Aaron Rodgers Out Another Week

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Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Not surprisingly, the Green Bay Packers will face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday without Aaron Rodgers, who will miss his seventh consecutive game with a broken collarbone.

There was talk yesterday about how good Rodgers looked in practice. Rodgers also said he felt great. Obviously, the Packers’ team doctor didn’t care about any of that, though.

“Aaron Rodgers has been declared out for the game. As we do every week, obviously a lot of conversation about Aaron. He’s not medically cleared. That’s still the case today,” coach Mike McCarthy said.

“I thought Aaron Rodgers did everything he could possibly do. That’s what you ask of your players.”

McCarthy went on to say the decision to sit Rodgers again was organizational, but wouldn’t divulge who makes the final call. He also mentioned that Rodgers understands the decision.

So, we’ll get to go through this whole rigamarole again next week. Of course, if the Packers don’t win on Sunday, then they may as well just shut Rodgers down for the year.

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    • valpoPackers

      What’s going on is that fractured clavicles take 8-10 weeks to heal. The fans wanted a time-table, and the media kept throwing out these unrealistic 3-4 week time tables, the fans bit, and of course everyone’s panties are now in a bundle.

  1. the real russ letlow

    lets skip the rigamorale next week. I’m full of rigamorale. lets try a main dish of “being upfront”, with a side of “honesty”. If he plays, great, if not, oh well. don’t drag it out. Doc McKenzie would probably give you his opinion today, right now, for next week.

    • Buster Bluth

      Yeah, you’d think the mossad has taken up residence at 1265.
      But this Aaron ” fucking ” Rodgers and so the middle school games continue.

  2. Ferris

    All these fools that think he should just trot out there have never had a broken collarbone. If he did play and get re-injured the same fools would be the ones saying now our franchise QB is always hurt.

    • PF4L

      I have had a broken collarbone. Thank you very much.

      This is the NFL junior, every player risk getting injured. It’s crunch time, we control winning the division. Maybe a NFL player never played injured before in your mind. It’s a risk, every game!!

      Rodgers has obviously been told to shut his mouth as evidenced by his latest interview we see all over the sports channels. “That is a McCarthy question”. That isn’t Aaron Rodgers talking.

      Rodgers is a grown man, 30 years old, says he’s feeling great, throwing great, at what point do you let him make the call to play?

      Rodgers has been around for 8 years, is 7 weeks healing time not enough to put some trust in Rodgers to make the call? Or do the Packers have different motivations in their decisions. iv’e always viewed Rodgers as being smart and level headed. The Packers should stop treating him like a 12 year old.

      This is the kind of situation, that possibly puts a bad taste in Rodgers mouth concerning the powers to be at 1265 Lombardi Ave.

  3. Cheese

    It’s just a clavicle, put a metal rod in there and get on the field. Otherwise take his 8 games of pay that he’s missed and give it to Sam Shields next year. It’s probably more than they’re already offering him.

  4. tedtomato

    I think mckenzie is a fucking quack..how may misdiagnosed injuries have they had in the past 2 years? Why did perry and worthy and hayward get the green light? They were quick to rush those guys back..well…maybe they learned their lesson from that. Its all for naught if no win sunday. Why even have these mcfatty bitch at media sessions every week? Just tell media..we’ll have a conference when hes ready

    • Phatgzus

      Sure, he only interned for almost undeniably the greatest orthopedic surgeon in the world to fulfill his degree, but he’s a quack. It couldn’t possibly be that this methodology is a standard practice in professional sports, especially football.

    • PF4L

      Don’t forget Mike Neal when they said he was just about ready to play, then 3 days later it’s announced he needed surgery. (wtf)

      How about Derrick Sherrods leg, had surgery, then after a year and a half they “discovered” the way it healed caused further problems that required more surgery. Too bad McKenzie didn’t catch that, i’d imagine they were wondering why it took so long to come back from a broken leg, maybe they had to bring another Dr. in to diagnose it correctly.

      Cobb broke his leg, cleared to run and limited practice in 9 weeks.

  5. MrWonderful

    Why would they hold him out if he can play pain free? What’s the worst thing that can happen? He breaks it and displaces the bone which would require surgery? You have all offseason to heal get your ass on the field you’re making 20 million a year……this might as well be a playoff game.

  6. big gay clay

    Fuck Ted and McKenzie in their stupid asses, let the man play. At least just tell us he is done for the year instead of just dragging this B.S. on

  7. T Pack

    Who would have thought that Cobb would have a chance of coming back before Rodgers. I am curious to how this might change the Packers organization. Will mgnt look for more of a “yes dr” or stick with the Doc who has the balls to stand up to TT & MM.

    Steady diet of Lacy & Jordy will on the menu for Sunday.
    Oh & lets go Giants & Eagles!

  8. Richard

    Even if they have a plan to not play him til 2014, it makes sense to play these stupid games anyways. Who will they replace his roster spot with, a backup special teams player? Make the opposition sweat a little during the week, let Matt Flynn get motivated by the 24/7 clavicle coverage, and enjoy the win over Pittsburgh on Sunday

  9. Iltarion

    One thing you could never say about Ted Thompson is that he hesitates to make unpopular decisions.

    Mike McCarthy saying “organizational” means TT, plain and simple.

    The doctor has told TT it is going to be at least 8 weeks and so 8 effin weeks it is going to be.

    The season is over. I doubt we can beat a Steelers team that has to win to stay in the playoff hunt, and even if we do, Rodgers likely doesn’t play next week either and there is no way we beat the Bears without him.

    You can’t have the guy earning 1/6 your salary cap out for half the season. That shit aint going to work.

    • cd4packers

      Seriously? I don’t think you are being realistic. Yah, Rodgers is the man no doubt. But Flynn has been kicking ass lately and so has E. Lacy. Packers can do this. Don’t be such a wolfie.

    • Phatgzus

      It is what it is, it doesn’t matter how much he’s making, if his playing compromises the integrity of future seasons (my interpretation of “organizational decision”) then you don’t play him, it’s that simple.

      C’mon, Ilt, the season isn’t over just yet, it may be probable, but it was also probable that the 1980 US men’s hockey team was going to lose to the Russians; it’s an extreme example, but if we win this week, we’ll likely face Quitler in the season finale and I doubt I have to remind you of his history vs. the Pack under Capers.

      • PF4L

        Things didnt look at that great for the Packers in week 14 of the 2010 season either. That turned out ok.

        • E. Wolf

          FALSE EQUIVALENCE! The worst injuries we had in 2010 were Morgan Burnett and Ryan Grant. We had a first round selection to backup Tauscher, whereas Bakthiari should be wear Don Barclay is. The number and severity of injuries this year is on an entirely different order, and is self apparent requiring no further comment. This is true no matter how much it annoys you for me and others to emphasize this.
          In addition, our defense in 2019 had played consistently well throughout the year, whereas our offense was sputtering now and then, before starting to real hum (eg against Dallas and the Giants) but even struggled against Philyl and the Bears in the playoffs.
          Moreover, 2010, perhaps in hindsight, did not have such a prohibitive favorite at home as Seattle is this year. Up until the burning of Atlanta in the divisional round, some thought Atlanta was also invincible. Except they had not won a playoff game under that regime, their defense was suspect, and they also pulled a lot of games out of their ass. In the regular season, we narrowly lost to Atlanta after Rodgers tied it with just a few ticks left, then lost it on special teams play. Conversely, Seattle has laid the smackdown on the Niners and Saints at home in rather spectacular fashion. So while some so called experts did pick us to win that divisional round playoff game, I assure you no one will pick against Seattle in the playoffs this year.
          Up until this past couple of weeks I had also thought the Saints were also quite intimidating at home, but they are starting to show chinks in the armor. Of all the NFC contenders, I would imagine the Panthers best suited to upset the Hawks this year, but that is just a conceivable scenario, and not at all a likely one.

    • icebowl

      Part of the decision is weighing the risk of Rodgers getting re-injured with the reward that he could provide upon his return.

      Wondering if TT doesn’t think this is a Super Bowl-contending team with or without Rodgers he could never admit to that line of thinking. It would surely cause major problems in the locker room.

      The D is 26th in the NFL in yards allowed per games and without Finley and Cobb, maybe this team wouldn’t be capable of a Super Bowl run even with QB1…..

  10. Richard

    …or this could always be a conspiracy to see what they have in Flynn, without actually benching Rodgers. The defense is bad, probably worse than last years, so maybe they figure let Flynn ride this out and let the doctor take the heat.

  11. Phatgzus

    Dammit, was hoping this would be the week he’d be cleared, oh well, maybe next week, or the week after that, or maybe after that one…

    Meh, as Ketchman would say, “Just Flynn, baby”.

  12. T Pack

    Weren’t we 5-2 when Rodgers got hurt. And D was getting better. Pretty sure they aren’t keeping a healthy Rodgers out just to see what Flynn can do. Who gives a fuck what Flynn can do. Teams want to make the playoffs no matter how far they might not go. More games equals more money for the team.

    Oh and the Steelers aren’t the only team in the hunt for the playoffs. I believe the Pack come out to play on Sunday!

  13. E. Wolf

    Does anyone know the scenario required for the Steelers to make the playoffs. Technically they are not eliminated but I cannot imagine what must happen for them to get in. …

  14. E. Wolf

    Here is what needs to happen for the Steelers to get in:

    For the Steelers to make the playoffs, the following needs to happen over the last two weeks of the season: two Pittsburgh wins, two Baltimore losses, two Miami losses, one San Diego loss and two wins by the New York Jets.

    It seems to me they are playing for pride at this point.

  15. GBslacker

    Can’t blame the doctor for trying to protect his patient. Major damage could result from a partially-healed break — why risk surgery, staph infections, etc?
    From what I’ve read, a partial break is worse than a full break, when it comes to blood supply, healing, etc.

    Anyone who saw the play, and has seen Rodgers inactive for weeks, is not fooled by McCarthy’s antics. A serious injury occurred. McCarthy is the dick the irate fans should address. The week-to-week building expectations of his return could have been stopped before they started — if he said this was a 6-8 week injury in the beginning.

    For all that want Rodgers out there RIGHT NOW… why?

    This team is not going anywhere in the post-season.
    The injury has shown the fraud that is this defense.
    This passive system needs top-notch athletes at most every position to really work. When Woodson, Collins, Bishop, Jenkins get replaced by House, Jennings, Jones, and Neal — well, it’s just not going to work.

    So I get the frustration… just don’t make Rodgers pay for it.

    And if you find this frustrating… get used to it. Thompson, McCarthy, coaches, players — it won’t be changing. Changing would indict everyone.

    But with the CBA, and Rodgers on the books, this team may not be able to afford a defensive scheme that no recruit knows. With standard four-year contracts and a “red-shirt”/”lost” first-year — this defense is really behind the eight-ball when it can only get 75% production from its players.

  16. PF4L

    People question McCarthys integrity when he speaks, in terms of his lack of information, his deception, his refusal to answer or acknowledge questions.

    It’s the football fans, who ultimately supply the revenue generated to pay these players and coaches their bloated salaries, providing them with a better financial life than 99.8% of the population.

    It’s the Packer fans who buy Packer stock simply out of loyalty and the love of the team, raising tens of millions, if not 100 million over the years.

    So why is it too much to ask to provide us with at least some information. Instead of acting like you are above and beyond reproach. How about how much has he healed, percentage wise. Has he had another scan? Can McKenzie speak of the injury? Can Ted speak?

    Rodgers being out 8 games effects this team, effects us fans greatly and i believe the fans deserve better. I believe this is disrespectful to Green Bay Packer fans.

    The same fans who easily fork over 100 million dollars to the Packers for ticket sales, merchandise, stock sales, ect. All the while smiling as they take our money.

    Show the fans some respect. Get off your high horse.

  17. cd4packers

    There has to be some accountability. Why do the Packers have to make a mystery out of everything? I don’t get it. I mean maybe they are just holding Rodgers out to save and protect him for next season. And maybe they pretty much calling this season a wash. Whatever the case may be, we fans that faithfully support this team deserve answers. I don’t care about the reporters. If they are not starting Rodgers then I don’t see how come MM and the “organization” won’t give us more information. Why so damn tight lipped? WTF!!

    • PF4L

      Because saying they were holding Rodgers out, would simply be giving up on the season, and they can’t say that, because if that were the case, Mark Murphy should fire them all. We don’t want quitters running this franchise. To Ted, McCarthy and especially Capers, Aaron Rodgers is job security.

        • PF4L

          Wondered how long it would take you slime your way in here Wolf. I guess your looking for more? Did my post “antagonize” you?

          Wolfie, Was i talking to you, or about you?

          Here you go again. is this where you cry and tell everyone i started it and you simply respond?

        • E. Wolf

          You started it by having multiple tantrums insisting you really do not call for Ted and Mac to be fired.
          Looking for more? Yes please. It is fun discrediting you utterly and completely.

          • PF4L

            lol…I started it huh?..When, Wed?…..Trouble letting go?…Obsess much?

            Someone needs a cookie.

          • PF4L

            Here we go again with Wolfs “You started it” cry.

            Children… SMH

            Ok Wolf..I’ll play along since you insist. I have to go anyway.

            I apologize to you again for talking about Ted and Mac. How’s that? Feel better now?

            Now, do all the users a favor, stop posting, grab a tissue, wipe your eyes, and Go EAT A DICK. :)

          • E. Wolf

            I am not going to engage your childish tantrums further other than to note you continue to enjoy replying to your own posts. Have fun.

    • Phatgzus

      Simply put, thus is the de rigueur MO of the contemporary NFL franchises; the Packers are not unique in their reluctance to reveal valuable information-this is the Cold War era of professional football. Whether fans are deserving of “classified” information (I believe we are) is irrelevant, unless we decide to hold a nation/worldwide lockout of our own-the solitary fan wields no power (much like the sole proletarian).
      If you want to blame a single individual or group for this reality, Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliabue, and particularly the media is/are your man/(wo)men.

  18. PF4L

    If McCarthy doesn’t want to answer reporters simple question, why even show up for them? I’d respect him more if he didn’t.

  19. E. Wolf

    Some points concerning Mac and this decision. Unlike past weeks, it seems there was some actual doubt about whether Rodgers could start this week. This is evidenced by the fact it seems Mac was actually lobbying hard for MacKenzie to clear Rodgers.
    From what I understand, the corporate charter, for lack of a better term, gives MacKenzie–as the team physician–absolute, final authority to clear or block a player from starting. Given MacKenzie’s notoriety for being incredibly conservative, that among other things may be reason for him to go.
    Any role that Ted may or may not have is conjectural, but it could simply be that he reiterated that MacKenzie has this absolute authority when coach and quarterback balked.
    So, regardless of how one feels about Ted–and I reiterate calls to fire Ted are sheer, absolute idiocy, pure lunacy bordering on delerium–it seems Mac wants Rodgers to play as much as the quarterback himself. So given that, and particularly given the miracle comeback last week, how can people seriously call for Mac to be fired?
    Furthermore, we fans are entitled to no more information than coaches, players and staff are mandated to divulge per NFL rules. Believe what you what you want, but there is an incentive to keep things close to one’s chest, on a variety of things. This time around I do think there was a serious question as to whether or not Rodgers will start, up until about yesterday. But even if Mac and Co knew for certain at the beginning of the week, why tell the Steelers or any other opponent? The NFL is incredibly competitive, on a level we can only begin to imagine, as evidence by the sorts of hours these guys keep. To that end, I am glad they are divulging little–on this, on gameday strategy, on everything. To me it shows they are doing everything they can under current circumstances.
    In the end, this season has been incredibly disappointing, effectively stillborn once Rodgers went down, and starcrossed with myriad other key injuries. A lot of this insufferable caterwalling is just a byproduct of this. I take comfort knowing that the team shows a lot of promise for next season and beyond.
    I will say that this latent opposition to Ted and Mac, which is now again coming to the forefront, is a holdover from that veritable Civil War in Packerland that a certain ex Packe- turned-Viking instigated. On the heels of a Super Bowl Victory, it seemed to have been closed out. But that is an illusion. This sort of fragmentation will probably exist in more or less pernicious forms for a generation or more. It is not going away, even if Ted and Mac win more Super Bowls in the coming years. That for me is reason enough to hate the man until the day he dies.

    • Phatgzus

      I’m a Favre fan, but I don’t hold TT or MM responsible for the current situation (other than the backup scenario, perhaps).
      No, all this waxing indignant is a result of a failure to meet expectations, thus those in charge are indicted, whether they’re deserving if the criticism or not. For better or worse that’s just the way the world works, and football is no different-“With great power comes great responsibility”.

      • E. Wolf

        Various radio personalities disagree about the precise nature of the Ted and Mac haters. Again, provided that you did not pull for that purple team, and that you are not an IRRATIONAL (and I stress irrational) Ted and Mac hater, I can respect our differences on this point about number four
        This is just not our year. Too many injuries, including twelve, a confluence of circumstances–coaching, injuries, poor selections at safetly ILB and tackle, as well a Seahawks and to a lesser extent Saints team that look unbeatable at home.
        I sure hope I am right about the long term promise of this team we all love.

  20. CO Bob

    I’m totally in agreement with the decision. Happy with team management. Glad we don’t have people in charge trying to save their jobs by over paying free agents….pushing injury returns…etc. I think the Seahawks and Panthers are the short winded phenomena this season. The really hot teams always fold when it counts. The clear cut NFC contender won’t be seen until after the divisional playoff rounds. And even tho it’s fun to read sometimes, I wish the folks that use this forum to argue directly with each other would just exchange email addresses. Not hating. Not slamming…just sayin. Oh yeah….I really hope we beat Pittsburgh tomorrow.

  21. PF4L

    Yea, Half game out, 2 games left controlling our own destiny. Don’t want him coming back now and risking injury, or stubbing his toe.

    Shut er down!!

    I think the Seahawks get to, and win the Super Bowl. If that’s a short winded phenomena, i think most teams would take that.

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