Aaron Rodgers Has Taken First-Team Reps

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Aaron Rodgers: sweet stasche!

Aaron Rodgers: sweet stasche!

Well, holy hell! Let’s get this out of the way — Aaron Rodgers is not cleared to play for the Green Bay Packers this week. However, he did take some reps with the first-team offense today.

There was a report this morning that the Packers were pessimistic about Rodgers’ chances of playing this week. This week’s opponent, the Dallas Cowboys, said they’re preparing for Rodgers. And maybe with good reason.

Although Matt Flynn took most of the reps with the No. 1 offense, Rodgers did more than individual drills today. He’s been doing nothing but since returning to practice two weeks ago.

Today, Rodgers got some reps with the No. 1 offense.

Tight end Andrew Quarless let the cat out of the bag.

“’12’ looked real good today. It was good to see him out there, really working with the (No. 1) offense. He was out there before but wasn’t working as much with the offense, but today he took some offensive reps, which is a great thing for the team,” Quarless said. Asked to clarify that they were first-team reps, Quarless replied, “Yes, sir.”

So what does this mean?

Well, we wish we could tell you.

Coach Mike McCarthy didn’t really talk about it. And probably for good reason. Do you want to see QB1 out there on Sunday? Yes, we know you do. The Dallas Cowboys sure as shit don’t, though.

So why announce it?

Before we get too excited, though, let’s remain pessimistic. It isn’t as if Rodgers was taking all the snaps. We know he felt pain last week after practicing. We also know this is probably part of the rehab schedule.

It’s not done yet, but the fact that Rodgers was taking first-team snaps on Wednesday — instead of Friday, or not at all — is a damn good sign.

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56 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Has Taken First-Team Reps"

    • PF4L

      Didn’t you write off the season 5 weeks ago? I think that was you, unless someone else despises you enough to troll your name again.

      • E. Wolf

        How is that statement contradictory? It is not, quite the opposite, in fact. McCarthy is doing this to force the Cowboys to spend some time game-planning for twelve, knowing full well that Rodgers will not be able to start.
        There are other reasons too, such as rehab.
        In that I must explain that to you shows just how slow you are.

        • PF4L

          I’m not so sure Rodgers won’t start. But apparently you do, because you seem to know everything. You seem to always know exactly what TT and McCarthy are doing and thinking, on any given subject, without even knowing them. Your clairvoyance is amazing.

          • K.L.

            Apparently he is some sort of psychic medium. Otherwise, his claim that the season is over was just a guess, because there is no way you could have logically predicted such a thing 5-6 weeks ago. And you still can’t state with 100% certainty that the season is over.

            A shame. I was starting to enjoy his comments before he turned into an arrogant, “I’m always right, regardless of the evidence showing otherwise” douchebag.

            Of course, there was and still is a chance to salvage the season.

    • PF4L

      #7 written by E. Wolf
      11/05/2013 – 2:06 pm
      The season is OVER. Even if it three weeks, with this medical and training staff, no one ever returns on schedule. We have already lost three games. Do the math, it’s all over, folks.

  1. PackAttack

    Funny to think that if Rodgers comesback and plays this team could actually make a darkhorse run in the playoffs similar to 2010.

    Very rarely do you see “the best team” walk through the playoffs and succeed. 2010 Packers, 2011 NY Giants (No. 4 seed, 9-7), 2012 Baltimore Ravens (No. 4 seed). Everyone of those teams dealt with significant injuries during the regular season and ended up getting “hot” towards the end.

    The Packers could be this team “IF” they get Aaron Rodgers back. Rodgers needs to play this week against Dallas otherwise it’s over, Flynn ain’t going to beat Dallas in Dallas I don’t care what the Chicago Bears did to them on Monday. Half of Dallas D was ice blocks and couldn’t move — they’ll be well motivated enough heading home for Sunday.

    Sorry to be brunt, and I don’t give a shit if Illtarion or Phatgzus disagrees, but Rodgers needs to man the fuck up and play. Your team needs you, this is fucking football, not grass fairy faggot lacrosse or soccer. I get it, the long term future and possible injury risk long term I fucking get it. Your going to have to play with some pain and make your mark sooner or later. If he can run, throw and make reads he’s good enough to play.

    Think about it this way — four years ago, trying to prove himself in Favre’s shadow — Rodgers plays. No doubt about it. If this was the Super Bowl on Sunday, Rodgers plays. Leave an extra TE in on the line, use max protect go with an extra less receiver, modify the gameplan so Rodgers doesn’t have to take as many drop backs, run more screens and backside slants. There are ways to modify the gameplan as to not put him in harms way but there’s just as much a risk of him getting his knee blown out as there is re-injuring that collarbone.

    Just sayin’

    • PF4L

      I’m not so sure Flynn couldnt win a game against Dallas, with the support of the Packer defense of course.

    • Phatgzus

      I agree with the first part, I neither disagree nor agree with the last because there’s nothing to debate. As some have said and most realize, this isn’t about being a man and growing some big brass balls, it’s not Rodgers’ decision. It is the medical staff’s (McKenzie) and McCarthy’s period, end of story, fin.

      We also didn’t have the current CBA 4 years ago, just sayin’.

  2. PF4L

    Packattack, maybe you wrote your post before reading Wolf’s post. If you read Wolfs post stating unequivocally that Rodgers won’t be playing, you could have saved yourself some time under the guise that Rodgers might play. Just trying to help.

  3. PF4L

    I’m not a Dr. But here’s what i know, he had a non throwing collarbone fracture, Its been healing 5-6 weeks. Were a 1/2 game out in week 13. IT’S GO TIME!!

    • Deepsky

      I am more in favor of making sure he’s completely healed. Google the term RGIII RETURNED TO EARLY and see how many results you get.

  4. E. Wolf

    Of course, there was and still is a chance to salvage the season.

    Of course there is still a chance (just barely). That is why it is now a mere METAPHYSICAL certitude that the season is over. The metaphysical, predictive quality of my pronouncement is blossoming into the present actual reality with each new development.

    • cd4packers

      I think you are a selfish, arrogant A-hole. All you care about is proving you are right. You obviously could care less if the Packers win or lose the remainder of their games. I would say you sound a lot like a person you despise. An old-gunslinger that you may remember named Brett Lorenzo Favre. You wouldn’t happen to be related would you? lol :P

      • E. Wolf


        For those not familiar with the concept of metaphyiscal certitude, go to about 1:14 of this SNL parody of the McLaughin Group:


        On a scale of 1 to 14, 1 being lowest degree of unlikelihood, 14 being absolute metaphysical certitude, what are the chances of Major continuing Thatcher’s alliance with Bush, vis-a-vis the Iraqis? Eleanor Clift!

        The CORRECT answer to the question of whether the season is over for our Packers, going back to Week when Rodgers was injured, has always 14–methaphyical certitude.

        NEXT ISSUE!

  5. GBslacker

    I’ll bear the brunt
    of being blunt:

    Rodgers will not play until he’s medically ready.

    His break was a greenstick variety — the bone did not completely separate. It will resume a normal position on its own and heal without surgery, if relieved of stress.

    If he played with it broken, or partially healed, a chalkstick break could result — wherein the bone completely separates. This ragged ends could damage arteries/veins, nerves, and possibly puncture the lung. You’ve got to remember that there will be 300lb fatties rolling all over him.

    Even with minimal nervous and vascular damage, it would have to be repaired surgically using a plate and screws. Another surgery may be needed to remove the plate.

    “One hell of a price for you to get your kicks”

    So let’s put an end to the anonymous poster calling out Aaron Rodgers.

    • PackAttack

      Let’s put an end to you pretending to know what the fuck your talking about.

      “A greenstick fracture”? I’m not going to get into a pissing contest with you over vocabulary but you could have used the word “fracture” or bone chip instead of using a word that usually refers to young, soft bones.

      Everything you just wasted your time saying is completely hypothetical and worst care scenario opinion. Truth is you have no clue how bad this “chip” is, you have no clue whatsoever. Rodgers is out practicing, throwing and doing everything except taking full on hits — if it was that bad, that sensitive and needed to be completely “relived of stress” — he wouldn’t be in pads and he sure as shit wouldn’t be throwing or practicing.

      I’d love to see your reaction IF Rodgers actually does comeback, play well and stay injury free. I’d love to get your reaction then. I’d really want to see if you’d be man enough to sit here and tell everyone how utterly fucking stupid and wrong you were, but we both know you don’t have the balls to do that — so don’t worry, i’ll save your post and do it for you.

        • PackAttack

          I’ve got a better idea. How about this.

          How about Rodgers sits out the rest of this year, next year and maybe the following year until he’s truly 110% pain free? That would probably make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

          I think that’s the best idea and when there’s no longer an injury risk of any kind playing the most physical game on earth then he should come back! But shit….what if he slips and hits his head again? Or some 300 pound fattie rolls on top of him? Shit. Or if Marshall Newhouse blows his assignment again and does a backwards somersault into Rodgers knee and he blows out his ACL? Then we might have a full on luanry list of greenstick and chalkstick fractures of epidemic proportions!!! What kind of a game is this!!! Where a man has to play hurt and with a little discomfort and pain to accomplish his JOB!!! DAMNIT!

          Maybe Rodgers should try boxing? Or UFC Fighting? Or NASCAR. The next most dangerous sport to play with or no risk of injury whatsoever. Afterall nobody in the NFL ever plays hurt or with any discomfort ever — why should this guy? Favre never played hurt or anything, shit why should that matter? Phillip Rivers never played on a torn ACL and even if he did that would have been crazy because there certainly is zero long term injury risk doing something that crazy!!

          BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH….oh man, to think anyone would risk injury in this game. BWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Phatgzus

            Dude, football is much more dangerous than UFC. Can’t say that about NASCAR, those guys are just nuts, and I mean that with all due respect.

            Do the words Lockout or CBA strike a chord in any way?

      • Arcturus

        Ha. “young soft bone” when referring to a greenstick fracture: that is the actual first sentence in the Wikipedia entry for it. Nice.

  6. Iltarion

    Lots of fan on fan crime going on in here.

    Since there is no logical way E. Wolf could KNOW the season is over before it actually is, beyond the metaphysical or supernatural, I think arguing about it is pretty much a waste of time.

    I have been called by some “the most arrogant SOB in here” and PF4L has been called likewise and now E. Wolf is hearing the familiar refrain. So, not sure if that isn’t a badge of honor of some kind.

    I do know that having myself, PackAttack, PF4L, E.Wolf, and GBslacker on the same thread is tantamount to crossing the streams, and we are lucky that our sun hasn’t gone into supernova as a result.

    I hope Quarless doesn’t get into any trouble for this.

    I would list Rodgers as doubtful. It all comes down to whether he feels any pain right about now or not. If Rodgers practices in full tomorrow, we got something. Is there anyway we can get Quarless to spill tomorrow as well???

    • PackAttack

      Iltarion, nice of you to grace us with your presence.

      New flash. If Rodgers doesn’t play, season over, no playoffs, hopefully we don’t see each other next year.

      Your third paragraph is very much true. I would change SOB to turd, douche bag, loser and retard — but for the most part very true.

      Tantamount? My god Ilitarion, using words like that on this board is completely incomprehensible and spasmodically ambiguous. It’s like playing hurt in the NFL who would ever do that!!!???WBHAHHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA, playing hurt and using big words on the TOTALPACKERS MESSAGE BOARD!!!! Thoroughly preposterous!

      Who cares if Quarless get’s fined his entire year salary — what difference does it make to you? You going to pay it? If Quarless doesn’t play on Sunday no one would even notice, except for maybe Matt Flynn.

      Dr. Ilitarion lists Rodgers as doubtful, get that shit to ESPN right now GBSlacker!!!! It should make fucking immediate headlines. Yes, we can probably get more info out of Quarless if you go stalk his house tonight, peer through his window and see if you can get him to let you in. Your well experienced in that area of creeping aren’t you?

      Since Rodgers is doubtful I’m holding out hope that he remains pain free for the 2016 season, hopefully by then the league will have gone to two hand touch but if Rodgers so much as slips and bruises his knee — then we got a real problem on our hands.

    • PF4L

      Now wait, just 1 fucking minute here.

      I don’t recall anyone calling me arrogant, or a turd, douche bag, loser or retard.

      Now you fuckers gone and done it. No more Mr Nice guy!!

      I come in here, providing the only voice of reason to this website forum, and this is the way you ungrateful fucks want to talk about me?

      That’s it, the gloves are off..IT’S GO TIME!!

  7. FITZCORE1252

    “You’ve got to remember that there will be 300lb fatties rolling all over him.”

    Sounds like a Saturday night at DD’s moms hizzy.

  8. E. Wolf

    Since there is no logical way E. Wolf could KNOW the season is over before it actually is, beyond the metaphysical or supernatural, I think arguing about it is pretty much a waste of time.

    Iltarion, I love you man, but do you not know your John McLaughlin?

    On a scale of 1 to 14, 1 being lowest degree of unlikelihood, 14 being absolute metaphysical certitude. …


    I KNOW the season is over because, on that scale of 1 to 14, the correct answer is 14: METAPHYSICAL CERTITUDE! It is as certain as the law of gravity.

    • PF4L

      How about you post the same content about METAPHYSICAL CERTITUDE for a 4th time.

      Then we’d really be impressed.

      • E. Wolf

        My dear friend Iltraion remains confused as to how I can logically come to the determination I have. And you seem perpetually slow on this matter and others (how many times have you asked me). So I must repeat myself. Of course, because the one and only correct answer to this question on the McLaughlin scale of likelihood is 14–metaphyiscal certitude, of course it is a waste of time to argue about that.
        As I said already, NEXT ISSUE.

  9. hate faux fans

    I just read the must funniest thing, PF4L says he provides the only voice of reason, sarcasm or not that’s hilarious

  10. Don Quijote

    Rodgers /Flynn at QB will put up 350+ yards on Sunday, and if Lacy’s ankle is o.k. he’ll put up another 80 yds (If not Starks will put up 50yds)

  11. Tucson Packer

    Sounds like Christmas on this message board.

    Christmas in Soviet Russia where the KGB, not Santa, comes down your chimney.

  12. Richard

    On the comparison between RG3 and Rodgers regarding injuries…..apples and oranges. I’m pretty sure RG3 tore his knee twice in that Seattle game, the one early on the 14-0 drive that dropped him from maybe 80% down to 50%, when they should’ve thrown Cousins in to clinch the win, and then of course the complete destruction of the knee at the end. Whether or not he “came back early” is probably the least of his problems. Shanahan destroyed him last year and he might never recover

    • Mike

      That was the worst decision that Shanahan ever made in football. I am not an RGIII fan, but I am a football fan, and he fucked RGIII and all football fans of some great future highlights with that decision . . . premature ejaculation! did it feel good Shanahan!

  13. Savage57

    I was deeply troubled by all of the discord and rancor I saw here last night, as the faithful struggled, trying to discern the truth of the Rodgers Dilemna and the tree of future events that grows from that.

    So seeking answers, I went on a quest for knowledge.

    Alas, I awoke this morning with a sense of peace and relief, with great certitude and clarity.

    Rodgers will not play Sunday. He will start at home the following week against the Steelers. The Packers will make the playoffs.

    Fucking amazing what staying at a Holiday Inn Express can do for you. I guess all that shit they said was right.

    • cd4packers

      Okay, now that made me LOL!! I love how people on here try so hard to “wax eloquent.” I am assuming your post was a parody on those witty individuals attempting to woo us by using fancy words in their comments. Who knew we Packer fans were so intellectual and well versed. lmao :P

      • Savage57

        Kind of. I guess. Maybe.

        Was kind of poking fun at just how futile it is trying to validate an opinion as to the outcome of a future event yet to occur, let alone try and predict the future.

  14. T-Pack

    Tons of crying on this site but pretty funny.

    F Dallas and we should be their asses but looking at the Lions remaining schedule who are they realistically losing to? That is going to be our downfall.

  15. Richard

    I think the 2010 references can stop now. That team was a juggernaut that survived injuries to lose a bunch of close scoring games. These guys just got blown out in Detroit with the most lopsided yardage totals of the year. Also, when it came do or die time, the Packers were favored in their final 2 regular season games. They are already going to be 7 point underdogs in a Flynn-Romo matchup. Although I guess they could still technically be alive if the rest of the dumpster division underachieves this weekend

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