Scott Tolzien is Starting Again This Week

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Scott Tolzien

Scott Tolzien

You know, I’ve heard some of you out there calling for Matt Flynn. Well, you won’t be getting your wish. Scott Tolzien will start at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers for a second week in a row.

Coach Mike McCarthy confirmed that on Monday.

So despite throwing three picks on Sunday (and now five in two games), the Packers will ride Tolzien for at least one more week. That suggests that the coaching staff still has confidence in him and that Aaron Rodgers won’t be back this week.

Of course, McCarthy didn’t have any new information to share about Rodgers, other than to say it would be a collective decision on when he returns. It’s obvious the Packers have a target date in mind. They just aren’t sharing it with anyone.

Meanwhile, Tolzien actually had some good moments on Sunday. He was just doomed by the three INTs. He did, however, throw for 339 yards and his deep ball looked great. As did his accuracy.

The good news here is, Tolzien is already far more polished than whatever piece of garbage the Minnesota Vikings decided put behind center this week.

Christian Ponder, Matt Cassell and Josh Freeman. It’s a veritable grab bag of shit.

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23 Comments on "Scott Tolzien is Starting Again This Week"

  1. PF4L

    I never ever predict games. But i will now. Packers beat the Vikings, on the arm of Scott Tolzien.

    Name 1 other QB that came in on his 1st start and threw for 339 yards? Completing 5 of 5 passes for 25+ yards, with a week worth of reps.

    Tolzien looks like he’s a 3 year vet, as far as being comfortable in the pocket. The game isn’t too big or fast for him. I’m assuming because he’s done his homework. (Remember veteran Seneca Wallace, running backwards like a scared child playing against men?)

    It took Brett Favre 25 starts, to throw for over 300 yards in a game. It took Tolzien one. With a rookie LT, and Marshall Newhouse, protecting him. And he took some brutal hits.

    Yes, i know he threw 3 picks. But if i recall, i remember a certain future H O F’r that threw 6 picks in 1 playoff game.

    Great players may not come out playing Pro-Bowl caliber football, but they show glimpses of having that potential greatness, i believe Tolzien has done that.

  2. Disposable Hero

    We could win if 1. MM would pull his head out of his ass and call better plays and 2. the defense shows up and actually plays well. But those are big “ifs”. I believe that my alcohol consumption during the game as doubled since AR was injured much to the chagrin of my liver.

  3. K.L.

    Starting Tolzien is the right way to go. The guy is very smart and his deep ball accuracy is extraordinary. Starting Flynn would tell the world that we are in total panic mode. And also his elbow is probably still hurting.

  4. MadCity Packer Fan

    Tolzien is no Flynn and certainly no Favre. 4th straight loss here we come!! McCarthy your a fucking moron!

  5. MadCity Packer Fan

    Using a word like extraordinary when talking about a back up with almost zero NFL experience makes me want to fire you as a football fan. PF4L your posts are as ridiculous as usual. Just stop already please! Horrible! Just Horrible!

  6. rebelgb

    Ha ha love all the Scott T. love. So the guy throws for like 1000 yards in 2 games but loses both and you want to sing his praises? If he threw for 8000 yards in a season but threw 50 Ints and your team was 1 – 15 would you be ok with that?

    This is a circus of midgets. We shouldnt even be having this discussion if TT goes out and gets us a good backup QB for the year.

    We better beat MN or im watching Hockey the rest of the year……

  7. PF4L

    Well rebel….Maybe you should just watch hockey, instead of masquerading as a Packer fan. The Packers could lose 20 games in a row, and i’ll still be watching them play, because i’m a Packer fan.

  8. Lisa

    Just get Arodg back for Detroit and we might have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning our division. And, oh yeah, the D has to step up to the plate. Go Pack Go!

  9. Clam Hammer

    The people calling for Flynn to play instead of Tolzien are the same dumb mother fuckers that were crying for for Thompson to bring Back Farve when Rodgers took over and the Pack went 6-10. They obviously don’t know anything about football. You can’t honestly expect them to just insert a backup QB and then he’ll have the same level of production as Rodgers. I don’t care if they Bring in goddamn Joe Montanta when he was in his prime, it takes multiple games if not a couple of seasons to build up a decent chemistry between a QB and an offense. Considering the circumstances, Tolzien is doing exactly what he needs to be doing and the coaches need to shift more of their play calling around what Tolzien is able to do.

  10. Mike

    As long as that genius play caller MM is in their, you will continue to see glimpses of greatness, and losses due to his wondrous play calling . . . People! you cannot polish a turd! Run, run, long pass (against a stacked box!). No play action!!!Or, very little! Hell, he even admitted as much in his presser (MM that is!) that he blew it again . . .

  11. TyKo Steamboat

    The optimism (rather than panic) makes me semi-comfortable heading into Sunday.

    F.Y.I. This is the Queens’ Superbowl.

  12. T Pack

    We win this week then get Rodgers back. Now that Carolina won last night Pack have to win the division to get in.
    From Thanksgiving on Packers will have to win and get some help I am sure. Not panicked yet but need to beat the Vikings.
    And agreed we need to run some play actions. WTF MM get with it.

  13. cd4packers

    It’s a good thing we are playing this upcoming game at Lambeau. If it were at the dome in Minny, I would be a little hesitant about assuming a win. Yah, the Vikings suck. But we all know how serious the Vikings team gets when they play the Packers. To them it is like playing the SB. It may be the closest thing to the SB to Vikings fans. Many a Vikings coaching staff have been shown the door after getting swept by the Pack. It can be the proverbial nail in the coffin. I know one thing, and that is AP is not easy to stop. I am worried about how our illustrious D is going to handle AP and quite honestly even some of the Viking wide outs. God forbid!! but Ponder might come to play as he has done in the past against the Pack. I am not completely sold on Tolzien yet either. Sure, I think the man has potential. But is he a Collin Kaepernick or a Nick Foles? I don’t think so. The 3 picks cost the game imo. It’s basically a waiting game right now. Let’s wait and see how Tolzien pans out. Let’s wait and see if our lack luster D can muster enough get up and go to beat the Vikes. Let’s see if Rodgers gets healthy enough in time to save our season. AND…..Let’s see if Duh Bears and Kittens can maintain the facade of being real, potential contenders in the NFC. This is a crazy year. And I have no idea how it will all turn out. Kinda makes me all tingly inside. :)

  14. PF4L

    Tolzien will school C Ponder and the Vikings. At the end of the game Zygi Wilf will look at Rick Spielman and say: “Why can’t you find us a QB like that?” “You’re fired!!”.

  15. bob at 81

    if only MM would get a play caller with guts, and stand back and see some results, with maybe throwing when there are 8 or 9 in the box on 1st down.

  16. Vijay

    Tolzein will do great this week, mark my words. The Queens are weak in their defensive backfield and this will be a slaughter with Green Bay winning BIG, BIG, BIG!!!
    I am glad Ted found a decent, capable back up QB. It’s too bad he wasn’t with us all along then he might have more comfort with our scheme, WRs, etc. But he is headstrong, arm strong and certainly has the intelligent makeup to excel as a #2 option and a possible #1 for shit franchises like the Vikings. Now, if we groom him and feature him in preseason, maybe we can get some good trade value this time!

  17. PF4L

    So that’s 2 of us who think Tolzien will step up….Good to see. Now, as far as grooming and trading Tolzien, F that. Lets not go through this b s again. He’s our #2.

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