Talkin’ Trash with Chicago Bears Fans

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Chicago Bears meme

Chicago Bears meme

We were obviously going to post this before the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers, but them some asshole attacked the site and it was down for two days. My guess is Shea McClellin had something to do with it.

Anyway, we talked to Boomer from Bear Googles On and there’s actually some pretty good insight into the game even after the fact. The funny this is, before the game, no one had the Bears winning. No us. Not them. Not anyone.

So I always get confused between Josh McCown and Chicago Bears legend Cade McNown. How confident are you in McCown? Can he lead your team to a win? Is he better than Cade McNown? 

I think the only thing that McCown and McNown have in common is that they both illegally park in handicapped parking spots. Seriously, though, McNown is one of the Bears quarterbacks I hate most. He was a punk out of UCLA who was not just bad, but didn’t take his job seriously. He didn’t prepare and just wasn’t professional.

McCown is the exact opposite. He’s a great teammate and is always well-prepared even though he’s comfortably behind Jay Cutler as the backup. That showed when he had a great game in relief of Cutler against the Redskins and almost led the Bears to a shootout win.

Speaking of quarterbacks, I saw a stat that the Bears have had like 26 different starters in the past 20 years, while the Packers have had 3. Who’s your favorite? Kordell Stewart? Caleb Hanie? Rex Grossman? Erik Kramer? Some other all-time great?

I’m kind of partial to Kyle Orton. I know for a fact that Andrew Luck modeled his neck beard after Orton’s. Orton was a mid-round draft pick who was pressed into action as a rookie and pulled off the game manager role quite well. If you’d like to see the long and distinguished list of QB’s the Bears trotted out just during Brett Favre’s consecutive games streak, check out this.

I’ll give the Bears credit. They’ve actually looked legit at times this season. What’s the difference this year from past seasons? And don’t tell me Marc Trestman.

So in other words, you’d like me to lie? The change has been all about Trestman. The Bears have an offensive-minded head coach for the first time in decades and the difference has shown. Of course, in fixing the offense, the Bears totally forgot about the defense. Give us another decade or so and we’ll get that figured out.

You’ve got a bunch of injuries. Jay Cutler and Lance Briggs being the key ones. Does the Bears game plan change without those guys? And more importantly, can they beat the Packers without those guys?

The Bears have lost their starting and backup 3-technique DT and now Briggs and Cutler. It definitely changes the game plan on defense. The Bears can’t get pressure with their front four, so they have to blitz to try to get any pass rush. Aaron Rodgers might actually have time to catch a quick nap from the time he takes the snap until the time he has to throw.

On offense, I don’t see Trestman making too many changes to the game plan. The way McCown executes the game plan will probably change, but I expect Trestman will give McCown the keys to the rusty El Camino and see what he can do with it.

I’ll assume you’re still living in 1985 and therefore, somewhat delusional. But, if they get healthy, are these Bears Super Bowl contenders? Or can they even win the North? I mean, if Aaron Rodgers dies suddenly and the Packers go in the tank.

I think the Bears are closer to a total overhaul than they are to a Super Bowl and the main reason is their defense. I think they were hoping they could get one more season out of this group before the wheels fell off and the improved offense could give them a shot at a title, but it turns out that if they don’t take the ball away, they are pretty useless.

Speaking of Aaron Rodgers, he’s 0-2 against the Bears on Monday Night Football. That means nothing to me, but do you, in some warped way, think the Bears have his number in prime time?

Maybe it’s Rodgers’ diabetes flaring up. I know, he doesn’t have diabetes, but that’s the reason Bears fans will typically give when Cutler plays poorly at night. If Rodgers has had any stage fright against the Bears under the bright lights, he will quickly get over it this week.

Alright, give me the keys to the game for the Bears. Although I have no idea how this could possibly happen, let’s say the Bears actually have a chance. How would they win? And then, be realistic and give me a prediction on the final score

Keys to the game are simple — take the ball away on defense, run the ball with Matt Forte on offense, have the Packers commit like 30 penalties and hope Devin Hester can bring one back late to surprise the Packers.

Realistically, this could get ugly for the Bears. They’ve struggled against Rodgers when their defense was actually good. Now that they’re all semi-retired, their best hope for a win is that Rodgers and the Packers offense tire themselves out in the first half running up and down the field and make some dumb mistakes in the second half. McCown holds his own, but he doesn’t have enough ammo to keep up with the high-powered and diversified Packers offense.

Packers 44, Bears 34

If you want to see what we had to say to them, you can check that out here.

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  1. cd4packers

    Keyshawn Johnson had the Bears winning. I had a bad feeling about the game all week. And usually when I get that “bad” feeling about a game, we lose. Dammit.

    • Phatgzus

      Agreed, always good to see the opposition’s perspective-“know thine enemy as oneself” and whatnot.

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