Aaron Rodgers Likes Broads, Everybody

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Aaron Rodgers: QB1

Aaron Rodgers: QB1

Yeah, we told you about that fucking nonsensical, get-us-some-traffic-to-our-shitty-site report that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was gay, this morning.

That shit storm was cause by said website, which doesn’t deserve us naming or linking to it again, and some “spy” who you’d think was apparently on the scene.

Well, no. The “spy” was just some asshole reader who wrote in and said, hey, I think Aaron Rodgers is gay! Here’s the obvious proof!

And the proof was shit, at best. More like unadulterated speculation.


It’s Tuesday. And you know what that means! It means Tuesday’s With Aaron… or whatever the fuck they call that over there in Milwaukee. More importantly, it means Jason Wilde asking Rodgers real questions.

Not just football questions. But shit about his personal life.

Here’s where we’ll credit Wilde for probing — or trying to probe — Rodgers about his reported engagement to Destiny Newton last year.

He may get his material from here, but at least he uses it!

So, Aaron are you gay? And if you are, do you want to come out of the closet right now and be the only openly-gay player in the NFL while your team is preparing for a playoff matchup with the San Francisco 49ers?

“I’m not gay,” Rodgers said.  “I really, really like women. That’s all I can say about that.”

Well, good news for all you homophobes. You can totally rest easy now. QB1 has confirmed that he is not, in fact, gay.

We told you this morning. We also told you it didn’t matter.

And now that I think about it, here’s the rub. I grew up in northwoods Wisconsin, where you don’t find anyone who’s openly gay. And for good reason — some stupid fucking redneck would kick their ass.

Because “Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! I no understand or like what you do!”

At any rate, what the fuck ever…

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

89 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Likes Broads, Everybody"

  1. K.L.

    Who the hell cares what his sexuality is anyways. He’s the best QB in the NFL. And we have him on our team. Leave it to brain-dead homophobes to freak out over this shit.

  2. Richard

    If it wasn’t a rumor started by some devastated Bear fan, it was probably started by a San Francisco fan hoping for a distraction. Oh, the irony of gay rumors surfacing during San Fran week

  3. PF4L

    “Well, good news for all you homophobes. You can totally rest easy now. QB1 has confirmed that he is not, in fact, gay.”

    “We told you this morning. We also told you it didn’t matter.”

    If it “really” didn’t matter, you wouldn’t write about it.

    It matters. welcome to the real world.

  4. TyKo Steamboat

    Please allow me to clear something up….

    Think hard. This happens every year. It’s called the “Playoff rumor mill”

    It is designed by others to distract teams & move their focus. Every team is dealing with this.
    I guess to distract the Pack you go after Rodgers.

    Rite here, in Colorado, the distractions around the Broncos are Jack Del Rio to the ViQueens & Josh McDaniels to the Browns….

    Same crap, different season.

    In the words of Garth Algar…”Game On!”

  5. Cuban

    I for one couldnt give two shits less if he was gay or not, k.L. Said it best, hes still the best in the league and he plays for our team

  6. PF4L

    We should have more relevant articles about the Packers preparing for the 49ers.

    Like the fact Dom Capers is so nervous he can’t sleep, thinking about going up against the 49ers again. Maybe (hopefully) Rodgers can save his ass, just like Ted’s and Mac’s, by winning.

  7. PF4L

    “And now that I think about it, here’s the rub. I grew up in northwoods Wisconsin, where you don’t find anyone who’s openly gay. And for good reason — some stupid fucking redneck would kick their ass.”

    I live in northwoods Wisconsin, and their are openly gay people, bartenders, business owners, chefs, ect. No, they don’t get their asses kicked, nor are they treated as outcast. Any other “stupid fucking” asinine statements you want to enlighten us with?

    • A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

      I live in the north woods of Wisconsin too, where are these gay fuckers you speak of, I’ll kick their ass.

    • Monty McMahon

      I’ll tell you what. Point one out and I’ll show you 100 ignorant fucks who will want to beat the shit of that person because they’re different and they don’t understand. And then I’ll kick the shit out of you for being a fucking dumbass… or maybe I’ll just save myself the trouble and ban you and your stupid fucking nonsense from this site. I know no one would miss you. This is your warning, Chachie.

    • Phatgzus

      Deny what? That they’re pictures? Yeah, I doubt anyone will be championing that cause.

      If you’re implying the picture you posted (which is very possibly one you consider most representative of your beliefs) implicates him, then just nope.

  8. FITZCORE1252

    I went back to Wisconsin in early November for a funeral (Cornell), for such a little town I was a little surprised the Funeral Director was flaming. I couldn’t care less, but it was a little surprising to me, given where I was.

  9. Fritz from LaCrosse

    Bumper sticker or banner for Frisco game:
    (Or should that be “tiptoes”?)

  10. buster bluth

    This is the ultimate drawback to blogs. They turn freedom of speech into a perverse male soap opera. As such they attract a devoted but slightly warped individual.

  11. rebelgb

    There is NO freedom of speech on a private website dumbasses.

    That being said, I for one have always enjoyed the relative freedom this site has allowed in the past to post controversial and at times repugnant views.

    Thats how I roll and I hope to be able to continue to do so.

  12. lars

    If it doesn’t deserve you naming or linking it, why put it up on your shitty site at all? yea, to increase traffic. More BS on top of the earlier BS.

    Now, if you want to run with a gay theme, why not speculate on the Ted Thompson rumors? Or, is he off-limits?

  13. Packfan

    Wow, lately packer fans have been going at each other pretty bad in the comment section. Something you would expect from maybe Lions, or Bears, or even a Viking. I sure hope we start treating each other with respect that true Packer fans deserve.
    Somebody say your fucking sorry , and get back to bitching at other shitty teams instead of each other.

        • cd4packers

          I apologize for the lengthy posts. They were written to one specific person. And I should not let this person get to me. So I won’t. I hate long winded posts too and have said so on this site. Again, sorry. :)

    • E. Wolf

      I agree wholeheartedly. I come here, as well as other forums to find community among Packer fans. That is also why I have written some of the guest articles that have been featured.
      I really love this team (despite managing realistic or even pessismitic expectations for this team this year). About NYC or wherever I am, if I see someone wearing Packers gear, I typically approach them and shout “GO PACK”.
      It really saddens me that this sort of thing happens, and it saddens me more that provocations have linked my personage to this sort of nonsense.
      In the end it simply reinforces my fairly negative, pessimistic views about humanity. Oh well. So be it.

  14. Don Q

    Anyone that writes a fucking essay every time they post should be banned. FYI, less is more you long winded drama queens(You know who you are!).


    Who cares if he likes cock. We all know the Seahawks will destroy your fraud of a team. Our history is far superior to yours. Bitch.

  16. cd4packers

    I said I want this to end. No one wants to read this crap. Call me whatever you like. Won’t bother me one bit.

    I love how the Bears fans are all over this gay AR thing. Like I said before, it’s all they have.

  17. Shawn

    There have been multiple comments by multiple users jacked from this article.

    It wasn’t Monty; it was me. Look at it like Monty is KGB and I am Grama, your fate, sitting and waiting patiently.

    No one has been banned that I am aware.

    As you were…

  18. Suzy Kolber Banged Scott Van Pelt

    I could have sworn Rodgers was gay the way he’d give it to Cutler up the ass every time they faced off.

  19. GBslacker

    As an aside…

    who the fuck calls a woman a “broad” these days ???

    Didn’t that go out with cars with tailfins ???

  20. IGGLES

    I won’t lie Aaron Rodgers is kind of a faggot. So there does seem to be some truth there. We will have a new chant for when you come to Philly bitch :D

    • TyKo Steamboat

      HAHAHA we pummeled you fairys on our way to the title in ’10 & both times in your house.

      Eagles are a buncha losers.

      A Superbowl trophy case with dead moths, a can of Alpo & Chunky soup.

      the ShEagles

    • Kozak

      Another kid with no life. Won’t mom let you out of the basement either? You and seacocks should get together and you could have a little mutual circle jerk, to give you something to fill your pathetic empty little life.

  21. Don Q

    Does this piece of shit Seahawks fan know that Green Bay is playing San Francisco this weekend? When the Saints go into Century Dink stadium and beat those lime green wearing dong huffers niether the 49ers or Packers will play them. Choke yourself loser.

  22. GBslacker

    All this talk about gayness and football reminded me of a joke — just google “block that kick” or “block that point”

    There will be several versions — all of them should prove entertaining to the site’s constituency… considering they involve football, beer drinking, and homosexuality (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  23. gidge

    The rumormill is the news, not his sexuality. And it doesn’t fucking matter who he has sex with as long as wins the damn game. Also, as someone who’s also from redneck country of Wisco, (stop using the other f-word; it makes you sound like an ignorant jackass) I would agree you could easily get your ass kicked if you’re “too gay.” Not to say it’s that simplistic; there are plenty of people who’ll call a gay man a pedophile behind their back. Happy new year! Now let’s focus on the 49ers.

  24. Najeh Davenportland

    All you guys are fags. I wish Rodgers was gay. Who gives a shit? He’d be like Jackie Robinson. Fuck it. I’d love him if he were trans.

    Go Pack Go

  25. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    as long as he doesn’t start wearing heels and taking five-mince drops, I don’t give a shit where he puts his genitals as long as it’s legal and between two consenting adults. but what do I know, I’m just an “ignorant fuck” hick Wisconsinite.

  26. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    on the field. as long as he doesn’t start wearing heels on the field. off the field, hey whatever floats his boat.

  27. Pete D

    Not sure if people are homophobes in Northern Wisconsin , but it’s 100% verified that there are no hot women up there in that backwoods shit

  28. Fritz from LaCrosse

    Frisco better be wearing their “hottest” electric socks, as the sunday forecast calls for -40 F wind chill [-10F in the shade].

  29. IGGLES

    E-A-G-L-E-S you faggots can’t sellout a PLAYOFF GAME! WE DID IN 28 SECONDS. That’s passion and it’s a shame because you have none.

    • Arcturus

      Nobody cares about the Eagles. They are a little-noticed team with no national following that gets marginal coverage because they had a criminal for a QB and they play the Cowboys twice a year. Packers have owned them historically. How many Lombardi trophies are in your case, IGGLES? It is very easy to tell you to piss off.

  30. Nacho Libre

    Iggles, you pathetic piece of amphibian shit stay off Packers blogs, you have no business here. Why don’t you go back to masturbating to an old Mc Nabb fathead posted on your bedroom wall then have your tranny of a mother pick up all your tissue, fuckin’ inbred cock smoker!

  31. IGGLES

    Nick Foles > Aaron Rodgers and OH Yeah Eagles NATION is just starting. The Packers bullshit following has existed since when huh? When? Tell me? Fake ass bandwagon fans.

    • Tucson Packer

      sorry, I watched Nicky Foles choke plenty of times at UofA when it came to actually getting the job done and putting away an opponent.

  32. E. Wolf

    We are not playing the Eagles, and will not unless both teams makes the NFC championship game. .. so why the trolling?

  33. Nacho Libre

    Talk about a fuckin’ bandwagon fan, eagles nation is JUST STARTING? So you’re the leader who’s about to commandeer the bandwagon flock of eagles fans? Get the fuck outta here with that shit, really I don’t see why I’m even bothering to retaliate against some retarded piece of inbred shit, cuz all you’re going to keep doing is coming back with lame ass rants, it’d be a waste of my time. Keep fantasizing about your elite Napoleon Dynamite look alike QB and Mc Nabb busting a train on you, size queen.

  34. Cheese

    While we’re on the subject here’s a tip of the day- Never, I mean NEVER, image search “the Bears still suck.” Thought I was gonna find some funny football pictures, ended up being DEEPLY disturbed. You’ve been warned.

    • Tucson Packer

      Yes, just like you were ready just a few years ago. Amazing, I don’t seem to remember you on this site trolling around and spoutin’ off your ignorance then. Enjoy your wagon.


    We even have an Eagles fan trolling you guys to death! Haha! Hey have you guys seen our latest NFL films video about Phish and the Seahawks fans? It’s really cool! Too bad Wisconsin will never ever produce anything that cool. You know sports and music wise lol.

    • Tucson Packer

      Too bad that has nothing to do with anything. How many Lombardi’s did Phish put in your trophy case?

    • E. Wolf

      Phish–you mean that bit so derivative of Grateful Dead? Not cool. Nor was the grunge scene–it wrongfully supplanted the budding shoegaze scene from the UK. I am from Seattle btw.

    • E. Wolf

      Btw, Phish are not even from Seattle, but rather are berkenstock wearing hippies from Vermont. They do seem to have an inordinate following in Seattle however.


    So you are from Seattle AND you are a Packers fan? Wow bandwagon to the core! You must be a Yankees fan as well. It’s Seattle sports or nothing at all. Fruit.

    • Tucson Packer

      Absolutes do not exist.
      Didn’t your mother teach you anything?
      She sure took me to school a few times…

      A truly great sports team’s fan base isn’t limited to just those born in the immediate area or of that State’s borders. I cant believe someone has to explain that to you.

      I mean, you should realize that having such great sports te..
      never mind.

    • E. Wolf

      I thought I told you to read this:


      If you read it, particularly the comments, you will learn I have liked the Packers since the third grade.
      Not everyone subscribes to the notion of pulling for the “home team.” Some teams, including the Packers, the Cowboys, the Steelers, and in baseball the Yankees, Redsox and Cubs, transcend regionalism.
      Packer fans are all over the country, and indeed all over the world. There was one fellow from Australia who moved to Green Bay because he loved the team so much.
      You are right about one thing–the Packers are the Yankees of the NFL, without the New York City flash, without buying championships. In each sport there is a timeless, classic, marquee team that people will always talk about:

      In hockey, the Montreal Canadiens,
      Basketball, the Boston Celtics
      Baseball, the New York Yankees
      Football, THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!

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