Clay Matthews Had Surgery… Again

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Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews

We knew Clay Matthews hurt his thumb while sacking Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger last Sunday, but didn’t know much more, other than he wouldn’t be returning anytime soon.

On Friday, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy confirmed that Matthews broke the same thumb he broke earlier in the season and he’s already had surgery.

There’s no timetable for his return.

Matthews suffered the original break on October 6 when he sacked Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford. He had surgery the next day and missed four weeks. His first week back, he played with a huge club on his hand, and was ineffective.

That tells us the Packers would have to make the Super Bowl for any chance of Matthews playing again this year.

So, in other words, you’ve probably seen all you’re going to see of Clay Matthews until 2014.

Matthews had a pretty disappointing season in 2013, after signing a big-money extension in the offseason. He played in only 11 games, recording 41 tackles and 7.5 sacks. He had only one multiple sack game and had four games with no sacks.

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7 Comments on "Clay Matthews Had Surgery… Again"

  1. T Pack

    Another negative post from Monty. Getting old.
    Love to have Sheldon Richardson with us. How about a trade TT?

    • GBslacker

      Sheldon Richardson was the 13th overall pick in this year’s draft.

      And unlike other 1st round picks, he doesn’t appear to be a bust… instead a good player: a rarity.

      So don’t you think it would take a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick to get anywhere near close to drawing the Jets attention?

      How would the Jets afford to replace him?
      He’s a few million right now, with the rookie wage scale — for the rest of his contract.
      Whatever the Jets would acquire would be several million — per season.
      How in the hell would the Jets begin to monetize his value? and then send the bill to the Packers??

      With many needs, how could the Packers afford to round out the remainder of their draft with the likes of Jerron McMillians ?

      Is it fantasy football?
      Is that where you get squirrelly fucking ideas about trades?

  2. Cheese

    Who’s the last first round pick Thompson chose that actually contributes to this team? For more than half a season?

  3. Savage57

    (Imagine if CMIII was married? The conversation after the game might have gone something like this)


    “See what happens?”

    “See what happens when you go rushing back too soon, trying to get your, oooh, almighty sacks?”

    “This is the same shit you do all the time. Remember the last time? You always do this. I just can’t count on you for anything. You’ll never change.”

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