Detroit Lions Fan Writes Letter to Team About Why He’s Quitting

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Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz

Oh, to be a Detroit Lions fan… the misery, the losing, the years of ineptitude and so forth. After last week’s debacle, Lions fans ranged from pissed off to borderline suicidal.

A lot of people were calling for head coach Jim Schwartz’s job. Others expressed their hatred for the Fords, who own the team. And others were just like, we’re Detroit Lions fans, we knew disappointment was coming at some point.

Then there’s this guy. He went as far as writing a letter to the team’s owners and management resigning as a Lions fan.

Detroit Lions fan's angry letter

We understand the frustration. Not of being a Lions fan, but just frustration in general. You know, like when Big Ted signs zero free agents each summer.

In any case, we don’t really understand how one soul-crushing loss turns into a you don’t care about the fans rant. Then again, we’re not Lions fans.

Thank god.


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14 Comments on "Detroit Lions Fan Writes Letter to Team About Why He’s Quitting"

  1. PF4L

    I think i understand where he is coming from. The “one loss” didn’t turn this guy off, it was decades of accumulative losses and mismanagement. The Lions insistence on keeping Matt Millen around as long as they did, that alone, would have put me over the edge.

    I love this dude. Sending a prepaid envelope for reimbursement. I’m sure he doesn’t expect the money, but it’s funny nonetheless.

    I think too often teams take their fans love and loyalty for granted. especially when they fill stadiums and spend their hard earned money, to support a team that seemingly thinks, winning isn’t a priority.

    I view this Lions fans frustration with the ineptness of former Green Bay Packer executives Dominic Olejniczak and Judge Robert Parins.

    In the “wtf category”. Judge Parins was inducted in the Packers Hall of Fame after presiding over a 43-61 record as President of the Green Bay Packers. Gotta love “The Old Boys Club.”

    This is why i’m so thankful that Bob Harlan and Ron Wolf, changed that “losing is ok” culture in Green Bay.

  2. Nacho dan

    I didn’t know lions fans could write. I suppose they have a lot of free time to learn when there always in jail.

  3. Mike

    Nacho dan:

    I didn’t know lions fans could write. I suppose they have a lot of free time to learn when there always in jail.

    It’s spelled “they’re”, genius.

  4. CO Bob

    I’m pretty sure a few GBP fan’s loyalty were tested in the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s. Happy to not have that feeling. Glad we’re not currently fucked up like 1/2 of the other organizations out there….and I hope we don’t end up there in the future.

  5. E. Wolf

    Someone should call child protective services in relation to him making his kids Lions fans.
    I wonder if in the long term scheme of things, it is in our best interest for Justin Tucker to make that field goal. This year’s collapse makes it far more likely that the Lions fire Schwartz. We don’t want that to happen. With all of those top five draft picks, the Lions have a lot of talent. If they fire Schwartz and actually get someone who can coach. ….

  6. Just some guy

    Do you ever feel that all of us fans are being taken to the cleaners by the league? I’ll bet the owners secretly laugh at our loyalty to a name brand which is well past its heyday. Oh well, I love my Packers, and I admire Lions fans for their loyalty. I wish fans of all teams could form a collective group and organize a boycott of the NFL, even just for a week. That might get the attention of the Park Avenue boys.

  7. Iltarion

    Lions were bottom 5 team last season. This season they still have a chance to win their division. Not sure how that is “underperforming.”

    Lions were in the playoffs just two seasons ago. If they were “not trying to win,” then they’re doing a pretty crappy job of it.

    Next time the Lions make the playoffs, this joker will be right back on the bandwagon. Count on it.

    Next time you see a crappy movie, ask for your money back, then tell me how that goes.

    • E. Wolf

      The Lions are underperforming because the team is loaded personnel wise. If they do fire Schwartzy and hire a real coach, the Lions will be an immediate contender.

    • PF4L

      I think his frustration comes from the last 2 decades + all the years they pissed away Barry Sanders talent. Not just this season (see article).

      I doubt if he expects his money back. C’MON MAN!!

      Having a chance to win the division doesn’t mean the team isn’t under performing. Considering the product the NFC North offers.

      I remember a Seattle team that won the NFC West with a 7-9 record. That’s the team that Cutler beat for his only NFL playoff win.

      The guy that wrote that letter, is the kind of guy i could kick back with and down a few cold ones while watching a game.

  8. Cheese

    What a fucking diva. Does someone need attention? No one wants to listen to your whiney little story and the Fords aren’t going to send you a reimbursement check. It’s your fault for liking them in the first place.

  9. E. Wolf

    The guy that wrote that letter, is the kind of guy i could kick back with and down a few cold ones while watching a game.

    And let it be known this ex-Lions fan is the sort of clown PFAIL regards as kin. I’d rather be your enemy, then have hear you call me friend.

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