There’s a Report that the Packers Have Reached Out to Brett Favre

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Brett Favre

Brett Favre

This is almost comical. Howard Balzer is saying the Green Bay Packers have reached out to Brett Favre in the wake of Aaron Rodgers’ fractured collarbone.

My immediate reaction was, who the hell is Howard Balzer? Well, apparently he writes for USA Today, but I wouldn’t say he’s, like, Jay Glazer or anything.

Earlier this season, the St. Louis Rams reached out to Favre. They had just lost Sam Bradford to a torn ACL. At the time, Favre shot down any rumors of another comeback, potential or otherwise, saying he planned to stay retired.

So, someone called Favre’s agent Bus Cook this morning and Cook reiterated that.

However… let’s play devil’s advocate here for a second. We all know Favre has been trying to get back in the good graces of the Packers organization and fans in recent years.

What better way to make everyone forget those two disgusting years in Minnesota Vikings purple than a triumphant exit from Lambeau Field as a player for the Packers?

I know, I know. Favre was awful in his final season with the Vikings. You know it, the Vikings know it and Favre knows it. Ultimately, he said his poor play that season was the reason he had decided to hang it up for good.

It’s an interesting notion though. We should probably monitor Austin Straubel to see if there are any private planes headed to Hattiesburg.

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33 Comments on "There’s a Report that the Packers Have Reached Out to Brett Favre"

  1. RelampagoBlanco

    So this story will either give E. Wolf a heart attack, or prompt him to compose another thesis on his disdain for Favre.. I’m betting on the latter.

    • E. Wolf

      Only in America would someone try an insult another by noting that he can string a few sentences together and write something above the 8th grade level. Gotta luv it.
      I am not wriitng anything because-

      -I have said all I have to say
      -this is not happening for so many reasons I do not know where to begin
      – the season is over.

  2. valpoPackers

    “Word is the Packers have reached out to Brett Favre.”

    – does he mean a share holder reached out to Brett Favre? There is no way anyone of any significance in this organization gave this the least bit of consideration.

  3. Iltarion

    I have to agree with valpo. There seems to be no chance that Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy would reach out to a retired Brett Favre.

    On the other hand, I also agree with Richard. This is an AWESOME idea.

    It would heal a rift that even exists in my family. And it would make the Packers THE story in sports for the month that he played. I bet the NFL would flex Den-KC right back off the schedule if that happened.

    It isn’t like the Packers are going to be much fun to watch in the next month anyway. So, why not?


    • cd4packers

      Haha! I totally agree with you Iltarion. I mean even a retired Brett Favre could hand off to Lacy or Starks. And defenses would have to pay attention to Favre knowing that he will throw downfield on a whim. This is not that far fetched as one might think. And I for one would love to watch the old gunslinger play again. Do It! What do we have to lose? Wallace is not going to give the Packers much hope for winning, so why not? Sadly, I seriously doubt that Favre would even consider coming out of retirement. Hey… sure would be entertaining if nothing else.

  4. PF4L

    Howard Balzer @HBalzer721

    The real irresponsible journalism were those that reported that the Rams had serious interest in signing Favre.

    36 minutes ago

  5. GBslacker

    “There’s a Report that the Packers Have Reached Out to Brett Favre”

    Reach out?
    or, reach around ??

  6. tim

    I gotta say – this bad or good idea rippled through my brain today, and as I passed several folks on my driving route, they all concurred that it would at least be a side show that nobody would miss. TV ratings would soar, at least for the initial game – hell, would make a good TV movie or Disney script too – if he still had it. At the end, show him and Rodgers in a “bromance” – bring back Ahman Green to score on a winning drive in the playoffs when Lacy goes down. Kinda like that Eastwood flick “Space Cowboys.”

  7. Phatgzus

    This is nothing but a ky for opprobrious ploy for attention from an inconsequential narcissist (Balzer); absolutely disgusting, he should have his journalism degree, if he has one, should be rescinded. Garbage, utter unadulterated effluvium.

    • Phatgzus

      Wow what a garbage paragraph, still not at the level of this tweet, but I apologize to anyone that bothers to attempt to read it.

  8. Dick Trickle "33"

    I think he’ll put the spurs back on for one more gun fight. Balzer has never told a lie, this is now #4’s move.


    Some fuckhead on 1500am ESPN in the cities
    stated the Eagles would win this game by 20!

  10. T-Pack

    Never going to happen but it would be awesome for sure if it did.
    Spread on the Eagles game went from -9.5 to
    -1.5 as soon as Rodgers was announced out for game. Pretty sick. Surprised we’re still favorites at this point but you never know. Eagles don’t have the recvrs that the Bears have nor the hatred for the Packers. Packers pull this one out and the Lions take care of the Bears we are back in business.

  11. rebelgb

    I would love it. We could all make up and be friends again and then retire Favre into the circle after the season.

    The only reason Favre has completely crushed any comeback talk is because Dianna told him if he goes back to the NFL she is leaving him (she said so on Oprah, just not exactly with those words).

    BUT I think Dianna might let him come back for 4 lousy games if it meant being able to retire as a Packer and have his number retired.

    The biggest road block to this is TT. TT isnt a forgiving type of person and he also would not want to disrespect Aaron. So unless Aaron talks to Favre personally, and then goes straight to TT, this isnt happening….

    Its nice to dream though…

    • Phatgzus

      Yeah, no way Rodgers is going to be a broker for those two, he and Favre’s relationship might have transposed he and Braun’s but they aren’t exactly drinking buddies. Besides, Favre dislikes TT even more than TT dislikes him, he believed TT lies and then betrayed/subverted him. The day those to are amicable will be a cold day in Hell indeed.

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