Aaron Rodgers is Out

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Aaron Rodgers: sucking

Aaron Rodgers: sucking

Official word just came down from the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers is out for Sunday.

Rodgers was limited again in practice on Friday and Matt Flynn led the first-team offense. Prior to Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference, the injury report was read. Rodgers was listed as out.

When McCarthy came up, he said this.

“Aaron is not ready to go. He’s out for the game.”

So, Matt Flynn it is. Are you excited? We’re excited!

Of course, this shouldn’t come as unexpected news. Although Rodgers said he planned on playing this week, he had a scan of his injured collarbone on Tuesday and found he wasn’t as far along as he hoped.

All Rodgers has done in practice this week is work individually throwing the football.

McCarthy termed Rodgers’ mindset as frustrated.

Kind of like the fan base, you mean?

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40 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers is Out"

  1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    If they lose Sunday, sit him for the rest of the season (except for the Bears game, if we can beat the Bears in Chicago we can call the season redeemed.)

  2. the real russ letlow

    if the O line is piece meal on Sunday, they better have Tolzein ready cause Flynn might not survive.

  3. GBslacker

    …and with the 12th pick,

    in the 2014 NFL draft…

    The Green Bay Packers select,

    …from Valparaiso,

    …punt gunner/ special teams player:


  4. Richard

    12th pick? Can anybody here name 11 teams that this team would beat on a neutral field? Don’t forget they tied one of the worst 5 teams on their own field. I’d say these guys can end up with a top 5 selection when all is said and done

  5. CO Bob

    If we have any chance to win with Flynn, this weekend is it.
    Lose this one and A-Rod likely headed for IR. Just my guess….and trying desperately to not lose hope.

    • Phatgzus

      Here’s hoping it’s so cold that when CMIII pile drives Natty Ice into the Frozen Tundra he sticks to it so they have to cart him off on a chunk of it; yes that would be nice.

  6. Richard

    Yeah, CMIII, what a gamechanger he has been since Rodgers went down. Maybe he can get some trade value and they can take that money to pay Rodgers the 60 million a year he deserves for pulling this shitcart by himself

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