Aaron Rodgers Watched the Clippers, Has Shaved

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Aaron Rodgers at a Clippers game

Aaron Rodgers at a Clippers game

We mentioned it last night when some dude reported that Aaron Rodgers told him that he’s playing this week, but Green Bay Packers QB1 was in Los Angeles last night watching the Clippers lose to the Pacers.

He also shaved his mustache, which is big news.

Actually, no it isn’t. Movember is over, so you shave your mustache. Unless you drive a windowless van that says free candy on the side.

It’s totally worth reporting on Twitter, though. Especially if you’re a serious journalist.

Hey bro. You’re awesome! You saw Aaron Rodgers at a basketball game and now we all know it! And also that you’re awesome!

Here’s another awesome bro.

Holy shit! Aaron Rodgers cares about what the other teams in the NFC North are doing?! Breaking news!

Finally, this guy.

Oh, so Aaron Rodgers likes basketball? Bonkers!

Thanks to the crack journalists on Twitter, we now know everything about QB1.

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  1. PF4L

    Since Wolfie and a few others have gone off the emotional deep end. Out of respect for Monty and this website. I’m going to refrain from letting the insecure, emotionally unstable whiners, draw me into a pissing match. If those few keep insisting to post negative and whining remarks, i’ll deal with that then. Maybe they can heal up emotionally and move on. Time will tell.

  2. CO Bob

    I doubt the dude uses the restrooms for the general admission/public…….if so, we’d be bombarded with poop tweets.

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