Aaron Rodgers Says He’s Playing This Week

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Earlier today there was a report that Aaron Rodgers would be lucky to play agains the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday and that the Green Bay Packers might shut him down for the season.

Well, apparently, Aaron Rodgers says he’s playing.

Now, the first question here is this. Who the hell is Kyle Montgomery?

I really don’t know. Never heard of him, but apparently he works for Fox Sports. After a little research, it appears he hosts a show about the Los Angeles Clippers for Fox Sports West. You’d think I’d know that being that I live in Los Angeles, but no.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, this is still a Lakers town. And mine is still a Bucks/Lakers household. The Clippers can suck a dick.

In any case, I guess QB1 was in Los Angeles watching the Pacers beat the Clippers on Sunday and he talked to Montgomery. Why he didn’t call me, I don’t know.

Probably because I don’t go to Clippers games.

Now, just because Rodgers says he’s playing doesn’t mean he is. That dude probably would have trotted out onto the field two weeks ago if the Packers crack medical staff would have let him.

As we all know, it’s not his decision alone when he returns from his collarbone injury. It’s the combination of him — and we know he feels good and can throw — the medical staff and the coaching staff.

If the last two groups say no, Rodgers probably still isn’t playing on Sunday.

But hey, with sports reporters who report sports stories via Twitter, it’s all just a circle jerk. One jerkoff says one thing. Another jerkoff says another. And then all the rest of us who actually take the time to write and analyze shit are left to try to read the tea leaves.

In this case, either the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport — who said Rodgers would be lucky to play on Sunday — will be wrong, or Fox Sports West’s Kyle Montgomery — who talked to Rodgers at a basketball game — will be wrong.

We just tell you what these dickheads are saying… and how they contradict each other in an effort to generate some buzz.

In reality, the real decision won’t come until Monday at the earliest. More likely, we’ll have to wait and see how much Rodgers participates in practice this week.

If he practices in full on Thursday, then he goes on Sunday, barring a setback.

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39 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Says He’s Playing This Week"

  1. chad lundberg

    If he does play, the packers have to be in all or nothing mode.WE HAVE TO WIN OUR NEXT FOUR GAMES if we want to reach the playoffs, and even then its not guaranteed.The Lions still have to lose at least 2 games in orderfor us to win the division. We sure as hell won’t make it in through a wild card. If we don’t win against the lame 2-9 Falcons we not only won’t make it, but they probably don’t even deserve to go. In any case, Rodgers return is more than welcomed. The last month has proved that he’s probably right up there with Peyton Manning in terms of total value to their team.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    Because the Bears pee’d down their legs vs. the ‘Queens, now I bet he very well may return…the “Rodgers may not return” talk is all just “Smoke ‘N’ Mirrors” vs. the Falcons.

    Desperate for a win in a mediocre division…

  3. PF4L

    lol…That game was sooo ugly, I didn’t feel it was right that the Packers weren’t involved at all.

    I don’t see a team in the NFC North advancing past the 1st round.

  4. Dave

    Even if the Pack wins out and Detroit pulls a “Detroit”, do you really want to see a drubbing at Lambeau in the first round of the playoffs? Remember, I am a realist and I sincerely doubt that our defense, remember all the missed tackles and 500+ yard games for the other guys, would have a snowball’s chance in hell against SF or Carolina.

    • PF4L

      Yea, I don’t think we want to see our defense get burnt for another 500+ yards, in the regular season, the playoffs, ever. The last 2 games the defense gave up 1,008 yards. Must be because Rodgers is out.

  5. Tucson Packer

    More importantly, what are we all going to pool together and get as Christmas gifts for Murphy and Thompson?!

  6. nurseratchett

    NO NO NO a thousand times no. Let this season go & use the rest of the season like padded practices/tryouts, then CLEAN HO– — USE when the season is officially wrapped.

    • Iltarion

      Not going to happen, nurseratchett. This isn’t the NBA.

      Even Jacksonville is winning games now. In the NFL you play to win until the season is over.

      Do you think just finishing with a non-losing season, like 8-7-1 means something to McCarthy and that locker room? Of course it does.

      • Tortuga Classy Rum

        You are assuming that the Packers coaching staff and players have some pride left, and would care about being above .500. Do you think Jordy Nelson is going to start high fiving his teammates when they make it to 8-7-1?From what I saw on Thursday, there is no pride left, which is a shame. They quit – no one wanted to be there.

        As a Packer fan, I would hope that someone comes into the locker room on Monday, and shows some spine. God knows it ain’t coming from McCarthy who will give his usual “gotta clean it up” script or Dom “500 yds/per game is my bag, baby” Capers.

        • Abe Frohman

          yeah….that’s how I saw the Detroit game as well. Yet it only takes a spark to turn things around. If 12 had quit on us, he wouldn’t be itching to return. 12 definitely could be that spark and I would not in any way be surprised to see the Pack get on a roll.

  7. T Pack

    Just my opinion but I would rather have a playoff game then no playoff game. Playoff football is what it is all about.
    Get Rodgers back and get this ship turned around. You know the Bears & Lions will shit the bed eventually. Just get in. Anything can happen.
    Then clean house!

    • PF4L

      If we have to suffer, through another National embarrassment like we did on Thanksgiving with our defense giving up 561 yards, I’d rather skip the playoffs, and get straight to the house cleaning.

      And just to be real, I’m under no illusion, the Packers are going to the playoffs.

  8. Iltarion

    Since I will be at Sunday’s game, I would appreciate Rodgers’ participation.

    If the Packers were to win the division, they would likely play at home against San Fran. Imagine that? A rematch against San Fran at Lambeau Field?

    Yeah, the 49ers should pound the Packers, but having a shot at them would be epic.

  9. Lance McCullers

    So, seeing as we are only 2 wins ahead of the Jags, and without #12 won’t win another game, what top 5 FBS team would the Packers beat in their current state? I would bet that we would give Mizzou a good game, but would probably lose to Alabama and Florida State.

    Although, I think we could probably go into Ohio State and get a “W”, but we have a lot of trouble with running Quarterbacks and refuse to prepare for that type of offense. So, if we can beat OSU and maybe Auburn, shouldn’t the Packers be considered a good college team? But then the debate would be, “What top college team would start someone like Marshall Newhouse”…my argument fell apart on itself.

  10. hate faux fans

    If you think a college team can beat a pro you’re delusional, some of you can’t accept losing very well which shows signs if immaturity

      • Phatgzus

        Actually no, not really, that’s why it’s generally considered the basest form of humor, that and being “big/loud”. Ya know because it’s REALLY sooooo hard to be sarcastic.

        Furthermore, sarcasm really does not translate well to written form, as Shawn, ostensibly is implying. It does, however, make for a great method of denial.

  11. Dick Trickle "33"

    Let’s move Newhouse to RG and then try to run the ball directly at Suh and Fairley through the A gap. Not working? Well, let’s at least try that 10 more times just to be sure…

  12. Bart

    Sit him, lose out the rest of the games, cut ties with Dom Capers, and draft to the new D-coordinator’s needs.

    • Phatgzus

      Dude, that’s loser talk, pure and simple. You never give up until the season is over (and it is still not over, not figuratively, not literally), have pride in what yourself and what you do. Vince Lombardi would eat you for breakfast.

  13. Bart

    Whatever. That defense has no business competing for a title this year. It’s time for the “bend but don’t break” D to move on because–guess what! It’s broken. Dom needs to move the fuck on.

    Then again, maybe someone will beat the record for yards of offense on the Pack this post-season for the secord year in a row. Damn-near happened last week.

    Does anyone see answers for all the injuries sustained on both sides of the ball this year? I don’t. This season is a bust. Best to play the long game by losing out for the season, gain the leverage to obtain pieces that fit the needs of the roster, and don’t risk Aaron Rodgers’ career on an off-chance of making the playoffs. But shit, I guess that’s just loser talk. Or a rational strategy. One or the other…

  14. Mike

    I believe that a rational strategy to preserve A. Rodgers should be in play. Do you think Tom Brady would want to be behind this O line? I think not! Until this O line is fixed (next year at the earliest) A Rodgers is best served seated. This team needs to fix itself period! It is in a most inappropriate state of dysfunction.

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