Eddie Lacy Injured His Ankle

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy had a decent game on Sunday, rushing for 65 yards, but he wasn’t his usual self. That’s probably because Lacy injured his ankle on the final play of the first half.

The injury occurred on a meaningless run. Coach Mike McCarthy decided to hand the ball to Lacy with a few seconds left in the half to essentially run out the clock.

The run got one yard and the Packers went to the locker room with their feature back banged up.

Lacy would return to the lineup after two series off, but he wasn’t the same.

“I definitely couldn’t push off of it as much as I wanted to,” Lacy said. “I could feel it whenever I ran and, if I was healthy, I could have broken a couple of tackles. But I couldn’t because I couldn’t push off.”

In hindsight, it seems like a pretty stupid decision. Why not just kneel down if you’re trying to run out the clock? No one gets hurt.

At any rate, the fact that Lacy came back into the game is a good sign that this shouldn’t be a long-term issue.

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14 Comments on "Eddie Lacy Injured His Ankle"

  1. Disposable Hero

    MM stated that he didn’t regret trying to run out the clock by running Lacy VS Flynn taking a knee but that he regretted other plays he called…wonder if he would be singing a different tune if Lacy’s injury would have been serious. Time to hang up the play calling and focus on coaching (or lack thereof) MM.

  2. Iltarion

    I am ambivalent about this.

    There is 15 seconds on the clock. You have the ball on your own side of the field in blustery, snowy conditions. There is about zero good that can happen there. Therefore, why the hell would you do anything but take a knee?

    On the other hand, coaches all over the league hand the ball off to run out the half. So, MM wasn’t doing anything different than what most teams in the league do in that situation.

  3. cd4packers

    I don’t know about this one Monty. I think you have to play these guys. You have to take every opportunity there is to score. How much time was left on the clock? Must have been enough to concern MM. He didn’t want the Falcons to have another chance. Look at what the Ravens did to the Vikings with 45 seconds left on the clock. If you start preventing players from making plays with the idea that you don’t want them to get hurt, then you are alread screwed as a team. We come to play, if ijuries happen, they happen. You can’t tip toe through the tulips so to speak in the NFL. In this instance I would probably agree that it was a poor decision…but in most cases I think the coach and his players have to be fearless. You can’t stand on the sidelines and think “damn, I might get hurt if I actually do my job” …now can you?

  4. Nacho dan

    You give the ball to Lacy because the other team is ready for the locker room and Lacy is a fuckin beast.

  5. thatguy188

    Well said cd4. And if the D isn’t prepared and he breaks a long run TD, which happens, MM would be a genius.

    • Phatgzus

      Damn straight. The fans wanted aggressive and inspired football, that’s about as aggressive as you can be and sends a message to the other team-“We think you’re so bad that you can’t stop us even with 4 ticks left, so bring it.” then your player gets injured and the fans bitch about that.

      Sometimes you jut can’t win:
      “It’s lonely being a warrior.” -MM

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