Clay Matthews is Throwing a Tea Party

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Clay Matthews is a princess

Clay Matthews is a princess

You literally cannot turn on your TV these days without seeing a commercial featuring Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. That is, at least if you’re watching some sort of sporting event…

The dude is everywhere. And now he’s here — in a Visa commercial, having a tea party with a little girl.

This was part of some fan fantasy promotion, apparently.

How does Matthews have time to film so many damn commercials? Well, he’s injured enough. And he probably does most of them in the offseason.

If only Matthews was as good on the field this season as he is in all these commercials. Whatever. You gotta cash in while you can, I guess.

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8 Comments on "Clay Matthews is Throwing a Tea Party"

  1. PF4L

    I think Clay has more commercials than sacks this season. He got his ass stood up just about the whole game against that Dallas last place defense. We need him to step up.

  2. Michael

    I love how people think that an athlete doing a commercial or series of them makes them any less focused or is a contributing factor if they arent playing well. Laughable

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