No Timetable for Aaron Rodgers, But He Won’t Require Surgery

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Aaron Rodgers goes down

Aaron Rodgers goes down

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confirmed that he fractured his collarbone, but said there has been no timetable established for his return during his weekly radio show.

The good news is, it won’t require surgery.

“I have a fractured collarbone, and we have not talked at all – regardless of what’s been reported – we haven’t talked at all about a timetable or anything,” said Rodgers, adding that he was in “some pain” Tuesday afternoon. “We’re still going through the process of testing, but we do know that the collarbone is fractured and we still have not talked about or discussed any long-term prognosis.”

At this point, the Packers will let the injury heal and Rodgers expressed optimism that it will heal quickly.

In addition to how quickly the injury heals, the Packers and Rodgers will also make a determination on when he can play based on how much pain he can play in and how great the risk of reinjury is.

Rodgers tried to throw after the injury on Monday night and was in too much pain to continue. He ended up spending most of the game in street clothes.

“It’s the balance of pain tolerance and putting yourself at a greater risk. I’ve always dealt with the pain and put my body at risk – whether that’s playing with a knee condition that I had in high school and junior college and at Cal, or the various injuries we’ve had over the years,” Rodgers said. “We all deal with them, and it’s a matter of what you can play with from a pain-tolerance perspective and then also, we’re talking about bones. You can put yourself at greater risk for a worse injury if you go back out there. But I think most people know my personality and I’m going to try and be back as quick as I can.”

Although he didn’t exactly rule it out, it seems pretty clear Rodgers won’t play against Philadelphia this week. The only positive thing about that is that backup Seneca Wallace will get the majority of the reps in practice this week, so maybe the Packers can do more than dink and dunk in the passing game.

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37 Comments on "No Timetable for Aaron Rodgers, But He Won’t Require Surgery"

  1. PF4L

    Well….He better be, because if TT sticks with him, and he looks as bad this Sunday as he was last night. TT should call it a career, and take Dom Capers with him. I doubt little Seneca Wallace can move this team. From what I saw, Seneca Wallace has no business putting on a Packer uniform. Bears stacked the box and dared him and MM to pass the ball. He couldn’t. He’s short, immobile and weak. Fully deserving of his 6-16 starting record.

  2. PF4L

    TT must have some history to Seneca Wallace, Because I think fans all over the Country watching Wallace play last night were thinking….Wtf is Ted Thompson thinking? That’s the best they can do for a back up? VERY unprepared. You cant just assume Rodgers will never get hurt Teddy. especially behind that shitty O line you’ve given Rodgers the past 3 years. It was just a matter of time….The Bears had an O line problem…They fix it in 1 year. TT?….Not so much.

    • Cheese

      Wallace was fucking horrible. How can you be that unprepared? Doesn’t the 2nd string offense practice every play the first string practices just in case somebody goes down? Apparently not. He didn’t get enough practice? He’s been here for 9 weeks, let alone being in the league for 10 years!

    • Phatgzus

      “WTF is TT thinking?” Probably that he needs to address the o-line (2 first-rounders in 3 years and a bevy of assorted-round draft picks UDFAs-EDS, Lang, Barclay, Bak-T, Datko, GVR, the dude from Cornell, etc.) and defense (first 6 rounds of ’12, first round this year) that every key has been bitching about.

      By the way, that o-line that you are so gallantly debasing has produced the number 3 running game and (until Marshall Newhouse stepped on the field) a top 15-pass protection unit. Rationalize all you like (quick passes, Rodgers’ escapa ility/quick release, underperforming/subpar opposing
      defenses) but my ratiocinating is sound.

      The o-line isn’t the only thing that’s changed in Chicago: Jeffrey is turning into a beast and Bennett is the best TE the Bears have had in a loooong time. Also, give Trestman some
      cred, his scheme is a better fit for the personnel than Tice’s or Martz’ ever was.

  3. E. Wolf

    The season is OVER. Even if it three weeks, with this medical and training staff, no one ever returns on schedule. We have already lost three games. Do the math, it’s all over, folks.

    • PF4L

      I wrote about Flynn’s elbow in a different post earlier. I’ll tell you what, i’d feel more comfortable with Vince Young. If anyone watched Seneca’s pick to Peppers, He threw it “right at Peppers”. Peppers didn’t even leave his feet. Are you kidding me with that shit pass? Seneca looks like he’s 5 feet tall out there.

  4. Vijay

    The good news is that we may get a Top 15 pick in next year’s draft!!! I know there’s a couple of LBs I would like to replace the guys we have. Alex Barr, Khalil Mack, CJ Mosley! Or even address the #1 WR position with Sammy Watkins or Marquise Lee!

    • Phatgzus

      Dude, we get it you’re a obsessive NFL Draft dilettante; a morosoph with delusions of NFL talent scouthood.
      Honestly though, no one here cares about your opinions vis a vis potential draft picks (people only ever respond to your posts request you bring your talents elsewhere) you have no credibility. You produce a deluge of potentials yet you never expound upon their virtues, or their comparability, or their relative skill levels and abilities; you merely throw out a name on little more than a whim. Honestly, I’m not trying to be scurrilous, it’s great that you love football (particularly college) so much, but this isn’t the best forum for that discussion, not halfway through the season at least.
      So, in summation, please can it, at least until the season is over.

  5. PF4L

    Wallace, after the game said ” I feel like I should have played better”. I agree. Citing the fact Seneca was 0 for 8 on 3rd downs. Its hard to win a NFL game when you can’t get a 1st down on 3rd down. The good news for little Seneca Wallace is that he’ll be facing the 32nd ranked defense Sunday.

  6. tequila

    He’s never run the offense you turds, just the scout team. Flynn is not an option. The myopic and frankly depressing attitude of Packers fans is fucking sad. Turning on each other and pissing in your pants is what Vikings fans do. Next man up and shut the fuck up.

    • PF4L

      The next man up tequila….laid a egg. Seneca not getting reps is the teams fault. I agree its bs. But throwing the ball right into Peppers arms had nothing to do with reps…That was just a bonehead f up.

    • E13

      Thanks for offering a voice of reason, tequila. Seriously. I didn’t know what a bunch of fairweather fans were on this site until now. Seneca didn’t play up to standards, and he (or any other QB) isn’t ever going to perform like Rodgers. But what are you going to do, bitch about it, or support the team? Flynn’s not an option, or any other FA option. Let’s wait and see what the coaching staff and players can do to support Seneca. Fans should be doing the same, instead of whining like a bunch of little girls. As for the defense–Capers wasn’t out there playing, the players were. The scheme was fine. The players didn’t execute.

    • Phatgzus

      God damn fucking right, Mr. Magically Maddening Mexican Libation. Yeah, it fucking sucks that the best football player in the known universe is hurt, and that his Lilliputian replacement got lost in the land if Brobdingnag, and that the defense got served by a McCown, and that Marshall Newhouse couldn’t block a stream with the Aswan High Dam, buuut no one here wants to fucking read it. Aaron Rodgers is not dead, we have an AWESOME running game, Matthews, Perry, and Lang may all be back next week, Wallace wasn’t THAT awful (Quarless fucked up on a possible TD and dropped a beautiful 3rd-down pass) all things considered (missed entire preseason with Packers and limited to no practice snaps).

      Drink a beer and make like a Kangaroo in the summer and chill the fuck out. I you have to bitch, do so at your fish or cats, mailmen, waiters, grocers, co-workers, family members, or (unlikely) your significant others. Otherwise, in the immortal words of Vinnie Jones, kindly “Fuck off!”

  7. PF4L

    I’m looking forward to Shawns re-cap. He won’t have a problem with coming up with material. Should be a highly interesting game this Sunday.

  8. Iltarion

    And there it is. All it takes is one loss and all the TT and MM bashing dipshits come out of the woodwork.

    You can’t judge shit about Wallace off that one performance. No one expected him to be playing, least of all him. Dude looked high, probably hitting the bong before the game. He has gotten shit for reps in practice and hasn’t played football in two years.

    Dude was rusty as hell, including his pocket awareness, Jesus.

    Give him a full week of practice, and we’ll see.

    The Packers will be better than the naysayers think without Aaron Rodgers. I can virtually guarantee it. They were better without Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, James Jones, Jermichael Finley, Nick Perry, Brad Jones…. etc. etc…. than people thought.

    The Packers went without Aaron Rodgers before, and they weren’t that bad. So, buck up.

    • E. Wolf

      The difference is it is a quarterback drive league. We will not win one of four games with Wallance in. Not happening. Even if we just drop three (ie Rogders comes back in three), that means we have to run the table to be 10-6. Problem is Rodgers will be out more than three.
      Love this team but it’s over folks.

    • Phatgzus

      Fuckin’ right, doggie, on all accounts, well except Seneca goin’ Deep Purple status before the game-no way anybody in that org. gets their smoke past Big Jahn Raji, not even TT, you just don’t get that big without performance enhancers.

      I’m surprised/disappointed TT didn’t roll Seneca out more, especially when Newhouse entered; he’s not as quick as he used to be but he’s still mobile, is he jut that bad at throwing on the run?

  9. T Pack

    E Wolf- you write monologues about the green & Gold then they lose one without our starter-and barely lost as it was and you can’t stop crying about the season being over? Are you shittin me. If the defense showed up at all we would have taken that game with no problem.
    No reason Wallace won’t win a few games whole Rodgers is out.
    Holy shit- have some faith.

    • E. Wolf

      Did you watch the game last night? There is NO way Wallace can beat the Eagles, or the Giants, or (and this one’s a real laugher) the Lions in Detroit. That’s a metaphysical certitude.
      I will still be watching, albeit while multitasking. It’s not like I am all of a sudden a 49ers or Broncos fan fer chrissake. I am simply managing my expectations.
      If only you knew how I feel since last night. It’s worse than the playoff debacle in 2012. I feel like I am in mourning over a loved one, or am going through the worst breakup.
      Worst of all I have this growing fear that Rodgers too will only have one ring. Every year since 2010 its been something. Philbin’s son hjas to go wonder off on melting ice while Rogers sits out. Then Lance Easley and another confluence of circumstances puts us in SF while Harbaugh scouts our weakness against the read option with Joe Webb. And now this.
      Maybe next year. Ted Thompson has certainly compiled a lot of great talent. If only they could stay healthy. On the other hand, “next year” is what Cubs fans say, at least when they are in marginal contention.

      • Phatgzus

        Actually, “There’s always next year” was the unofficial motto of Boston Red Sox fans-trust me, I know-and look how that turned out.

        Furthermore, there exists no such entity that is a metaphysical certitude, humans are woefully incapable of possessing the brainpower required to absolutely understand the incredibly nuanced and convoluted nature of the universal, particularly causality and it’s origin. Without that knowledge, the most accurate description would be a metaphysical likelihood.

        Sorry, but you’re not tempering your expectations-you’re succumbing to the despair born from the acceptance of a worst-case scenario as reality.

        Buck up Wolf, be better than that, accept that you have no control over the situation and even if you did, at this point in human development, tge past is immutable. If you need some positives, here ya go. Seneca Wallace likely won’t play
        as poorly as he did Monday, our running game a solutely
        tore up the Bears D even with 8 men in the box, Lang, Matthews, and Perry may all be back, and not only Is Aaron Rodgers not dead, his career is not over, he’s ain’t in his last years, and his season isn’t even over. Worst case scenario the Packers have the best draft spot they’ve had in years and the Bears/Lions lose in the first week of the Playoffs or they beat Seattle or the Whiners and then lose.

        A pasture full of manure may stink, but it’ll give rise to a horde of magic mushrooms (or roses, or alfalfa, or whatever the hell you like).

        • E. Wolf

          Thanks Phatzgus,

          A couple points:

          THe line about metaphysical certitude is actually from SNL spoof on McLaughlin. John McLaughlin has since used it sincerely, as do I.

          Second, yes I am accepting the worst case scenario but I believe the worst case scenario is the most realistic. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

          Thanks for the kind words. I think you may have my email addy but if not write Monty. Or I will.

          As I wrote in the Finley and Co article, I am not taking this too well. It feels like a real bad breakup, or a death in the family or something. But the lack of finality to it is making me strangely restless.

          I just love this team so much and it really affects me something fierce. The worst part is I fear Rodgers we will continue to burn through Rodgers tenure with this sort of bs, year after year until it is all over. 2011 it was sitting him out combined with Philbin’s son pulling a fatal stunt of colossal stupidity, 2012 it was Lance Easley and a confluence of bad circumstnaces that put us in SF while harbaugh sat and watched what Joe Webb did with the read option. This year its injuries like even we cannot believe.
          God damn this is depressing. Even Joy Division and Stroszek back to back do not normally have quite this effect on me. I am tearing up just a little.

  10. MadCity Packer Fan

    Two things…shut the fuck up E. Wolf it is not over. PF4L…go back and watch that play. That ball was tipped and caught. Wallace didn’t throw it right to him. Rodgers will return and we will still have a shot at the playoffs!

    • E. Wolf

      You shut the fuck up. DO you really think Wallace can win a single game? Do you really think Rodgers will be out just three weeks?

    • pf4l

      Wallace didn’t throw it right at Peppers? Who did? Graham Harrell? Watch the play…Peppers didn’t even have to leave his feet to tip it to himself….I said it was a bonehead f up…because it was, and i’d think Wallace would tell you the same thing.

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