Randall Cobb May Not Return This Season

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Randall Cobb injury

Randall Cobb injury

Remember Randall Cobb? Of course you do. He was supposed to lead the Green Bay Packers in catches this season and turn into a superstar.

That all went out the window when Cobb injured his knee in mid-October. The Packers put Cobb on injured reserve with designation to return.

However, Cobb said yesterday he may not be returning this year at all. If he does, it won’t be before the middle of December and with the way things have been going lately, there may not be any reason for the Packers to bring Cobb back then anyway.

“I can’t make that call right now,” Cobb said when asked if he is certain he will play again this season. “Right now, today, I cannot play. I’m doing everything I can. I’m working my butt off in the rehab process. This is something that it needs time. It’s getting better. There’s still no timeline on when I can come back.”

With the IR designation, Cobb is eligible to return December 10, which would give him three games left in the season. Again, Cobb made that date sound like a long shot.

“That’s the earliest I could come back,” he said. “It’s not a target date. It’s the earliest that I can come back depending on where I am in my rehab.”

The Packers went through a similar situation with running back Cedric Benson last season. They put him on IR with the designation to return after he suffered a Lisfrac injury early in the season. And… he never was well enough to return.

Fortunately, the Packers have been able to handle Cobb’s absence better than they handled Benson’s last season. Jordy Nelson is a bona fide No. 1 receiver and second-year pro Jarrett Boykin has stepped up big time in Cobb’s absence. When he’s been healthy, James Jones has also been solid.

So if Cobb doesn’t return this season, it’s not quite as big of a deal as, say, losing QB1.

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17 Comments on "Randall Cobb May Not Return This Season"

  1. Savage57


    “If this team continues to suck balls as bad as it has the last three weeks, why the fuck should I go out and risk my ass trying to score 70 points a game just so we can lose by 7? My game check’ll still be in my locker every Monday. See y’all next year.”

  2. hate faux fans

    Its impossible to win the SB every year so i don’t know why you all are getting butt hurt over 1 lost season, change is coming and it’ll be for the better. It may be in form of a new DC or a switch back to a 4-3, Perry and Jones with their hands down on the outside Daniels and Neal in rotation with each other while Raji (if still there) can rush like he did when he wad at BC. Matthews at strong side linebacker, hawk in the middle where he is best and Lattimore at weak side, most likely Williams and hopefully McMillan will be gone so the pack will draft a free safety so Burnett can go back to strong safety where he’s suited best

  3. Mike

    It is starting to become evident that our Packers do not have what it takes. The off the shelf FA’s are not what we have been led to believe that they are. MM coaching and play calling are as bad as ever, and the few blue chip players we have are fucked up! This team is unable to hide behind the play of those select few now, and It shows!. There is no apparent leader on O nor on D. It also appears he my be playing favorites again as well. With Lattimore kicking ass, then B Jones coming back in to play (I know! he is the starter!) but Lattimore has such an aggressive style! We need this from our guys! We need to see Banjo more as well. By the way I did not just jump the fence! I have been railing against MM and D. Capers for a few years now.

  4. the real russ letlow

    its not hard to see that our season is crumbling away, piece by piece. Our injuries have changed the makeup of our starting rosters on defense and offense, and have had a major impact on the continuity of the special teams, which obviously negatively effects all facets of the game. We lost both our best offensive player and defensive player for extended periods of time. Its not a shock that we have lost 3 straight with a QB who had no preseason with us and just came off of the practice squad to make his first NFL start, on the road, against a veteran team with its own back against the wall. I’m sick over it all, mostly because this team had a chance to be real special with the new run game. But I’m watching every play of every game and rooting the same as always, and I will do so the rest of the season whether we are eliminated from the playoffs or not. We’re Packers fans, the best in the freaking NFL! Screw the rest of them hosers! and thank God we don’t root for the Vikings! GO PACK GO!

    • Mike

      Great attitude! I will be watching all the games as well, I just will not invest as much energy into the outcome and just plain enjoy it for a change. lol

        • Mike

          You may be right, however, if I do not invest anything into the outcome, it appears some semblance of enjoyment is attainable, as in past years. Either way, I’ll watch!

          • Mike

            Believe me when I say some semblance! If they start fucking up (and I am quite certain that they will). I’ll walk away, do a chore or two, then come back and enjoy the game for a while until they fuck up again! I am just accessing my 70’s-80’s game day activities from the cedar chest . . . I just had to unfold it and shake it out! Good as new! Welcome to the new Packers 70’s and 80’s again!

  5. T Pack

    Need to just roll with it. What else can we do. It really is unbelievable the amount of injuries this season. Keep the faith and keep watching. Tough dealing with Giants fans up here in NY while the Packers fall apart but I am keeping them at bay.

    BTW-Is it just me that is constantly clicking pop ups away on this site. Seems like the ads have tripled on this site.

    • the real russ letlow

      aaaahhhhh, Dan Devine. Now there was a guy who new how to screw up the draft – for multiple years.

  6. lars

    Changes won’t come to this defense until Capers is sent packing and the Packers seem to think he can do no wrong. That and ted doesn’t want to eat that $2M a year contract. To those who want real changes on defense, why would you keep slugs like Hawk (“in the middle”) Neal and Paymetenmillionayear Raji? Sure, you move Perry to DE where he belongs; bookend with Kones and rotate Daniels, Jolly and Wilson inside. Jones and Lattimore at ILB and draft an OLB.

    It won’t happen because MM loves the 3/4.

  7. Mike

    @Lars, MM plays his favorites regardless of output. How else can you explain some of these guys on the field? He reminds me of some of the high school coaches in the past, playing his favorite guys or the car dealers kid . . .

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