Aaron Rodgers Still Not Cleared, Randall Cobb Back

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears to be in the same place he was last week. He hasn’t been cleared to play and the team will take the week to determine his status.

Meanwhile, Randall Cobb participated in his first practice since fracturing his tibia.

Rodgers opened practice taking reps with second-team center J.C. Tretter, while Matt Flynn worked with starter Evan Dietrich-Smith.

He’s doing better. He’s still not been cleared by the medical staff. He threw the ball extremely well. He looked sharp. He’s getting better,” said Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

“He still has not been cleared by the medical staff.  He is a limited practice participant.”

Cobb, meanwhile, was limited, which means he probably won’t be playing this week.

“Randall Cobb looked good. It was good to have him out there,” McCarthy said.

It should be noted that running back Eddie Lacy also sat out Wednesday’s practice, but that appears to be a precaution. He missed most of last week’s practices as well and McCarthy says he fully expects Lacy to play on Sunday.

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  1. hate faux fans

    If the packers manage to win Sunday the bears will be in for another week 17 loss with Cobb and hopefully Rodgers

    • Rodgers will be back

      Agreed, Rodgers will start Sunday, but why show your hand until absolutely necessary.

      A big portion of practice was closed to the media today, and if i were a betting man, I’d say Rodgers did a lot more at that time.

      • PF4L

        Like Dick LeBeau is too stupid not to realize and prepare for the possibility that Rodgers might play. You guys kill me…lol

        • E. Wolf

          Another idiotic comment by PFAIL, like no other. Of course LeBeau will prepare for both Rodgers and Flynn–that is exactly the point. There is a finite amount of time and resources available to gameplan for the Packers. This is exacerbated by the fact that

          1) as an NFC team, the Packers are an uncommon opponent, rendering the Steelers less familiar with our schemes, thus requiring more preparation

          2) the Steelers will be traveling to Lambeau, giving them less time to prepare.

          From what I gather, coaching staff put in grueling hours week to week, on the order of 70-80 hours or more. By engaging in this sort of gamesmanship, Mac is potentially doubling the amount of prep work that opponents must put in, or really cutting down the amount of time and resources for each possible starter.
          It is for these and other reasons that Mac is engaging in this sort of GAMESMANSHIP.
          And so you see Gamesanship really does abound….

          • PF4L

            Like no other?

            Not even someone proclaiming the “season was over”?

            I forget who said that. 20 times.

          • PF4L

            1) “as an NFC team, the Packers are an uncommon opponent, rendering the Steelers less familiar with our schemes, thus requiring more preparation.”

            Yea, i’m sure Dick LeBeau is confused. he’s only been doing it for decades.

          • E. Wolf

            Learn to fucking read you miserable little twit. I never said it would confuse him. I said it doubles the amount of prep time.
            I already said my declaration is not at all embarrassing, unlike your inane, nonsensical screeds calling for Ted and Mac to be be fired.

    • PF4L

      1st it was a 3-4 week injury, then 6 weeks, then 6-8. I remember Mike Neal, who hurt his knee i believe in an individual drill. McCarthy said he was just about ready to come back, and 2,3 days later they announced he was having surgery. Forgive me if i don’t have great faith in the Packers medical staff.

    • PF4L

      Wolf…..Enough of the same “Gamesmanship abounds….” bullshit you post everyday. We get it..You repeating it 20 times is getting past the point of annoying.

      • E. Wolf

        A little rich for you to talk about being annoying.
        And yes, Gamesmanship does abound with McCarthy. He knows that Rodgers will play.

        • PF4L

          So you have the knowledge, that McCarthy knows that Rodgers will play? I forgot, you know everything. Like the season being over right?

          Yes, you repeating the “Gamesmanship abounds” post, is annoying. Just like when you were repeating your post, that the “season was over” was annoying.

          • E. Wolf

            Given how you annoy and insult me, consider it payback.
            And as I stated earlier, I’d rather be wrong about declaring the season over than author the many, many absurd posting you have authored. You know, the ones calling for Ted to be fired, the ones calling for Mac to be fired. Or the ones expressing false equivalence by comparing the injuries suffered in 2010 to those this season. That post about inviting rebelgb to the Brett Favre steakhouse on a dash n dine basis was pretty fucking retarded as well.
            Of course, we are not out of the woods yet, so my prophecy may still be true.

        • PF4L

          Wolf…I didnt invite rebel to Bretts steakhouse, it was savage, You cant even get your bullshit straight.

          • E. Wolf

            I don’t care enough to take close note. Regardless of who it was directed at, it was incredibly stupid and unfunny.

          • PF4L

            You don’t care enough to take close note?…but yet you can recite post iv’e written from the past? Dude, do you have even the slightest clue how dumb you sound?

    • Savage57

      Piss is in the air.

      The dogs are sprayin and we’re all prayin, will someone separate this pair?

      No love lost, the hate flows free and we all get to read

      Vitriol filled counter-posts, nasty little screeds

      Opinions differ, that’s for sure, they both leave no doubt

      I despise his ass, it’s clear to me, I need to let it out

      You douche, you fuck, you miserable cunt, why cant’ you see

      The rightness of it all’s reserved, exclusively for me.

      Both of y’all need to stand down – you hijack every fucking thread and it is getting old.

        • PF4L

          E WOLF: “Mom!! He’s picking on me!!” Fuck you, and fuck you to Savage if you can’t deal. If i call his bullshit out, i’m calling it out. Don’t read it and dont tell me what i can and cant post.

      • Savage57

        Hold up.

        Can I take that last part back? Please, keep it up. You two are like the Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith of this site.

        Old? Yeah, a bit. Entertaining? Bank.

      • Cheese

        Fuckin eh’ right guy! I really need to stop reading the comments on this site. At first I was like “oh cool, a Packer page that swears and rips on the Bears.” Now it’s just a bunch of man children talking shit to each other despite that they all want the same thing, the Packers to win! and if you don’t want the Packers to win then fuck off!

        • PF4L

          You don’t get much Bear hate on here. All i read from Packer fans here now, is how they respect the bears. I say the bears can eat shit and die. The Bears still suck,

    • PF4L

      How do you type while holding your baby bottle in your mouth.

      It’s pretty pathetic when you have to fabricate lies. Show me a post where i said Mac or Ted should be fired, then, if you can even find one, do the impossible and find two. I mean a post where i said fire them, not ones i critique them. In other words, not ones where you say, that i insinuated it.

      • E. Wolf

        Even if you did not explicitly call for these two to be fired, the strong criticism, however wrongheaded and misguided, effectively calls for them to be fired. Either way, the bulk of your posts are laughably absurd.

        • PF4L

          You said i wrote “the many, many absurd posting you have authored. You know, the ones calling for Ted to be fired, the ones calling for Mac to be fired.

          Lets see them….Get busy junior

          • E. Wolf

            Unlike you, I don’t go around cataloging disagree posts. Whether you explicitly called for them to be fired, or simply lodged wrongheaded, stupid critiques agaisnt them, is irrelevant, as they are the same thing. Saying someone is doing a terrible job is tantamount to calling for them to be fired.

          • PF4L

            Well if you dont catalog them, and then you admit i may not have explicitly said i what you accuse me of, i have a thought for you then….Dont make shit up and lie about it. give that some thought junior.

          • E. Wolf

            One look down. Second, communications (verbal and written) have explicit and implicit messages. So even if you did not explicitly call for Ted and Mike to lose their jobs (which you did as the post below proves), you do so implicitly, in the ABSTRACT by constant, unending posts deploring the job he is done. Whoever says this or that coach or gm (be they Ted, Mac, Rex Ryan or whoever) is doing a horrible terrible job, but is at the same time not conveying the general message that that should be fired.
            Now be gone with you, maggot.

  2. alwz4gbp

    Why not start Flynn and bring Rodgers in after a few series? Stash him in the locker room as “doubtful” and then bring him out. It’d scare the shit out of the Steelers and throw a wrench into all of their planning. Let them plan for the ground game and then go “air” game.

  3. T Pack

    Don’t look past Steelers. Will be another tough game for sure. Would be nice though to come out on fire instead of 3 & outs half way through the first half.

    • PF4L

      Like is was yesterday Charlie.

      Exactly T Pack. We shouldn’t confuse the Cowboys and Falcons defense, with the Steelers. As far as Rodgers fracture. 53rd day of healing. It’s go time. G D I.

    • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

      Very true. The Steelers started off slow this season as we all remember, but they have come together into a pretty decent team. Their D looks good, and their run game has developed. On top of that, they have several legitimate receiving threats.

      Their offensive line is a patchwork like ours and I think the weakest part of their team. If we can’t get some pressure on Ben, we’re in trouble. But I’m cautiously optimistic that guys will step up again in another must-win situation.

  4. big gay clay

    I don’t know if we can get past the steelers without Rodgers. With the Lions losing last week you think they would have cleared Rodgers by now if they have any intention of doing so by the end of the season

  5. PF4L

    Asked 2 days ago about Rodgers, McCarthy said they’d know more on Wed. after evaluation.

    2 days later…….Mike McCarthy: “Aaron Rodgers update, Aaron is ummmmm, doing better”. ( So, what does that tell us?) besides nothing.

    Mike McCarthy being asked on Rodgers chance of being cleared during the rest of the week..”blah blah (none answer) blah blah blah, more none answer.

    Did you scan him?. What did the “evaluation consist of? What would it take for him being cleared? ..Those are questions reporters should be asking. Maybe they are afraid he’ll yell at them if they ask pointed questions.

    In other news, when McCarthy stepped up to the microphone, he yelled BOO!! In a heap of panic, all the reporters ran out of the room.

    Enough of the…he’s doing better, we’ll evaluate him Wed and have an answer about Rodgers, enough of the “he’s looks good.” asshole.

    I’d have more respect with McCarthy if he just told the fucking truth, that he won’t answer questions about Rodgers. just say “no comment” if your just gonna dance around it. Enough with the double and triple speak bullshit.

      • Cheese

        “My apologies, but he is the one antagonizing me. I merely respond. ….”

        I didn’t see your name mentioned once, or any antagonizing here and still you choose to bicker for no reason.

        • PF4L

          Thanks cheese, i had my post written, didnt even see yours. Maybe one of these days i can find some chic to bitch slap Wolfie into a man.

          • Cheese

            Maybe he just needs to get laid to take the edge off ;) Go find him some sluts, Wisconsin beer, and throw a crazy shindig. Everybody wins.

        • E. Wolf

          It is still stupid–and this guy has incurred my enmity.. The time for forgiveness and reconciliation has passed.

          • PF4L

            I think you missed cheese’s point Wolf.

            Lets face it wolf, everyone know’s you get obsessed over things, and take them way too far. How’s your petition coming along on banning Favre from reconciling with the Packers?

            Did Teddy e-mail you back when you e-mailed him to state your case about Favre?

            Obsess much?

          • PF4L

            Wolf, if you didn’t like my post about McCarthy, why not try to rebuke it in an intelligent manner?

            Not just post..Gamesmanship or some insult, over and over.

            If you think you have 1/2 the intellect you tell us you have, because of your self proclaimed “classical education”. Then put it to use, instead of whining that a post is stupid.

            Rebuke it, debate it. Show some thought process. Instead of getting butt hurt someone said something unflattering about McCarthy.

          • E. Wolf

            You are one to talk you hypocritical piece of shit. How many times have you brought up my reference to the SNL skit on McLaughlin Group, on posts that had nothing whatsoever to do with it?

      • PF4L

        Wolf, why don’t you go cry to your Mom, Monty, and Savage, and show them how i antagonized you, because i wrote a football post about McCarthy.

      • Art Vandeleigh

        Wolf, you are such a turd. I read your posts just to see what stupid bullshit comes out of your mouth each day and you never cease to amaze. Can’t wait for tomorrow as each day gets more ridiculous! Now, go cry to Monty and Shawn that people are picking on you…

  6. PF4L

    McCarthy says Rodgers has been evaluated. Then goes on to say he didnt count his reps.

    So whats involved in this “evaluation”? Does McKenzie put pressure on Rodgers shoulder and ask him “does that hurt?”

  7. big gay clay

    I think they planned on shutting him down when we were 0-4-1 without him. Something just isn’t right about this whole situation…

  8. DJ

    Man, I hope ARod plays. Sunday is gonna be a war. We’re treading water with Flynn & I dont know how much air the life jacket has left in it. It is easy to see why he got launched by Seattle, Oakland, & Buffalo…he is a one read wonder and telegraphs where the ball is going everytime. If that one read is there though…he’s cash at delivering the ball. If our running game wasnt respectable or our WRs sucked…and we had to rely on him to read & make plays…we’d be in deep shit. I just dont think Flynn can win the next two games….especially with the way our D is playing. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. Richard

    Personally, I hope all of the constant obsessing about a rusty Rodgers and his collarbone health lights a fire in Flynn to shut everybody the fuck up about it come Sunday. Pittsburgh is about the longest of playoff long shots right now, other than the Jets, and Flynn picking up where he left off last Sunday isn’t the craziest idea.

  10. Gort

    I am NOT a doctor and I don’t play one on the internets.

    Watching the NFL Network replay of the game right now. Jordy (aka: 3 ring) just made the circus catch on 3rd and 10.

  11. Savage57

    Flynn will start on Sunday. Rodgers will be cleared to play. If Flynn struggles, AR is dispatched to the nearest phone booth.

    In accordance with the prophecies, so it is written, so it shall be done.

    WTF – makes as much sense as anything else.

    • PF4L

      Savage. Wolfs problems started when i posted negative critiques of his 2 hero’s Ted and Mac. Since then, he’s been trolling me, obsessively i might add. He doesn’t have a problem with me, its the content of my post of his 2 higher powers he bows down to. Most people here know, you don’t talk ill about Ted and Mac, or you will feel his wrath!!!…I say F U and your hurt feelings. Read my post, it’s always about the Packers, until she starts crying.

      • PF4L

        Thats why when he tried getting me banned with Shawn and Monty, he was told i was stating my opinions. It’s a fucking opinion forum. Like the site tells you, sometimes its crass. everybody needs to put their big boy pants on.

      • E. Wolf

        I need to set the record straight. Rebelgb first called for you to be banned. I simply concurred, as did Phatzgus (if I recall correctly.). And it was not your criticism of Mike and ted, it was you telling me and rebel and others to eat a dick, that we want to suck ted’s cock so and so forth.

        • PF4L

          Why doo you constantly repeat past past you’ve already written, constantly!!

          I said, “when it started” please use that classical education on reading skills. Thank you for understanding.

          And yes, when i asked you if you asked for me to be banned, you said “perhaps”…Then went on, how you didnt have to answer my questions.

          Wolf, Go obsess over someone else, find a new victim for your obsessive personalty. But for the 100th time, just stop fucking whining.

  12. lars

    There’s so much denial about Rodgers’ condition. It’s a two month (minimum) injury. Flynn is starting Sunday and AR will not be activated. Cobb isn’t playing either, BTW. 50/50 on Rodgers playing v. Chicago and Cobb might make it back by the first round playoff game IF GB wins out and makes the playoffs.

    Lose to Pittsburgh and you won’t see either one until 2014.

  13. Tucson Packer


    E. WOLF,

    You two WILL exchange gifts with each other.


  14. PF4L

    1st of all wolfie, i think phatgzus, and rebelgb can speak for themselves, unless your their mouthpiece.

    Yes, wolf, i told you to go eat a dick…I’m guilty, after about 2 months of you sniveling. I’ll say it again..Go eat a dick

    Yes Wolf, i told you to to get Teds dick out of your mouth..(guilty) as i have witnessed others convey those sentiments towards you. I apologize for telling you to get Teds dick out of your mouth, it was completely unfair to Mike McCarthy. How’s this? Take Teds and Mikes dick out of your mouth.

    Goodnight :)

  15. E. Wolf

    Look at what google found for me. Of course, your constant, incessant criticism of Ted as a substandard general manager are tantamount to constructive, de facto calls for him to be fired.


    As far as this season goes, this coaching staff, does anyone give a fuck anymore? At least until next years draft and training camp?
    After maybe, the most pathetically played game performed in Green Bay Packer history. And the embarrassment heaped upon Packer fans of said game. I am so fucking tired of McCarthys same ol same ol press conference Bull Shit.
    A new article is out how McCarthy believes in Dom Capers defense…Yea, Lets reward failure!!….Lets embrace failure!!
    I never once called for McCarthy to be replaced….For the 1st time, i am now….Fuck TT, Fuck Capers, and fuck McCarthy. I’m convinced none of them have any grasp of reality anymore concerning the Green Bay Packers, their fans, their shareholders.
    New GM and coaches, before Rodgers is wasted under Ted Thompson

    And as far as you questioning me being a genuine fan for declaring the season over, there is this. Hypocrite much?


    How can anyone, after seeing the Packer/Lion game, talk about anything concerning the Packers and the playoffs? Give me a break.
    I’ve never ever seen a worse game played, on both sides of the ball, in my life.
    Feel free to talk about winning the Division, winning out and getting in the playoffs and having the Easter Bunny over for dinner.. The reality is, no team in the NFC North would get out of the 1st round of the playoffs. The season is over, watch it, laugh at it, but let it go.

    • PF4L

      Google found that huh?…lmao

      Like i iv’e been stating people, OBSESSIVE. Jury is dismissed.

      Thank you all so much folks, don’t forget to tip your waitress. :)

      • E. Wolf

        Yeah, thats all you got, punkboy.

        Search terms:

        site:totalpackers.com pf4l Ted
        site:totalpackers.com pf4l season over

    • PF4L

      Well congrats WOLFIE, you found one post where i was pissed after a game…hardly the man, many times you claim i said that..Congradulations.

      As far as the 2nd pparagraph?..So?….What’s your point? Again, i was pissed after i game, i let it go after i vented. The difference between you and i is i said it once out of emotion.

      You said the season was from right after the Bears game, untill 4 days ago.

      What is your deal dude?

      • E. Wolf


        One look down. Second, communications (verbal and written) have explicit and implicit messages. So even if you did not explicitly call for Ted and Mike to lose their jobs (which you did as the post below proves), you do so implicitly, in the ABSTRACT by constant, unending posts deploring the job he is done. Whoever says this or that coach or gm (be they Ted, Mac, Rex Ryan or whoever) is doing a horrible terrible job, but is at the same time not conveying the general message that that should be fired.
        Now be gone with you, maggot.

  16. PF4L

    How about this Wolfie, i’ll go to sleep…You can go search Total Packers.com’s past post till the sun comes up.

    I hope you feel better some day Wolfie.

  17. Shut up Already

    You two idiots sure are ruining the comments section on this site for non posting trolls like myself. Can’t you idiots meet each other in a chat room and duke it out mentally on your own? I doubt you fags would actually meet up and fight in real life. Packers fans vs Packers fans

    • E. Wolf

      I apologize. I mind my own business and he antagonizes me (see comment 4 as one example). I really do not want any part in this flame war. I try to ignore him but it is not always easy.

      • Cheese

        Complete bullshit. Look at comments 44-46 on this SAME thread. You clearly do want a flame war. Don’t get me wrong, you’re both guilty of antagonizing each other. Just stop pretending to be Mr.Innocent and lying out your ass.

        • E. Wolf

          One, PFAIL’s comment was asinine, even for him. Two, my response was after him latching on to me.
          Believe me, I want no part of this. The guy is a troll and the best strategy is to simply not engage, but that is always not always possible.

  18. Re-DONK

    I love this site, have been coming here for a long tine, and usually enjoy the comments as part of my reading. But the longer this ridiculous 2-sided bitch fest continues, the closer I come to seriously limiting my time on here.

    Someone please put an end to it so we can go back to collectively hating those purple chili slurpers from the other side of the Mississippi.


    Think of the children.

  19. buster bluth

    here in bay land….we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of
    snow by kickoff. get the schnapps ready.

  20. Don Q

    How long will the fracture take to heal?How long it takes the fracture to heal depends upon many factors, such as age, the location of the fracture and how many pieces it is broken into. Clavicle fractures in children (younger than 8 years old) may heal in four or five weeks, and clavicle fractures in adolescents may take 6 to 8 weeks. However, fractures in adults or teenagers who have stopped growing take 10-12 weeks to heal and may take longer. Most clavicle fractures will heal completely by four monthsin an adult. There are some indications that clavicle fractures broken into more pieces take longer than ones with a fewer fragments.

  21. PackLethal

    I do enjoy the diatribe between you two & hope neither one of you ever leave this site. You two share passionate obsession. PF4L, he got you with his Google search, he found what you emphatically denied & you respond with diversion & misdirection. Now I feel compelled to address your complaint of E. Wolf repeating “Gamesmanship,” when you were on the “Metaphysical Certitude” kick but I do get when one has learned a new novelty statement & runs with it! E. Wolf, you have at many times past, strove to define the future of the Packers & reversed your position due to the changing tides of feast or famine! The story of the season will unfold as it should! Right now the Packers are in a precarious position but I must confess I like the “win or go home” scenario! The last time the Packers were in that position, the Pack made a run up to the Super Bowl & admittedly, this is not the same team nor do they posses the same hunger. The Pack has one post-season win (against the Vikings) since the SB run & this is the time to shine! E. Wolf is absolutely correct in his statement about dividing finite time of the opposition (Steelers)! It is a common tactic for many years now & in the context of the history of world, it is a tactic often used in war & is that not the essence of football, it’s medieval battle & is a major part of football! That being said, I want the GM, HC & DC replaced!!! I believe it’s time for fresh leadership before the A. Rodgers window closes. He is the nucleus of of a few solid SB runs & that needs to be pursued, in my opinion!! Good day fellas & keep coming back!!

    • Phatgzus

      Bloody brilliant! Absolutely effin’ pulchritudinous!…up until your last thought, which I respectfully disagree with.

    • PF4L

      lol..Diversion and misdirection huh?….Well Packlethal….I said it once, after the Detroit game, maybe the most pathetic performance of an NFL team in history. I said what everyone was thinking. What did you think during and after that game? Playoffs, here we come?….I said it “once”. Not many, many times, as D bag stated. He didn’t get me, he showed his compulsive obsession.

      And you better watch what you say about replacing Ted and “Mac”. That shit don’t fly in here. As you’ve witnessed.

    • E. Wolf

      You are insane wanting Ted and Mac replaced. The problems we face are of course attributable to other factors.
      I do believe the prospects of this team remain bright for 2014 and beyond. Just imagine the double-headed monster of Rodgers passing attack and Eddie Lacy when both are healthy. As I have stated before there are certainly problems with out defense, but all of these youngens have demonstrated playmaking ability. Let Capers retire, bring in someone new, get healhty, address the safety, ILB and tackle positions and you will see this defense make dramatic steps forward.

  22. PackLethal

    Sadly I cannot defend my position with logic & sound reasoning nor will I attempt to sway your own good judgement. Perhaps your right (definitely about the Rodgers/Lacy threat, that IS VERY potent) about the HC & GM. I am operating more from gut feeling & past disappointment from those two (can we agree the DC needs to go?). I disagree with the GM’s largely inflexible model of draft only & the HC’s much predictable play calling in the Packs recent history (haven’t we all collectively felt this way the last two seasons???) & left me feeling a bit………… tainted!!! Most of the pieces are in place & tho all make respectable, sound arguments, I am still left with the feeling that new, strong, flexible leadership would be the best direction! Two words accurately describe GB…….. Title Town!!!

    • Phatgzus

      I respect your perspective, intuition certainly can’t be ignored.

      Just watched the replay of the game; regardless of one’s opinion of the ability of the coaches and players, I don’t know how anyone could not love this team, their resolve, and the leadership ability of MM.

    • E. Wolf

      And I could be wrong about Ted (but I don’t think I am). A lot of these guys who I hope blossom may not. Right now though it appears to be more about a combination of

      1) coaching/schematics–this is explains why sometimes they make plays other times they don’t. Note as one example how confused the D was on that Romo Bryant TD in the 4th quarter.
      2) guys playing hurt or being out of commission
      3) some admittedly bad GM moves at certain positions (saeftly ILB and tackle).

      I remain pessimistic about this year but I see an incredible resurgence in 2014 and beyond.

  23. cd4packers

    I don’t mind reading little spats between users. I always have the choice to not read their comments. Why start bitching about other users comments? Where does that get you? No one is holding your head to the computer screen forcing you to read PF4L’s and Wolfies’ posts. If you have something you want to say, then post it. No one can ruin this site for you, other than you.

  24. PackLethal

    E. Wolf,
    I completely agree with your 3 points above as well as your previously stated position of “youngens with playmaking ability!” I do ponder your 2nd point a lot these last few weeks &, although injuries in football do happen, I wonder if the conditioning program/coach is doing a proper job for the team! I think to hamstring issues that seem to rear their ugly head at the most inopportune times & it is a setback! As to GM moves, I’m old school & I have not liked the way this O-line has been built or developed. O-lines always need time to develop & function as one unit. Weakness anywhere is weakness everywhere with the line. I think all of us saw this coming. It ignore tried & true principles in traditional O-line building & gives me pause! The other area of major concern, for me, is a consistent multi-pronged pass rush! It always help the DB’s. It feels like the Pack has never truly filled the void created by Jenkins departure. But overall, yes, going forward looks promising talent-wise if your (& my) concerns are addressed!

    • E. Wolf


      I have been highly critical of the medical and training program for some time. The Packers have led the league in injuries three out of the past four years.
      At what point do we realize that a continuing, pervasive epidemic of injuries cannot be just coincidence. There is obviously malfeasance on the part of the medical and training staff, as such a consistent high rate of injuries do not normally happen in the absence of negligence. Over the off-season, management needs to approve the formation of a third-party, blue ribbon panel of experts to conduct a comprehensive audit and investigation of our medical and training staff and our training and conditioning programs.
      Thiis past year Mac tried to look into things, but he is a football coach, not an expert on sports fitness and training. It is high time to bring in someone from the outside to get to the bottom of this.

  25. PF4L

    We can predict a great season ahead, but it is nothing more than a hopefulful guess.

    Too many variables, that’s why things change year to year in the NFL, look at the Falcons, Baltimore, Denver, Chiefs, Giants, Panthers, ect.

    I thought the Packers had a real tough schedule this season. But it isn’t as it appeared. I think if Rodgers doesn’t go down, we’d be sitting at 10-4, maybe even 11-3 and we’d already have the North won and we’d be talking about if we should rest players instead of trying to scrape in the playoffs. But it happens, You never know.

  26. PackLethal

    Couldn’t agree more! I’m with you on those predictions! A lot of teams tanked it or are a shadow of the previous season! Always strange, yet exciting, things in the NFL! I love it so!

  27. PackLethal

    E. Wolf,
    I just saw your latest post… Absolutely! I do not put that on MM & I did not realize the percentage of injuries were that high but something does need to change in the current conditioning/medical staff/program. You were spot-on about the injuries & guys being out of commission! I’ve been a gym rat for years & to this strength & conditioning layman, hamstring issues are almost always a culprit of strength imbalances in the antagonistic muscle group (quads MUCH strong than hammies) & MCL/ACL can be a result due to failure to address lateral movement/development. Granted, it’s football! Injuries are gonna happen but the info you provided is clearly disproportionate & speaks to improper conditioning. As a layman (not a pro trainer), I do know a balanced approach would reduce the chances of these issues that continually leaves the Pack “hamstrunged!!!”

    • E. Wolf

      Glad I can be of help. That statistic is from Jason Wilde btw.
      A lot of that post was taken from an email I sent to Homer and Thunder after Bulaga went down–in Augst. Alex Petakis read it online. Mitch Nelles was dismissive of it, claiming that ACL’s tears are more just about bad luck than training. Your comment suggests otherwise.
      I understand some injuries, such as those suffered by Cobb and Finely just happen, but a lot of these create a pattern that has been observed for four or five years now.
      Btw, I also understand that Matthews, Perry and Jones are all nursing various strains of some sort and have not played at 100 percent all year long. I understand Matthews now has a hamstring condition that will always be a part of who he is but I am not sure he did not develop that condition prior to coming here.
      Something really needs to be done about this, first thing in the off-season. If there is one single thing factor that may waste away the Rodgers era, injuries ranks right up there with the defense.

  28. PackLethal

    Did I really say “hamstrunged?” It sounded good at the time but then again, it’s awful late for me!

  29. Dick Trickle "33"

    E. Wolf, you should seriously send your comment about the medical staff to ‘Ask Vic.’ If it gets posted, it may plant the seed in the front office to get that done. This is an amazingly good idea.

    • E. Wolf

      Vic is way too milktoast for me. ANd he is a company man, pulling the company man.
      If that is the best you have for a refutation …. Or were you being sincere?

  30. PF4L

    Yea, Wolf’s pretty smart.

    #17 written by E. Wolf
    12/18/2013 – 3:40 pm
    And yes, Gamesmanship does abound with McCarthy. He knows that Rodgers will play.

    • E. Wolf

      Jason Wilde thought so until late Thursday. Bill Johnson still thought he would play as early as Friday morning. So bite me.

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