Aaron Rodgers Will Sit Another Week

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Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Aaron Rodgers: spectating

The Green Bay Packers will face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday and quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be a spectator once again.

Rodgers met with team physician Dr. Pat McKenzie this morning and coach Mike McCarthy just made the announcement.

“Frankly, it’s been a difficult morning going through the conversation with Aaron and Dr. McKenzie. He feels like he’s ready to play,” McCarthy said.

“He’s very disappointed. He’s frustrated, but speaking with Dr. McKenzie, this is the right decision… It’s in our best interest as a football team and as an organization for Aaron not to play.”

Rodgers reportedly did more at practice this week than he has done since breaking his collarbone, including taking some first-team reps. Backup Matt Flynn took the majority of the first-team reps though and will start against Dallas.

The good news? The Cowboys are totally incompetent on defense, particularly pass defense. They’re ranked an NFL-worst 32nd in that latter category.

So at least there’s some hope that Flynn can get it done.

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48 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Will Sit Another Week"

  1. the real russ letlow

    this just sucks. he wants to go and the doc won’t let him. I’d be pissed too. The team needs to pick it up and get behind Flynn and make this thing happen. Keep those chumps out of the end zone. Play some damn defense like they did in the 2nd half last week. makes me wonder, doc McKenzie knows if he’s gonna clear AR before 8 weeks. This week to week thing is just for the media and fans. so I’m thinking it ain’t gonna happen before the Bears game.

  2. Chitown Badger

    That could very well be a wrap on the season. Damn. And I would like to think the Cowboys D is worse than ours, but you know they’re able to lay a big steaming turd at any point.

  3. Chris

    If you caught the presser with McCarthy you could tell that things were TENSE at 1265 Lombardi Avenue this AM.

    Rare to see McCarthy that rattled/edgy. And then when a reporter asked if this decision was purely medical, MM almost went off on him. I think there was a major blowout before that presser in MM and QB1 wanting a medical clearance and not getting it.

    Leads me to wonder about the offseason future of a medical team that has already been under fire for all of the injuries and medical assessments over the last 3-4 years.

    Could be interresting!
    Go Flynn Go …for now

    • PF4L

      The lesson to be learned, as i stated previously. You watch what you say to the Green Bay Packers. They don’t have to answer to no one!!

  4. PF4L

    McCarthy: “Rodgers isn’t cleared to play.”

    Reporter: “So is this strictly a medical decision”?

    McCarthy: “Look, don’t make me stand here and play word battles with you”.

    In other Packer related news:

    Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson are loading all the players on the team bus to go to Kohls, where Ted is going to buy all the players a new dress. McCarthy also stated on the way home, he planned on stopping at McDonalds to buy everyone on the team a Happy meal.

  5. Nacho Libre

    I’d like to see the both of you duke it out. The loser takes a paddle up the ass (movie quote from Beerfest) TKO!!

  6. PF4L

    After watching Flynn get sacked 12 times the last 2 games. I think the brutal honest truth is the Packers don’t trust the O line to send Rodgers out.

    Which would explain why McCarthy got snarky at a reporter when he was asked if the decision was strictly medical one. That, coupled with the statement that it was in Rodger’s best interest and there wasn’t a scan even taken. They already had made up their mind.

    Anyway you look at it…Bull shit. 1265 Lombardi Ave is turning into a mismanaged joke.

  7. PF4L

    How about some honesty. How about Ted Thompson come in front of a camera, and just admit his ineptness in building an O line the last 3 years, precludes the Packers from playing their best player. That and the defense is turning this franchise into an NFL joke around the league. While most people sit back and say: “Golly gee guys, In Ted we Trust”.

    • K.L.

      It’s not really his fault that most of the O-linemen he has drafted turned out to be busts, or got seriously injured.

      • PF4L

        I guess, and it’s probably not his fault he hasn’t gotten other players to come in. Maybe the draft is the only place you can get O Lineman.

        Maybe the Ravens and the Bears would disagree, but what would they know about it.

        • PF4L

          Watch some moron come in and say our O line would be fine, if it wasn’t for an injury to Bulaga. That would explain the 12 sacks in the last 2 games we gave up, must be because Bulaga hasn’t played at all this season. Pure brilliance.

    • E. Wolf

      What a load of horseshit. Not Ted’s fault Bulaga went down. Had that not happened, the offensive line would be fine. EDS and Barclay are also playing hurt.

  8. T-Pack

    Possibly the best player in football got hurt. What do you expect. Injuries screw up a teams chemistry. Tough to turn that around but it looks like they are doing it.
    Not saying we don’t have some holes to fix but come on get it together.
    Pf & wolfie. You two sound like idiots but I do have to admit it is semi entertaining which is probably why Monty let’s it go on. More people read more money in his pockets. Keep up the great work.

    Funny that Cobb could be back before Rodgers. Go figure.

    • PF4L

      Whats funny, is that somehow they deem Rodgers not being able to go, but not needing a scan?

      I guess they bank on having fans, that don’t question anything and just be a blind fan. In Ted we Trust.

      This is the NFL. He didn’t have a concussion 2 days ago, he didnt have ACL surgery a month ago, he had a bone fracture thats been healing for 6 weeks.

      Its ok, not much to play for…Just a Division Championship. The last thing we need is a player getting on a football field and risking an injury.

      When we can have a guarantee that Rodgers will not get injured, we’ll think about playing Rodgers.

      This is the NFL, not the WWE, where you risk athletes getting hurt.

  9. PF4L

    I feel like sending Flowers and candy to all the Green Bay Packer players to be waiting for them in the vistors locker room in Dallas.

  10. Richard

    Flynnsanity began last week. 1 win down, 7 more to go. He’s done it for LSU, he can do it for the Pack. Then they can trade Rodgers to the Rams for about 6 first rounders, starting with their pair next year.

  11. Gort (formerly "Dave" the realist)

    There is no “sure thing” in the draft. I seem to remember a 2nd overall draft pick that turned into “The Incredible Bust”. How many of you suggested that the Packers should pass on Tony Mandarich and take Barry Sanders instead? Performance cannot be accurately predicted, otherwise Tom Brady would not have dropped into the 6th round. Injuries are another matter. Some promising prospects simply never get a chance or careers are cut short (Nick Collins)because of injury. Call the psychic or voodoo doctor or your cousin who knows everything because they probably have a better idea of who to draft. Maybe not.

    • PF4L

      That’s a fantastic argument!!…For a GM that just cant hit picks anymore. Go back 13 and 24 years to provide 2 examples. Lets not forget the injury excuse…oops, you touched on that too, good. I think it was reported, that Ted walked under a ladder at the draft the last few years, so he’s got that workin for him too.

  12. the real russ letlow

    must have been a real doozy of a meeting with the Doc, QB 1 & coach. Just watched the video & McCarthy was really snarkey with the press at his PC. He wasn’t feeling the love, man.

  13. Shawn

    PF4L and E. Wolf, you are both on the verge of getting a timeout.

    And not the kind that you get 3 of in a half, but the kind that a 4 year old gets.

    I have better things to do than jack your comments, but I will if you persist.


  14. Churu

    Do you guys really believe this shit? Rodgers doesnt want to play anymore. The #12 Prima Donna should remember he´s playing a contact sport, not hide and seek!
    As a Packer fan it hurts to say this, but Mrs Rodgers should learn from P Manning, T Brady, D Brees, even B Roethlisberger. They don´t quit after taking a tough hit.
    Come on! Lombardi wouldnt be proud of this QB we have right now!

  15. rebelgb

    Ha ha Richard, that was BEFORE Flynn blew out his elbow.

    It will be funny to see how much Flynn love there is come Sunday night after he lays a big turd in Dallas.

    Further I find it funny that our defense has one so so game and all of a sudden everyone thinks they can “step up” or “man up”.

    What is going to happen on Sunday is going to be a fucking embarrassment. You heard it hear first.

    Finally, the fat pig meathead that is MM: I hope he ends up as coach of the Jets some day so he can see what bad press is really all about. Fucking guy has the easiest press core in football and the cushiest city to play for and he acts like a fucking spoiled brat.

    Love my Pack but they needed Arodge back this game. The season is over.

    • PF4L

      @rebel..Exactly right about MM and the media. All the reporter asked him was: “Is this strictly a medical decision?” And McCarthy jumps down his throat like the ? was out of line. Thats why i stated i wanted to punch McCarthy in the jaw. Because that was a asshole move on his part. That was a legit question.

      The Packers need to get off their high horse.

      The Packers are a 1/2 game out, Rodgers has been healing for 6 weeks, it was time to play.

      We play the Bears head to head, so we control that. Detroit’s game against the Ravens is no gimme. Especially with Reggie Bush hurt.

      With Dallas, we will have played the 3 worst defenses in the league, we cant go 1-2 against them. Barely scraping by

      Thanks for keepin it real. It’s refreshing.

      • Phatgzus

        They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but either a) that’s a stupid fucking question or b) it is a passive aggressive shot at the o-line or Rodgers. It’s understandable that MM was pissed about the question, seeing as he’s answered the same questions regarding Rodgers and the line for weeks. A lot of the coaches don’t like dealing with the media, and I can’t blame them. As for the fans bitching about his attitude, really? You bitch that he has no fire, then sling shit at him like chimps in a zoo, good stuff. We get it you don’t like him but the fact is he’s one of the most successful contemporary coaches, including a Super Bowl victory-he ain’t going anywhere and, just like the rest of the NFL, he gives not a single fuck what the fans or media think. Believe it or not, that’s a good thing:

        • PF4L

          OK. Lets review.

          Reporter ask: “Is this strictly a medical decision?” Gee, maybe that reporter should be stoned to death. These media types..smh

          WOW, the nerve of him asking that. How about McCarthy just answer “Yes” and be done with it, instead jumping the dude? Or is that not the message MM wants to send?

          Maybe some of us with high intellect know “why” the reporter asked the question.

          Or some of us can guess or make assumptions as to the motivation of the reporters question, as if he’s known to them.. Brilliant.

          A reporter asked about Capers job performance once, and McCarthy, again, jump down the guys throat.

          Why is that? Because the Packers don’t feel they need to be accountable to the fans, or the media. So when they ask questions like that, they go off on you, sending the message to back off, and dont you dare question us on a coach, or a decision we made…IT IS NOT FUCKING ALLOWED.

          As a fan and nothing more, i say F U and your attitude. The fans deserve better. This teams fans are loyal, and went through 25+ years of bullshit football and still filled the stadium, so because MM won a Super Bowl, then he can just act like a douche? F him.

        • PF4L

          Phat, iv’e rarely said a nill word on MM, or his job performance, TT and Capers, yes. Nor did i ever say he didnt have passion. Please don’t put words in my mouth, I can actually speak for myself. Thanks.

    • E. Wolf

      Calling for a head coach, including McCarthy, to be fired because of a disappointing season after a transcendent player like Rodgers gets hurt (not to mention other key injuries) is farcical. It is the sort of idiocy put up for display on that jscomments twitter feed. Don’t be stupid. …

  16. Richard Cranium

    E wolfie has been saying the season was over since before the first pre-season game! It’s ain’t fuckin over till it’s over bitches! It’s just a fucking game!!!!!!!!! Sad, unoriginal lives you lead if it’s all you got!

    • E. Wolf

      No, that is not true. I said the season was over when I heard Rodgers had a fractured collarbone.
      Obviously I do not like that this happened. It has affected me like a death in the family or a bad breakup. BUt having come to terms with the disappointing season has allowed me closure, and look forward to the promising years ahead.
      I will say it is not just a fucking game. The Packers are a very important part of my life, as they are for legions of others. The passion, the devotion, the fanaticism prove it is far more than just a game.

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