The Green Bay Packers Ball, But Only in the Second Half

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

Frankly, we’re dumbfounded. Green Bay Packers 37, Dallas Cowboys 36.

And we’re still alive!

I mean, maybe there’s someone out there who thought after watching the Cowboys go up 26-3 at the half that the Packers would come back, win their first game in Dallas since 1989 and pull off an amazing comeback to win the game, but we’d have called that person a fucking idiot.

Don’t even know what to say.

Will say this, though.

Eddie Lacy. Ed Motherfuckin’ Lacy! That boss had 21 for 141 and the go-ahead touchdown.

Matt Flynn. Matty Motherfuckin’ Flynn! He sucked in the first half, but who cares about the first half? That dude carved up Dallas’ shitty defense and went 26-of-39 for 299, four touchdowns and a pick.

And look, he didn’t carve it up in the first half. It’s kind of like he wasn’t even on the field in the first half. He did that work in the second half.

And you know what else? The secondary.

The much-maligned secondary.

The truth is, M.D. Jennings is probably the worst starting safety in the NFL. However, the Packers corners played huge in this game.

Remember when the Packers secondary created turnovers all the time?

Well, Sam Shields and Tramon Williams did that and came up huge.

Sam Shields is a bad motherfucker. A pick and three passes knocked down… and not inconsequential passes.

Tramon — nine tackles, two passes defended and the game-clinching pick.

The Packers safeties were shit. Their inside linebackers were shit. Clay Matthews was more or less invisible. Dom Capers put the game on these two corners and they stepped the fuck up.

The Packers still have some work to do, but they’re not dead yet.

You can thank Eddie Lacy, Matt Flynn, Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and a Dallas Cowboys’ meltdown for that.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

121 Comments on "The Green Bay Packers Ball, But Only in the Second Half"

  1. E. Wolf

    On the John MacLaughlin scale of likelihood, with one being not at all likely, and 14 being absolute metaphysical certitude, I had stated when Rodgers went down that it was an “absolute metaphysical certitude” that the season was over.
    I am still pessimistic that we can win the division, but am already ready to concede I was wrong. Never did a dish of crow taste so good.
    Regardless of what happens, this game proves that the Packers will be a fearsome, Super Bowl contender in 2014 and beyond.

    • RelampagoBlanco

      I have to say I’m upset that you had this change of heart, Wolf. I wanted nothing more than for the Packers to win and be able to post at your expense about the metaphysical certitude of their demise. I suppose I’ll welcome you back to onto the wagon for this final stretch to another NFC North title. Go Pack Go!

      • E. Wolf

        Hey man, I never stopped supporting my team. I just try to look at things realistically. I am still pretty pessimistic about winning this division, and am beyond pessimisitic about contending in the playoffs….

      • PF4L

        Interesting isn’t it, As much as some people despise and can’t accept being wrong, specifically after stating a metaphysical certitude so smugly (how many times) . Therefore it would be human nature for that person to be quietly rooting against the Packers, just “to be right”. Now of course, a feeble face saving transparent strategy, trying to resemble a semblance of a real fan. It would be nice if only true Packer fans came in here.

        • Phatgzus

          Have no pony in this special horse race, just not sure how the mantra “No Rodgers, no chance” is representative of/fosters a different attitude.

          • E. Wolf

            Phatzgus, PFAIL lipping off about not being able to “make you smart enough to understand” reminds me of that cop mouthing off about being smarter than Keyser Soze, or Wile E Coyoye carrying on about his superior intellect to Bugs Bunny, replete with an affected English accent.
            It has about as much credibility as him saying he would “punch McCarthy in the face” if he were there or hin telling Shawn to eff off–from the safety of behind a screen of course. No he would not–and no he cannot.

        • E. Wolf

          More e-thugery bravery on part of PFAIL. This is just the latest sort of comment you would not utter to my or anyone else’s face in person.
          My love for this team is self-evident and beyond reproach. I have suffered greatly in the past when the season has ended, or after painful losses. Broke down and started crying like a little girl after the abrupt end to the shootout in the desert, went on a real bender that night. Did not eat or sleep for days after the 07 NFC Chanpionship game. After the debacle in 11 the same happened, even missed two days of work. I have also punched walls, even broken a printer in fits of rage after a loss.
          I declared the season over out of interest for managing realistic expectations. The first week in particular was rough, but once I saw how terrible they were against Philly, I could just resign myself to the fact that the season is lost, and start the process of anticipating a much better season next year, which in turn allowed the healing to begin.
          I will tell you this, if I were so inclined to waste my time cataloging all of the inane dribble you have plastered this site with, I’d come up with far more things that you are wrong about.
          I will tell you another thing–this may not be enough to save the season. The Lions are more than capable of winning out, and wins against both the Steelers and Bears are by no means a certainty. So, in this way, I could still be right, and just not know it. And if we do win the division?
          I do know however, after seeing this game, that you are as wrong as can be about the more important issues of our Packers beyond this season, including Mac and Ted, and the talent level, even on defense. The defense was on the field almost the entire first half, thanks to all those three and outs. Yet they held the Cowboys largely to field goals. If they fail to stop them on any one of those drives, we lose. Yes there were gaffes but many of the player–whom you have constantly, repeatedly derided ad nauseum–stepped up and showed play making ability.
          *THIS* proves what I have maintained all along, –namely that with exception of a couple holes at safety, ilb and defensive tackle, we do have play making ability. It is simply hampered by 1) Capers coaching and schematics 2) players playing hurt or not at all (this week Jolly being out along with Casey Hayward on IR).
          You of course, in your abject stupidly, have never tired in not limiting your criticism to just capers, but have called for the heads of Ted and Mac like a tireless, never-ending mantra, more obnoxious and mind-numbing than that sadistic nun in American Horror Story playing “Dominique”on a constant, unending loop in the madhouse commons.

          So please, fuck off and die, PFAIL. Drink that big swig of liquid draino and piss. With a smile.

          • PF4L

            Lol. Look at Uncle Wolfie go!!

            That’s right, let it all out.

            I’m thinking its an absolute metaphysical certitude that Wolfie isn’t done.

            Folks..DO NOT, skip your meds. Just sayin.

          • PF4L

            Did anyone make it past where Wolfie says he crys like a little girl?

            If you did, let me know how the Novel ends.

          • E. Wolf

            I would not read either, if I were you. Willful ignorance is an effective, although misguided coping mechanism to shield one from embarrassment and ridicule. While ignorance is bliss, to quote Jane Goodall, “YOU CANNOT IMAGINE HOW WRONG YOU ARE”


            Please PFAIL, write endless, incoherent spams calling for Mac and Ted to be fired.

          • PF4L

            Like i said.

            I’m thinking its an absolute metaphysical certitude that Wolfie isn’t done.

    • PackAttack

      Yeah with Brad Jones and AJ Hawk — should really be a show for years to come with this defense. Any team who throws up 37 points has a chance to win. Dallas D might be the only D worse in the NFL than GB and Romo is just about as bad in the clutch as Ilitarion’s mom.

      Great win. But this team has got a fucking long, long, long way to go. Long way.

      • E. Wolf

        The defense was on the field almost the entire first half, because of constant three and outs, and held them to a slieu of three and outs.
        The defense has problems to be sure but there but it has shown it has talent.

        • PF4L

          So the defense gave up 332 yards and 26 points in 2 quarters, because of the offense constant 3 n outs?

          So under that logic.

          The defense wasn’t any good in the 2nd half? Simply because the offense kept the ball, sustained long drives, ate clock, and won the time of possession in the 2nd half?

          Under that logic of course.

          • E. Wolf

            I am growing tired of so much as condescending to discuss this with you, but others are reading. And it can be fun exposing your idiocy for all to see. Yes, time of possession does wear defenses down, and it is one major factor among many. It has been a subject analyzed on Green and Gold Today, for example. The Detroit game only became a blowout when the defense simply could not get off the field, even after getting some four turnovers; it was a close game at half time, with the Packers down just a single touchdown
            More importantly, and I reiterate this to expose you, the defense made four stops limiting drives to field goals. This coupled with heroics in the second prove that our defensive players do have talent, your childish tantrums about Ted notwithstanding.

          • PF4L

            Let me simple it up for you then, any defense, that gives up 466 yards, 36 points…SUCKS, A team will go no where, NO WHERE playing defense like that. Don’t make excuses for the defense like its the offenses fault. the defense should kiss the offenses ass for winning the game, because if the Packers lost this game, the defense would be getting railed for being pathetic, again.

            Now quit your fucking crying.

  2. K.L.

    I really hope we can extend Sam Shields’ contract. We need him more than anyone else in the secondary.

    And how bout that Andrew Quarless? He’s on his way to becoming one hell of a TE.

    All in all, holy shit. I still can’t believe we won that game.

  3. thatguy188

    We can thank the Dallas play calling also. Who the **** keeps throwing if your up that much and average over 7.5 yds per carry on the ground?

    • PackAttack

      THANK YOU! NO shit!

      Kudos to the Pack for picking off Romo but HOLY SHIT Jason Garrett!!! WOW. Romo you are that fucking bad for checking out of a run to throw a game ending pick! Holy shit!

      Romo just FEEEEEEDS Dez, that’s the only guy he consistently looks at. Every fucking drop back his eyes are GLUED to Dez and still the Pack couldn’t stop him — regardless when DeMarco is torching the Pack front seven, don’t you think you’d give him a few more carries instead of going to your non-clutch QB?

      Please fire yourself Jerry Jones, you really do suck.

    • PF4L

      True that. That was horrible. Might end up costing Garrett his job. Remember before the season Jerry Jones was saying they were getting a new play caller and Garrett not wanting to give it up.

    • Andy

      well cowboy logic is that 7.5 yards per carry isnt enough for a first down, so why bother? I know the packers pulled out a great win, but a lot is on the cowboys terrible play calling. Quite why in 4 minute offence you wouldn’t run on 1st and 2nd I’ll never know but its a consisten theme for them.

  4. Remedy

    Lacy da Gawd

    Shields is the fucking man. I felt so bad for him after the Lions game, as he was one of the few (only?) players to show up. The man is amazing

    And man just LOL at this game, unbelievable. I have no words. I don’t even know how to end this post

    Packers, mothafuckas!!

  5. Remedy

    Wait, one more thing

    How about McCarthy needing to call a fucking timeout, so that the booth would actually review the Tramon INT?! That was some bullshit, seriously

        • Phatgzus

          You’re right, I misinterpreted your meaning, mea culpa. He definitely needed to call that TO to prevent the play, and in the end the Pack weren’t charged for the TO as it is the Booth’s responsibility

          • PF4L

            It was the head refs responsibilty the stop the clock inside of 2 minutes and hold the play so the booth can review it. They weren’t doing it, that’s why McCarthy called a time out, i’m fairly sure.

    • Cheese

      The NFL is a complete joke. No credibility. The referees literally make it unwatchable, and the league covers for their bullshit. Once the Packers are out, I’m done.

    • PF4L

      Much like the players in defensive alignments. McCarthy gets lost once in awhile. Sometimes it seems he doesn’t know the rules, or how things work in games.

      • Remedy

        Nah man, it was 100% the correct thing to do by McCarthy. It was under 2mins left, which means the booth handles reviews. He realized they weren’t reviewing a damned thing, and calling time out, so that Dallas wouldn’t have been able to run a play, and the booth fools would actually have to do their goddamn job

        • PF4L

          Your right, i didn’t even remember i posted that. I was wrong, just like back in 2006 that one time. A brain fart, it’s a 14 being an absolute metaphysical certitude that it won’t happen again. S O B i hate being wrong.

  6. PackAttack

    Weird how quickly people change their tune on shit.

    Re-signing Matt Flynn. There were maybe, “MAYBE”, 1 or 2 people on this board who were for the idea of re-signing Matt Flynn the rest of you wanted the garbage that is Scott Tolzien. Flynn and Lacy, are single handedly keeping the season alive.

    Speaking of Eddie Lacy. Only took Turd Thompson what? 8 years to draft a RB high — or the right RB for that matter? Remember all the DuJuan Harris lovers on this board?? Funny how quickly that changed.

    Thank Tony Romo for this one. What an embarrassment. This guy checks out of run in the 4th Q and throws the game ending INT when GB literally could not stop Murray all fucking day. Nice game Romo, keep forcing it to your boy Dez, who leaves the field early. Class act Dez.

    Rodgers. I’m almost inclined to say let Flynn play this out. Fuck Rodgers. He’s got zero intent of trying to play no matter what he’s telling people. One week he’s fine and telling everyone he feels great, heals quick, next week he’s in pain and discomfort doesn’t know if he can come back and help —- now the Pack win 2 without him — watch how quickly it takes Rodgers to start telling people how great he feels and how he can be the savior of this team. You watch. If I were McCarthy I’d stick with Flynn. Rodgers should do as all you have been saying for the past 2 months, “sit out the rest of the year and watch — get healthy”. Right? That’s what you’ve all been saying. I’d roll with the hot hand, not the guy who’s been on the pine the last 2 months.

    Dom Capers D is beyond terrible. Is anyone capable of covering Dez Bryant? Who else on Dallas do you think Romo is going to? DeMarco Murray AVG (AVERAGED) 7.4 YARDS PER/TOUCH!!!!! THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!!! Thank Tony Romo for being Tony Romo because holy shit this defense was bad. Hawk and Brad Jones have we finally seen enough? The offense has stepped up the past two weeks but the defense has yet to step up ONCE this entire fucking year!!!

    Funny how all the “sit Rodgers”, “season is over” people on this board are now chanting PLAYOFFS and play Rodgers all the sudden. Green Bay still needs to win out and get some help. Far, far, far from over and a shit ton of work to do.

      • PackAttack

        1 TD, 5 INT, winless as starter, 66.8 GB rating….undrafted, released by 2 other teams……I think I’m done. Garbage, has zero business playing for this team. Go back to the practice squad.

    • Ed Gein

      What did Tolzien do to be considered garbage? The dude gave it his best. He’s a practice squad QB.
      1. Tolzien is garbage.
      2. Turd Thompson?
      3. Fuck Rodgers.
      You should have your own ESPN talk show. Wait a minute…are you Skip Bayless?

      • PackAttack

        Rodgers doesn’t want to play, call it an opinion, a hunch — call it whatever you want — but over these last few weeks he has NOT wanted to play.

        If someone can explain to me how he went from saying he feels fine and ready to play to experiencing pain and discomfort doing simple movements to “supposedly” being really pissed off for not being cleared? How does that trend make sense?

        Okay, so he’s not medically cleared this week — doesn’t surprise me after he made public comments about being in pain and discomfort so why was he pissed on Friday when they ruled him out?

        Okay….NOW the Pack are back in the playoff hunt and chances he wants to play and be the savior of the season (remember his injury prognosis went from 4-6 weeks to 6-8 to full season — REMEMBER YOU ALL SAID THIS! Sit out, sit out, sit out don’t risk the franchise, bla bla bla). If he all the sudden gets healthy and plays how do you go from being in pain and discomfort to miraculously being cleared to play the following week?????

        Pussy. Soft. Call it what you want. He don’t wanna get it but he wants to be “the guy” when the season’s on the line. It’ll be ironic to see this team go from being really hot to all the sudden shitty under a 2 month cold Rodgers.

        • Ryan

          How about we just call it (and you) dumb. Go away.

          Your comments make a strong argument for censorship on this blog.

    • cd4packers

      huh? Do you just talk for the sake of talking? My attempt to read your comments has given me a tummy ache. :(

    • Phatgzus

      I for one still love Harris, with he Lacy, Starks, and Franklin are RB situation seems pretty solid.

      As for Flynn over Rodgers, give me a break, Shakespeare is rolling his eyes at that hyperbole.

      • PackAttack

        Start the QB sitting on the bench for last 2 months over the hot hand who’s won 2 straight? Rodgers hasn’t taken a snap or a hit and yet you were bitching vehemently about sitting this guy down for the remainder of the season just a week ago — now your full boat for him starting??? What the fuck??? Which one is it???

        More so how does Rodgers go from being in a 6-8 injury time-frame (when he was initially at 4-6 weeks) with a broken collarbone and possibly facing a long term injury if he returns “TOO SOON” to ready to go 4 days later????? How is that medically or physically possible? Did his collarbone fracture completely heal itself at half-time??

        • Phatgzus

          Bitching vehemently, yeah I don’t do that-that’s your job.
          I said you don’t play Rodgers until he’s healthy, if he is completely heathy then you don’t start anyone over him, he’s the best player in the game. It’s that simple. Good day to you.

    • Ryan

      “Fuck Rodgers.”

      Everyone should just stop reading there. You are a total idiot.

      You honestly think Rodgers is the one who is deciding whether he plays. Come on.

  7. curlys mom

    Please Wolfie, can you wait at least a couple of hours before you shit on this win? Some of us are still celebrating!

  8. Vijay

    That was an amazing and improbable victory, until you hear the words of Jimmy Johnson post-game who apologized to Matt Flynn and credited his stellar 2nd half play with the continual issues Dallas D has in closing out games. Dallas is a culture of
    coming up short and Green Bay is an attitude of never say die, apparently. Also, who else would like to have been a fly on the wall during halftime to hear the speech pr speeches going on in the visitor (Packers) locker room?

    Great, great, historical, epic character defining win fellas!

    #GoPackGo #GutCheckWin #AmazingComeback

  9. Nacho dan

    Great team win. Took advantage of everything given to them. Bad call on Mike Neal could have broke the camels back. Perseverance and the believe that your competition will fuck up sooner or later can bring amazing results.

  10. the real russ letlow

    WOW! I think Fitz saw the birth certificate – Eddie Muthafukin Lacy” – earlier in the week !!!!! Definite game ball for the dude with big green and gold balls! Tramon Williams and Sam Shields come up huge. Re-sign Raji as a fullback for the veteran minimum. He didn’t do much on D, but he blocks like a dump truck. Gotta love Flynn. I think there was quite a bit of support for him coming to town when he was cut by Buffalo. That win will taste good all week.

  11. Iltarion

    26 – 3… on the road… back up QB… season in the balance…


    That is the greatest comeback in Green Bay Packer history.

    Matt Flynn is now a legend in Green Bay… forever. Who gives a shit that the guy can’t hack it anywhere else… Put him in the Packer HOF right now. He is the Frank Reich of Green Bay.

    I have a feeling that the NFC North is going to come down to Packers vs. Bears in Week 17.

    • Phatgzus

      He’s just a system quarterback they say, well this is his system and I’ll take it.

      Hopefully it will-go Ravens!

    • PackAttack

      I’m going to post to this entire board what you said about Matt Flynn just 3 short weeks ago and make you look like an idiot.

      How about you post it and do the noble thing before I embarrass you?

  12. Don Q


  13. Gort

    First, some housekeeping. I am relatively new to this and I was not aware that there was at least 1 other “Dave”, whose tag I stole. Now I am just “Gort”.

    What the hell was that?!!? In the first half the Pack sucked eggs, then they looked like near supermen in the 2nd. This is the first time in a long time where we won the coaching battle. First we let them build a giant lead to give them a false sense of security. Next we score a quick 7 on the first drive after the break. Then they give up on 7+ yards per carry on the ground. I am still not convinced that our D would be able to stop a good team, especially if they have a respectable run game. The Pass D, Matty F’in Flynn, and Ed “the beast” did come up big and I am really excited to get a W.

    How about a nickname for Jordy? Let’s call him “3 ring” because he makes all the circus catches. I think it was 3rd and 10 in the 3rd when he caught a beauty that should make the top 10 of the week.

    I agree with a comment from a pregame show today: the team docs are sometimes there to protect players from themselves. Now some are suggesting that 12 should be a “healthy scratch”. After the embarrassment at Detroit I called for him to sit for the rest of the year. Had we not won the last 2, I would still be there. When he is MEDICALLY cleared to play, and so long as we are not eliminated from the dance, then he should play.

    Finally, it was great to see the real “America’s Team” beat the alleged “America’s Team”, especially with the not so classy departure by Dez.

  14. Kozak

    About the Pack not winning in Dallas since 1989, I seem to remember them winning a game there in 2011…..

    • Tom Moore

      Direct from Packers Media Guide –
      1960 — Packers, 41-7 (GB, Nov. 13)
      1964 — Packers, 45-21 (D, Nov. 29)
      1965 — Packers, 13-3 (Milw, Oct. 24)
      1966 — *Packers, 34-27 (D, Jan. 1, 1967)
      1967 — *Packers, 21-17 (GB, Dec. 31)
      1968 — Packers, 28-17 (D, Oct. 28)
      1970 — Cowboys, 16-3 (D, Nov. 26)
      1972 — Packers, 16-13 (Milw, Oct. 1)
      1975 — Packers, 19-17 (D, Oct. 19)
      1978 — Cowboys, 42-14 (Milw, Nov. 12)
      1980 — Cowboys, 28-7 (Milw, Sept. 28)
      1982 — **Cowboys, 37-26 (D, Jan. 16, 1983)
      1984 — Cowboys, 20-6 (D, Sept. 23)
      1989 — Packers, 31-13 (GB, Oct. 8)
      Packers, 20-10 (D, Dec. 24)
      1991 — Cowboys, 20-17 (Milw, Oct. 6)
      1993 — Cowboys, 36-14 (D, Oct. 3)
      +Cowboys, 27-17 (D, Jan. 16, 1994)
      1994 — Cowboys, 42-31 (D, Nov. 24)
      +Cowboys, 35-9 (D, Jan. 8, 1995)
      1995 — Cowboys, 34-24 (D, Oct. 8)
      ++Cowboys, 38-27 (D, Jan. 14, 1996)
      1996 — Cowboys, 21-6 (D, Nov. 18)
      1997 — Packers, 45-17 (GB, Nov. 23)
      1999 — Cowboys, 27-13 (D, Nov. 14)
      2004 — Packers, 41-20 (GB, Oct. 24)
      2007 — Cowboys, 37-27 (D, Nov. 29)
      2008 — Cowboys, 27-16 (GB, Sept. 21)
      2009 — Packers, 17-7 (GB, Nov. 15)
      2010 — Packers, 45-7 (GB, Nov. 7)

  15. TyKo Steamboat

    I am a PACKERS fan…not a faver fan..ect…

    I guess I liked Leroy Butler a lot back in the day…

    But…I mother effen LOVE Eddie Lacy!!!!

    I love him!

    I LOVE YOU, EDDIE LACY. With every ounce of my heart…I want to climb the highest mountain & yell out the words:, “I LOVE EDDIE LACY”

  16. Nacho Libre

    Tony Homo, even with the refs on your side you couldn’t win against a wounded Packers team. Tramon’s INT was clearly visible in front of that line judge, yet he still calls it an incomplete pass. Not to mention the no pass interference call on Quarless 2 point conversion attempt. Lacy, a fuckin’ beast. Jordy finally caught a TD pass since they played at Minnesota. Jones, keep making those spectacular catches, and Matty Flynn, we still believe. GO PACK GO!!!

  17. PF4L

    As much as i ride Tramon. Although he is still overpaid. His interception, ranked 1-10 on difficulty and meaning. I have to give Tramon an 11. Great play!!!….I’ll say it just this one time. TRAMON FUCKING WILLIAMS!!!

    Special thanks to Shields.

    Matty “ice” Flynn.

    The O line in the 2nd half.

    The beast Eddie Lacy

    This was a National game. I’m guessing no one in the Nation that watched the 1st 1/2 ever thought there was a chance in hell the Packers win that game. Myself included. What a ride.

    Great job Green Bay Packers.

    Next time, lets do it for 4 quarters!!

    • Phatgzus

      Also thanks to Tony Roma and the Packers 1st-Half short-field D.

      Matty Fuckin’ Flynn works just fine, let the Falcons keep their Natty Ice.

    • PF4L

      NO!!!….Not at all. Listen, once you make 1 game clinching interception, it justifies the players entire contract regardless of production. it’s in the new CBA.

      Thanks for setting me straight on that.

    • PF4L

      In all seriousness Tyko, if it bothers you i say Tramon is overpiad, or it hurts your feelings in anyway, let me know and i’ll stop voicing my opinions on a football website where people voice their opinions, those who have opinions anyway. I’m not here to hurt people’s feelings.

  18. Nacho Libre

    No one is giving any credit to Crosby on that 57 yarder. He’s really making a name for himself after having that horrible season last year.

    • the real russ letlow

      that kick would have been good from 65, and right down the middle. Its been a lot easier to watch Crosby kick this year. Kudos to him for sure, he blasted that one.

  19. Iltarion

    One last thing-



  20. Nacho Libre

    …..How about them Packer fans being louder than the home team’s crowd?? Cheesehead nation errupted after Williams’ INT was reviewed. It’s gonna be a great week, GO PACK GO!!

  21. Gort

    What happened at halftime? I read a report that the game changed based on a speech by an undrafted free agent – Jamari Lattimore. GREAT JOB of firing up the whole team!!!

  22. cd4packers

    I woke up this morning still thinking about that happened on the field yesterday and realized that I had witnessed something short of miraculous. To say that I was in fact shocked would be putting it mildly. You know how you feel when you are watching a tragic event in a movie and you wish for a certain outcome but you know deep down that the outcome has already been decided and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. That is what makes this GB Packer win so extraordinary. It wasn’t a movie or a dream, it actually happened. The boost that this team will get from this win could be epic. The guys went out there in the second half and did the impossible. They made it happen. Some say the Dallas Cowboys fell apart! I say hogwash!. The GB Packers came together and took that game back. They deserve all the credit in the world. GO PACK GO!!

  23. Arcturus

    Did anyone else think the Pack should have taken a knee when they were on the 1 yard line with a first down and 1:34 left in the game? They would have force Dallas to use their last timeout and (providing the scored on the next 3 plays) kicked off with about 20 seconds left.

    • Abe Frohman

      I thought about it, too. But you know points are never a given. Strange things can happen. I think you have to take them as they come and not over think it too much.

    • Gort

      I thought about taking a knee too, but I have no problem with MM’s decision to run it in immediately. Why waste a down on the risk of a penalty, bad snap, or any of several other bad things that could happen. Based on the TD play, I wanted them to run the same play for the conversion. The “jumbo” backfield did a great job. I am an old fart and probably could have run that one in for 6 behind those big guys.

  24. Deepsky

    In 1994 Jason Garrett beat the Packers on Thanksgiving. It was a game the Packers were supposed to win with Aikman out, but the defense of the Packers couldn’t stop Garrett and Emmitt Smith.

    The ultimate payback would be for this game to become the impetus for Garrett’s firing.

  25. E. Wolf

    Let me simple it up for you then, any defense, that gives up 466 yards, 36 points…SUCKS, A team will go no where, NO WHERE playing defense like that. Don’t make excuses for the defense like its the offenses fault. the defense should kiss the offenses ass for winning the game, because if the Packers lost this game, the defense would be getting railed for being pathetic, again.

    I am not arguing that there were gaffes. I am arguing that even in the first half, the defense was able to make stops, holding Dallas to FOUR field goals, this while remaining on the field constantly because the offense could not do a damn thing.
    This demonstrates two things:

    1) despite your childish tantrums to the contrary, there IS talent on defense, as demonstrated by its ability to make plays, as inconsistent as that has been

    2) A change in coaching and schematics with Capers departure will do wonders next year to bring out this talent, as this inconsistency can be attributed to coaching, schematics and injuries. Address problems at safety, ILB and tackle next year… and voila. …

  26. Cuban

    So wait, is it just a few holes at safety, ilb and the defensive line, how many are a few, all of them, both safeties are a major hole the vast majority of the time, both inside backers suck and the line blows more often than not, but only a few holes

    Oh and who else knew on that third and 1 in the first half that asshole mccarthy would pass the ball when the rest of the drive had been all lacy and a couple incompletions, i turned to my brother and said here comes a pass, and low and behold there it was

    • E. Wolf

      We need one ilb. Hawk is serviceable. Burnett is a good safety but should have his deal restructured.
      The tackles have been inconsistent but it seems to me a replacement for Raji would suffice.

  27. rebelgb

    I have a man crush on Eddy. Havent felt this way about a Packer since Sterling Sharpe.

    Watched the comeback DVR style 3 times yesterday evening. Gonna watch it again tonight.

    Still dont like Flynn, but for one half anyways, he was able to put his imprint onto my Packer memory forever. Good for that young man, props.

    Sam Shields is sick and ive always hated Jared Bush but damn Bush must be the best special team player (non returner) ive ever seen.

    Anyways, back to Lacy……We need a nickname.

  28. Cuban

    Yea because thats what you want from the defense, is guys that are serviceable, hey how about they just put 11 serviceable players out there that should make for a great defense

  29. Organicbuzz

    one fuckin game at a time. Season ain’t over yet. Fuck Disney world we’re going to the Super Bowl!

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