Eddie Lacy Should Be Good to Go

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

We’ve been fretting over the status of quarterback Aaron Rodgers all week, but there’s another key cog for the Green Bay Packers who isn’t at full strength — running back Eddie Lacy.

Lacy hurt his ankle last Sunday when coach Mike McCarthy insisted on handing him the ball for a meaningless carry at the end of the first half. He came back early in the second half, but had problems cutting.

This week, Lacy has been walking around in a walking boot.

The Packers remain optimistic that he’ll play this week, though.

“I feel good about Eddie Lacy, just as far as the feedback from the medical staff,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Thursday. “He’ll be evaluated in the morning, and then we’ll see what the plan is for Eddie as far as practice.”

In fact, even though Lacy hasn’t been practicing this week, the head buffoon who ran him on that play that got him injured downplayed the fact that he wouldn’t play on Sunday.

“Based on Eddie’s specific injury, the training staff feels confident he’ll be ready to go,” McCarthy said. “He finished, played the second half of the Atlanta game.”

Right. But again, he wasn’t totally effective.

So, while we’re sure Lacy will go on Sunday, we have our doubts about how well a guy wearing a walking boot all week is going to be able to play.

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13 Comments on "Eddie Lacy Should Be Good to Go"

  1. FITZCORE1252

    “we have our doubts about how well a guy wearing a walking boot all week is going to be able to play”


    I won’t be at all surprised to see him play, but I will be surprised if he looks like his badass self. That injury didn’t look good, lesser men (Walter Payton, Gayle Sayers, Adrian Peterskin, to name a few) would be shelved. Why? Because they’re not Eddie Muthafukn Lacy… I’ve seen his birth certificate… Actual middle name.

  2. Phatgzus


    And Lacy had some of his best runs in the second half on pitch plays, you can’t stop Eddie Lacy on a pitch.

  3. Don Q

    Vj/Miss Cleo, your attitude is horseshit. Just for that I hope Lacy breaks every fucking record and takes a huge dump on your doorstep.

    • NICK

      I have been a Packer fan since 1969,probably before you were born Mr Crosby,I have seen my fair share of football,put McCarthy on a team without Farve or Rodgers and see the results,oh wait we have seen that the last five weeks.

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