Aaron Rodgers will be Shut Down on Thursday

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Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Alright, we don’t know that for sure, but we have a pretty good idea. The Green Bay Packers are going to make a decision on what happens with Aaron Rodgers this week on Thursday.

From everything we’ve heard, he isn’t playing again this week. So, in essence the Packers will be shutting him down for the season.

Rodgers, who’s worried about his image, put it on the organization again.

Whether you think Rodgers is a pussy or not, it really comes down to this. Even if the Packers beat the Bears this weekend, they aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs.

You know that, we know that and Rodgers knows that.

It’s the defense, son.

We’re not going to sit here and suggest we lose on purpose to improve our draft position. We’re the Packers. We don’t tank. However, what’s the point of getting a playoff spot this year?

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75 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers will be Shut Down on Thursday"

  1. Richard

    Love the part where he’s calling out cowards in the organization as well, while Romo gets prepared to risk being paralyzed and getting an epidural just for a chance to play and make the playoffs only to likely get his ass kicked anyways. I guess Rodgers really is a pussy after all. Just retire already if your heart’s not in it.

    • Kozak

      Yeah. He was the most sacked starting QB in the league the last 4 years and never bitched or whined about it. I think he’s tougher then a certain Internet Commando who would probably piss himself if he got hit once by an NFL lineman.
      So go Fuck yourself.

      • Richard

        He’s making up for it now though isn’t he, tough guy. Go fuck yourself back. Merry Christmas fuckstick.

        • Kato

          how fucking stupid are you? The doctors didnt clear him, the team didnt clear him. It isnt like you just go out there and play if the team tells you you cant. Have you ever played football? Have you ever broken a bone? You fucking retarded inbred cunt

    • PF4L

      I think Richard and Wolf should have a party, invite all their friends over to Wolfs moms basement, then the 4 of them can have a circle jerk.

      I think both of those shit stains should become bear fans. They’d fit right in.

      • Richard

        Don’t forget to invite Rodgers too, since he apparently doesn’t have anything else to do with all of his free time.

      • Richard

        Almost forgot about Clay, invite him too. But you’ll probably have to come along and give him a hand with the heavy lifting since his thumb is broken again.

    • PF4L

      Well Monty, i think someone should tell Ted Thompson we don’t tank, and quit on the season.

      The biggest horseshit is anyone saying or implying Rodgers is a pussy, if you think Rodgers doesn’t want to play and you want to write that he’s a pussy. Fuck you and go find another team and join their clown fans.

      Yea, i’m talking to you Richard. (Dick)

      • Richard

        Well, you kinda shit on your foot there if you were actually trying to make a point that nobody is a pussy or tanking this game. Either Ted is tanking or Rodgers is spending more time on his image than actually trying to get on the field.

  2. big gay clay

    So tired of this fucking bullshit this year. Yet another wasted season with a terrible defense and a o-line that can’t pass protect worth a shit. Were lucky we made that run in 2010 bc we prob won’t see Rodgers win another Super Bowl or even make it to it.

    • rebelgb

      Agreed man. I wrote about this a while back. We are going to have up to 25 years of franchise QB play and only win 2 Super Bowls. Yet dickheads like Iltarion will still be on this site telling us how great TT and MM are.

      Fuck that.

  3. Nick Keller

    Whats the point of getting a playoff spot this year?!?! Here’s one pretty damn good reason, keeping the fucking bears from winning the division, making the playoffs and holding in over our heads for the next year. I’m sick of the pity party from Packer fans on here saying “we don’t deserve to make the post season”and “we’re one and done if we do”. Show a little faith. It’s not like a wild card team can’t win a Super Bowl.

  4. Richard

    100% agreed. As if the Chicago Shitbags have any business hosting a playoff game either. Nice effort against Philly with a playoff spot on the line by the way.

  5. GBslacker

    I saw a scary CBS mock-draft… both guys had us taking a TE in the 1st round !!

    How fucked up is that?

    Sure, it might be a need — but damn sure not the biggest one.

    We’ve already got guys at WR.
    So what’s a TE gonna give ya? blocking, too?
    None of our TEs know jackshit about blocking — other than how to fuck it up, or get called for holding.

  6. PF4L

    Good idea Timmy, maybe you and Monty should just give up on the season. You 2 can go out for ice cream or something, Maybe give each other a reach around.

  7. Fresher than wonder bread

    So much hostility towards our Super Bowl MVP champion QB. He’s in the prime of his career, how can you say he’ll never win or play in another Super Bowl?? WTF!

  8. Hoops24

    If you dont play to win u might as well never play again. Get in the playoffs and then lets see what happens. You just never know how things can fall no matter how unlikely it would seem for the pack

  9. PF4L

    Anyway..Sorry for being layin it down. Someone has to be the voice of reason in here.

    Have a great Christmas Bitches!!! :)

    • Richard

      If that’s what you consider “Layin it down” I’d hate to see what happens when you actually make a coherent point.

  10. lars

    You guys are delirious. Win the SB? Who are you kidding? With that horseshit defense and a patchwork Oline. No Rodgers. No Cobb. No mathews. Crap like AJ hawk, Raji, Newhouse still getting snaps.

  11. lars

    The last thing Thomson and Mccarthy is another national humiliation vs. the 49’ers (or Sea Hawks, Eagles). Teddy would have to do something about Capers instead of ignoring the problem.

  12. Nacho Libre

    Fuck the whiners and their bitch-made pussy ass bandwagon faggot fans. Kaepernick, cry baby bitch ass Vernon Davis and Haurbaugh have a group hug in the showers after every victory. Talk about one and done, that’ll be them after the first post season game they play in, pussies!

  13. K.L.

    I don’t care if we go nowhere in the playoffs. I just want to win the damn division so we can rub it in Detroit and Chicago’s faces.

  14. TyKo Steamboat

    Monty/Shawn, what lies below should not be called “comments” … it should be renamed “Overreaction Theatre”

  15. Mr Bob Harris

    All I is know I enjoy watching Packer football, and if I’m not mistaken, win = more football AND the Bears loose. And the last time I checked, the Bears still suck it.

  16. Berty Judas

    Playoffs us a new season. Get in and anything can and does happen.

    on an unrelated note, Nick Perry’s fiance is smoking hot!

  17. big gay clay

    And honestly I’m a huge packer fan but honestly who gives a fuck about the bears? They are irrelevant and can only win if we have our back up qb in

    • Cheese

      We almost beat them with Seneca Worthless and ZERO passing game. If Flynn can complete more than five passes I think we have a chance.

  18. T Rex

    Time 2 dominate Chicago. Let’s shove it down their asses with our JV squad! Bring the noise! We can roll…and Cutler can only help us. In 2 fucking WIN! Let’s GO!

  19. Richard

    Fuck the bears. If Rodgers can’t grow the ball or two it takes to play this game, then let Flynn fucking destroy these guys and finish the playoff run.

    • chucks

      why do you still think Rodgers doesn’t want to play? If the GM wants him to play, he has to play. He can’t say, “no, I’m afraid I might get hurt”. Whether he is a pussy or not doesn’t determine his playing time. It’s called a contract.

  20. T-Pack

    Who are these new assholes? Make a point and stick with it. Rodgers was hurt. Move on. Let’s kick these Bears asses ad get it on in the playfoffs!

  21. FITZCORE1252

    “However, what’s the point of getting a playoff spot this year?”

    Ruining duh quears SB aspirations, on their field… Again. Nothing more. This season has been a disaster, but if we can keep those scrubs out of the playoffs and ruin their bitch-ass fans New Year, I will at least be able to smile.

    Fuck duh quears. Fuck duh quears bitch-ass fanbase. Win. Sunday.

    Merry FUCKING Fitzmas, yo.

  22. Taurean

    Wow. You know i am starting to realize why i stopped reading this site a couple of years ago. You guys writing the articles are way too negative. Oh well GO PACK GO FOREVER!

  23. big gay clay

    Not negative just realistic about everything. If we had a top 5 or even a top 10 defense I might think differently but shit I could probably play better than our safeties at least haha

    • RelampagoBlanco

      He’s the same dickhole that had the audacity to suggest the Packers trade Rodgers and roll with Flynn after that 2011 game against the Lions. That’s how much credibility Richard has.

      • Richard

        1. Prove it, cause that’s kind of crazy if you follow me that closely.
        2. It’s actually not that crazy, if you consider the Packers haven’t won shit since then and 100 million on good defensive players might’ve been the way to go.

  24. GBslacker

    I find it difficult to believe that for the sake of assuaging their own selfish wants — which often amounts to little more than gay-slurs and the bashing of another team, and their fans — that people would be willing to sacrifice the lifelong health of another human being.

    Some of you people are seriously fucked-up.

    Player performance, tactics, personnel and game management — yeah, that’s fair game.

    But to question someone’s manhood and value as a human being, while absolutely clueless as to the specifics concerning injury and recovery, is just bizarre.

    Don’t think there’s a possibility of a problem? Look at Clay Matthews — 10 weeks after his break, it breaks again! Shit can and will happen.

    • Phatgzus

      That’s great, Murphy’s Law and all.

      Fanaticism, anonymity, and ignorance are a powerful cocktail.

  25. the real russ letlow

    we’re playing for the 2013 NFC North Championship! Beat the pussy Bears = home playoff game! woo hoo! Merry Christmas!

  26. Richard

    Matthews isn’t playing that good anyways, but kudos to him for playing this long. Nobody will even notice he isn’t on the field Sunday.

  27. Don Q

    Beating the Bears in their own house for the division would more than make up for this turd of a season. Go Pack Go!

  28. If Lacy and Rodgers and Cobb are all on the shelf, well, that’s just about the whole starting backfield. If Rodgers and Cobb had stayed healthy, we would have wrapped up this division a long time ago. If we’re missing all three against the Bears, we have little chance of beating them.

  29. T-Pack

    Is this a Packer website? I’ve never seen more crying and pussy statements in one place. Yes we have injured players. Yes we aren’t that good. Yes the defense sucks. So fuckin what. All I ever want to see is a Packer win! That’s what I want. Worry about the next game next week.
    Trust me enjoy every game as you never know if you might see another one.
    Go Pack Go!

  30. Doug

    What’s the point? Um, win the division?! Since when did whether we think we can actually win the Super bowl become the determining factor in if we play to win?! You give it your best and see what happens. When he got hurt, AARod said he was a fast healer. Well, I think we’re nearing the record for slowest healing cracked collar bone, though I would guess it’s completely healed and this dancing around is all bullshit.

  31. T Pack

    Sure he can probably play but at what expense. None of us have seen the cat scan, xray, med reports. Nor are any of us the teams Orthopedic surgeon. If it isn’t healed itisn’t healed.. Do you want him to play and risk getting hit and never playing again?

    If the Pack make the playoffs that means a lot of extra money for the team. Pretty sure TT would want that more than a couple spots higher in the draft. Use your head fellas.

  32. Ivomitonvikingfans

    Fox Sports Paul Imig breaking that Rodgers will start. He apparently had all of the first team reps today.

  33. Chitown Badger

    T Pack:

    Sure he can probably play but at what expense. None of us have seen the cat scan, xray, med reports. Nor are any of us the teams Orthopedic surgeon. If it isn’t healed itisn’t healed.. Do you want him to play and risk getting hit and never playing again?
    If the Pack make the playoffs that means a lot of extra money for the team. Pretty sure TT would want that more than a couple spots higher in the draft. Use your head fellas.

    Since when has a player had his career ended from a collar bone injury? They were stating that even if he came back, took a shot, an it broke completely, it’s a five month rehab. NOT a career ender. So your hypothetical is not even in the realm of possibility.

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