Five More Thoughts on Packers Win Over the Cowboys

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

The Green Bay Packers put together an awesome second half to defeat the Dallas Cowboys 37-36 on Sunday to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Here are five more thoughts on the win.

Jordy Nelson is still filthy
He didn’t have his biggest day statistically, with five catches for 61 yards, but Jordy made two of the best catches of the season on Sunday. His third quarter touchdown catch came over the top of a defender on a pass that could easily have been intercepted. Then there was the one-handed grab where he tipped the ball up to himself on a pass that was thrown too far in front of him. Nelson helped make Matt Flynn look pretty good on Sunday and was key to the win.

Jarrett Boykin and Andrew Quarless continue to come on
Boykin was the Packers leading receiver against Dallas, catching six balls for 83 yards. He made a number of adjustments on the ball to come up with big plays. Quarless, meanwhile, isn’t exactly Jermichael Finley, but he’s been more than solid lately. On Sunday he came up with six catches for 66 yards and a touchdown. That’s his second week in a row with a score.

Once again, awful at stopping the run
DeMarco Murry gashed the Packers for 134 yards on 18 carries yesterday. That’s 7.4 yards per run. If the Cowboys were smart, they would have kept handing him the ball instead of putting the game on Tony Romo. Once again, B.J. Raji was pretty much invisible. He tallied only one tackle. Once again, A.J. Hawk was pretty much terrible. He had only three tackles. Finding competent replacements for these guys in the offseason should be a priority.

Where did the pass rush go?
The Packers had three sacks on Sunday, but they certainly weren’t generating much pressure on Romo for most of the game. Clay Matthews, although he had half a sack, hasn’t exactly been playing at a high level lately. Remember when Raji could actually rush from the inside? That guy has zero sacks this season. The only guy who seems to be getting a consistent pass rush is Mike Daniels. Wasn’t this problem supposed to be fixed by now?

What else can we say about Eddie Lacy?
We’ve pretty much been heaping praise on this guy all season, but we’re going to heap some more. On Sunday, Lacy had 21 carries for 141 yards and touchdown. That’s 6.7 yards per carry. He also caught four balls for 30 yards. He did all that a week after spraining his ankle. The effort also put him over 1,000 yards rushing on the season. Next to Aaron Rodgers, this might go down as Ted Thompson’s best draft pick.

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18 Comments on "Five More Thoughts on Packers Win Over the Cowboys"

  1. Brian

    Can’t believe they came back yesterday. Jordy Nelson made some incredible catches. Eddie Lacy is a work horse. The defense still scares me, though. Good win by the Packers!

  2. PF4L

    Where did the pass rush go.

    Its true BJ Raji doesn’t have a sack this season, but then again, he hasn’t had a sack in almost 2 1/2 seasons.

    But the good news is, He had a 1/2 tackle against the Cowboys.

    Raji also has 1 solo tackle the last 6 games. So in a contract year, he has that leverage working for him. No wonder he turned down 8 million/year. That was an insult.

  3. Jurgens

    Lacy is a damn nightmare for defenses. A nightmare. I’ve seen enough. He’s the best running back we’ve had in the modern era. Ahman Green had some special season, but he had a great line. Lacy is a combo of size, power, speed and versatility that we haven’t had in a long, long time.

    Same with Jordy. He diversifies his game as he gets older. He mastered sidelines catches. He’s becoming more physical with contested passes. He flew under many people’s radar coming out of college. TT deserves credit for him too. He’s one of the best, most underrated receivers in the NFL.

    • E. Wolf

      What I like about Lacy is he pounds defensive lines, like a sledge hammer. When we have a more credible passing game, that destabilizes the pass rush. Not only do they have to defend against the run, but getting hit hard and often by the hammer wears them out physically.

    • Kozak

      Sorry, not yet. Go watch film of Jim Taylor, and John Brockington. And yeah that counts as ” modern era”.
      Maybe in a couple of years you have an argument

  4. Iltarion

    Lacy is a freaking beast. And where is this lack of durability that everyone was concerned about? Ooops.

    Rookie of the Year hands effin down.

    But let’s slow our roll when talking about Lacy being better than Ahman Green. Ahman was a VERY rare combination of speed and power. Green was a stud at picking up short yardage, like Lacy is, but he could also take it the distance on any given play. On that 60 yarder for Lacy, no one would have gotten within 10 yards of Ahman Green.

    Jordy Nelson is a top 5 WR in this league. Seems that I am saying that every week. There is NOTHING that guy can’t do.

    Hey, how about ANDREW EFFIN QUARLESS???

    Take your insurance payout and retire, J-Mike.

    • E. Wolf

      Ahman Green was a different style of running back–more speed and maneuverability. Lacy is just a battering ram who powers his way through.
      One thing about Green is he had a great tandem of road-grader guard who plowed open huge holes. I like Land and Sitton a lot, but they are not quite what Rivera and Wahle were.

  5. Savage57

    “Quarless, meanwhile, isn’t exactly Jermichael Finley”.

    Granted, it’s only one game, but I’ll take 6 targets, 6 catches anytime even if if means maybe a few less opportunities for splash plays. Or drops.

    Lacy 22 for 141. Even if you take away the 60 yarder, he’s still on his season average per carry. When this guy learns more about the nuances of being a NFL running back then combines that with his latent physical ability, we may be looking at the next coming of Earl Campbell.

    Last thing, and only bitch for the game. I want Capers or MM to arrange a couple of special practice sessions this week for LB’s and DB’s about what you do when the ball is up in the air.

    1. Turn around
    2. Look for the ball
    3. Knock it away or catch as appropriate

    Sam Shields is excused from attendance.

    Ahhh, here’s my own personal STFU to myself. It was a great win, just enjoy it.

  6. rebelgb

    Fuck noone is talking about Lacy playing hurt. How many “star” rookies dont take the opportunity to sit when they are slightly banged up? Not many. If you watch the game back on DVR you will see Lacy getting up very slowly several times. THEN heading right back to the huddle! Fucking guy loves football, you can just see it.

    I laughed every time I saw Dez Bryant take a breather on the sidelines (at least 20 times during the game) even on 3rd downs. Yet here is our boy Lacy with a fucked up ankle playing his heart out.

    Oh and Ahman was a fucking beast. Agree with Iltarion, if that had been Green on the 60 yarder it wouldnt have even been close. But thats ok, we didnt draft Lacy for 80 yard break aways.

    • PF4L

      I thought the same thing, he was playing hurt, he was in a walking boot during the week. Unbelievable performance. I think the 60 yard run after 1/2 time, ignited the whole 2nd half comeback.

      Lacy is a sledgehammer runner. Much like Jerome Bettis. His value is simple, move the chains on short yardage and sustain drives. It wasn’t long ago, where we didnt have any faith to run on 3rd and shortage yardage, or 4th and 1. McCarthy would usually call a pass play. Now we have a beast for that in Lacy. Lacy, as Rodgers does, will keep attention off the poor O line. cover up the problem so to speak.

      Boykin, IMO played beast in that game. Nice job, a lot of players manned up in the 2nd half, at least for 2 quarters, that includes the O line.

  7. PF4L

    In the “In case you missed it file”. On the 1st and goal from the one, Most know they sent in Raji, but they also sent in Mike Daniels, as Lacy flew into the end zone right over the A gap. Awesome.

  8. TyKo Steamboat

    I find our lack of pass-rush truly disturbing. Where the hell is Matthews, Perry, Neal & Jones?

    The Jordy Nelson TD catch on the opening 2nd-half drive was nasty. Down-right nasty. right over-top that chump.

    The goal-line “Jumbo Package” with Josh Boyd, B.J. Raji & Eddie Lacy has got to be a nightmare to opposing defenses. Why wouldn’t you do that on a 3rd & 1 or 4th & inches at Mid-Field?

    Speaking of Josh Boyd (#93)…That dude is HUGE! Definitely looks the part…

    Teddy T traded-up for Clay Matthews in the ’09 draft. Traded back & still grabbed Lacy. (Pretty lucky but also, wise.)

  9. Kozak

    This team has plenty of flaws, but they also have heart.
    They could have quit in the 2nd half against Detroit, or the 1st against Atlanta and the Pukes. Instead they came on and gritted it out.

    And now with Detwat shitting the bed against the Ravens, the stars are aligned for the Pack. Win, and they are in. Thats all any team can hope for.

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