landry won it in 78 after losing in 76.

  8. .Peter

    Lets not kid ourselves the superbowl is this week for gb we will lose to any west team they have killer def and running games. We could maybe beat saints carolina or eagles/dalllas at home but away I see losses just because the def is so ugly.

    Its amazing we are even in this position with how many guys are on IR. Although I’d love to crush the bears dreams I want to see slocom and maybe capers gone next year and if we make playoffs I don’t see that

  9. Don Q

    The Wild Card scenarios are interesting, but let’s put more energy on focusing our hate toward those assholes from Chicago.

  10. Nacho dan

    Just like the giants couldn’t beat the 15-1 packers at lambeau. Oh wait they did! Never say die! Da Bears still SUCK!!

  11. Richard Cranium

    Seasons over boohoohoohoo …. Gosh I love da packers but boohoohoohoo the seasons over. And I love TT’s DIMA.

    Name that blog poster?

  12. MadCity Packer Fan

    Wolf can say what he wants here…if he wants to be a debbie downer all the time that is all good. I think the Packers could have a shot IF everyone does one thing. Plays as a team! Losing focus means losing the game. I am setting the bar low for these guys until they prove they can hang with the better teams right now.

  13. Ryan ec

    A few of you have turned into the spitting image of Viking fans… Mean hearted and overly optimistic. I love my packers and root for them every game, but Wolfe has good points. He is being objective, and y’all are tearing him apart? I don’t understand?
    On a side note, I also believe the Pack will go out in the first round of the playoffs. If they don’t, that’s great! I believe the last time I thought the packers had no chance of winning the Super Bowl…. They won it. So what do I know.

    • E. Wolf

      The Packers could win the divisional round, particularly if we get the Saints. That does not mean it is likely however. It would be great to knock the Niners out, but after that. …
      If we do win tomorrow, I hope the Packers win one playoff game, and then continue on in a way they can build on in the coming season and beyond.
      I sure hope getting in the playoffs does not save Capers. And I am pretty annoyed with Slocum as sell.

    • E. Wolf

      I wanted to address your comment about you thinking the Pack had no chance in 2010. It is false equivalence to compare that team with this one:

      To compare this team to the Super Bowl Championship team in 2010 is false equivalence.

      In 2010:

      – we had a premiere defense that played well throughout. It was our offense that was intermittently inconsistent before turning it on in Week 16. Indeed, that year we never trailed by more than a touchdown all season. Not so this year.

      –The worst injuries in 2010 were Morgan Burnett and Ryan Grant. This year injuries have been on an entirely different level, obviously. Moreover, Jolly and Matthews are out for the remainder of the year, exacerbating our already marginal defense further.

      – in relation to the first point, in 2010 there was no team that compared to the Seahawks this year. The Falcons were unbeaten at home but some experts still picked the Pack. Right now, the Saints–ON THE ROAD at Lambeau–are the only team that the Packers would be a favorite. Niners are possible but not likely. While we might be capable of beating the Panthers on the road, the odds of beating both the Panthers and the Seahawks–at Lincoln Financial–is de minimis to nonexistent.

      Managing realistic expectations is not inconsistent with devotion and love for one’s team. Not managing realistic expectations however shows either ignorance or delirium, or both.

      • PF4L

        Nice copy and paste Wolf, we all read it the last 3 times you posted it.

        As far as this season playoff hopes and aspirations.

        You got up, and walked off the Packer bandwagon, you’re seat was filled, there is no room for you this season. For you, the “season is over”. See you next season, maybe.

        Thank you for understanding.

  14. Iltarion

    Without question the dream scenario is the 49ers at Lambeau.

    They should kick our ass, but just having another shot at them would make the frustration of this entire season worth it.

    Come on, now, Wolf. Just admit you were wrong instead of moving the goal posts to the Super Bowl. That’s a BS play, bro.

      • PF4L

        Once…What about the other 99 times?

        You’d think someone who is dead wrong as much as you are, would experience some humility along the way. But no, you keep posting like you know the inner workings of the Green Bay Packers, as if you were an executive of the team.

        Lay down your guns son, you’re out of ammo. Stay down.

        • E. Wolf

          Wrong, like about you not wanting Ted and Mike fired? And I suppose I can add your inability to count among your other defects. Please, fuck off.

          • PF4L

            Oh, that one time, after the pathetic Lions game?….EXC– — USE ME!!!….News flash genius, everyone wanted everyone fired after that pathetic embarrassment.

            Maybe you didn’t, maybe you thought it was in some grand scheme, a McCarthy purposeful action of GAMESMANSHIP.

            Wait, i forgot, you already deemed the “Season over” by that time. So you didnt care what happened.

            Keep digging Wolf, i’ll let you know when your grave is deep enough.

    • PackAttack

      49ers don’t beat us in Green Bay. I’ll guarantee it. I will put money on it.

      Kaepernicks is not beating this team for a third straight time — not a chance. He’s had an awful season, he is nowhere near “THE GOD” everyone thought he was a year ago. Defenses are beginning to figure out how to neutralize his speed and force him to throw down field into coverage. If Capers doesn’t fuck it up, GB could destroy SF.

    • PF4L


      I write this, expecting The Pack to beat the Bears, and i’ll be plenty pissed if we shit the bed and lose to the Bears.

      I also agree with Packattack. The 49ers are not the same team. But at the same time, They kicked Capers ass in week 1, like they did in the playoffs last year, so its hard to smack talk them. But, they can be had, and this would be a great test. I know some peeps want to exact revenge on the Seahawks, but it was a refs call, not the Seahawks call. Beating the 9ers and that bicep kissing douche bag and their whining head coach, would be the ultimate victory as far as a 1st round playoff game at Lambeau.

      • PF4L

        btw..AGREED, with iltarion.

        I like Packattacks attitude, i wouldn’t guarantee a Packer win vs the 9ers. But as i said, it would be perfect to beat them at Lambeau.

        Just imagine if you would, the Packers beating the 49ers at home. I would be willing to bet, that no Packer fan would be writing we can’t win in the play offs, or declaring the “Season is over”.

  15. Zapper

    “If Capers doesn’t fuck it up,”

    And there we have a problem. He would.
    Besides MM would stay with calls even if they ain’t working.

  16. Andy

    This looks like another post hijacked by wolfs “Negativity/Reality” what ever you want to call it.

    I say why bother with the playoffs? Seattle are the best team give them the lomabardi so we can get down to drafting. I see nothing wrong with pre-maturely throwing in the towel and Crowning a champion. Starting with the World champion 2010 Falcons, the 2011 Packers and 2012 Broncos, playing the playoffs as an under dog makes literally zero sense.

    Being a sarcastic douche bag aside, i like my packers going in as the underdog, get some lambeau mystic going upset a 1st seed, if we can just have even a wildcard round win against San Fran I’d go out of my mind

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