Packers Stand Pat at QB By Elevating Scott Tolzien

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Scott Tolzien

Scott Tolzien

Well, forget about Brett Favre, who some Chachi suggested the Green Bay Packers had reached out to. Forget about former backup Matt Flynn, which NFL Insiders suggested the Packers would sign once he cleared waivers, providing his elbow checked out. The Packers have elevated Scott Tolzien from the practice squad to beef up their quarterback depth.

We know you’re really excited.

The Packers obviously like something about Tolzien, who was, like Wallace, released by San Francisco in the preseason. They gave him a sizable raise to keep him on the practice squad last week after Cleveland tried to sign him.

The problem, in our eyes, is both of these guys have only been in the Packers system since week one. It’s absurd to think either would have a firm grasp of the offense.

Wallace gets limited practice reps and Tolzien is limited to a one-hour workout prior to each game with quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo, according to Tom Silverstein.

Suffice it to say, this is the position none of us wanted to be in.

On Monday, Wallace was 11-of-19 for 114 yards and a pick. For his career, he’s 463-of-783 for 4,922 yards, 31 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. The problems with Wallace is he’s just 5’11” — you saw the Bears batting balls all over the place last night — and doesn’t have a strong arm.

Tolzien, on the other hand, has never thrown a regular season NFL pass, but he possesses the intangibles Wallace doesn’t. He’s 6-3 and can fling the ball around.

So there are your options. We’re sure the Packers will start with Wallace, but if he plays like he did last night, Tolzien might just get his shot.

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28 Comments on "Packers Stand Pat at QB By Elevating Scott Tolzien"

  1. Iltarion

    Well, the first thing you have to do is make sure you have a second QB on the active roster. So, this was a no brainer.

    Last night, the Packers were literally down to just Wallace, and if he got hurt, it is a grand effin mystery who would have stepped in. I believe Cobb is our emergency QB, and he’s injured too.

    I kind of wonder if Hyde can throw the ball. He seems to be able to do everything else.

  2. PackAttAck

    Okay….so let me get this straight. First the guy “supposedly” suffers a broken collarbone which could be 4-6 months, probably the full year if it’s a full break. Then we hear this morning it’s “probably 3 games” and likely “a small fracture”, now it’s week-to-week? What the fuck?

    How in the fuck do you go from 3 weeks to week-to-week and what’s the difference between this weekend and four weeks from now? Fractures don’t heal in weeks it takes months and you can’t rehab them so clearly this is a pain tolerance issue I’m gathering here.

    Throw a brace on, take a pain suppressant shot and go out and fucking play. Clearly he’s not in that much pain I saw the guy run and standing on the sidelines in fairly simple condition, it can’t hurt that bad.

    Again he’s not critically injured he can still run and throw. He needs to play this fucking weekend, you can’t lose anymore god damn games with Seneca Wallace as the QB of this team.

    If they can protect his collarbone from sustaining anymore damage he should play — case closed.

    • Mike R

      Yeah throw a brace on and play… fucking genious. I’m not a dr. nor are you. But I have heard that a clavicle break is extremely painful. You remember Woodson wincing in pain on the side lines at the SB if he even tried to move his good arm? Not to mention, if it is a small fracture, another hit on it, it breaks worse. Fucking idiot.

  3. PF4L

    How do you protect a fractured collarbone, from becoming a full break? all it takes is one tackle. Don’t talk so foolish. There isn’t a “brace” for a fractured collarbone.

    • PackAttAck

      Except the one my buddy used to play QB at Michigan with, look it up dipshit there’s plenty of collarbone braces out there to help protect and keep the collarbone somewhat safe.

      If he lands on it awkwardly again that in it’s gonna fucking matter if he’s got a titanium rod in there, he’ll snap it and break it. Guess that’s the risk you take but there are braces athletes use for “small fractures” not full breaks.

      • PackAttAck

        It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 week, 3 weeks or 6 weeks. That fracture won’t completely heal all season so there’s risk sending him back out there one way or another.

        • PackAttAck

          Then don’t play him and watch your season go up in flames. You can either gamble with Rodgers or go up in flames with Wallace. If Rodgers takes a hard hit again anything could happen. Right now if he’s capable of playing through pain he should play.

          I don’t recall anyone telling Brady in 2011 to watch out for a punctured lung when he played through an AC joint separation. Or told Philips Rivers his leg might hyper-extend playing through an ACL tear.

          Take the risk or go home.

          • GBslacker

            What about the rest of his **seasons** with the Packers, and that multi-gajillion amount of guaranteed money he’s due??

            Fuck the Packers, what about the rest of his LIFE?

            Let’s all get together, and let me break your fucking collarbone…
            …and then anyone-but-you can start making decisions about the rest of your life.

            Sound good?

          • E. Wolf

            No way that thing heels in three weeks, not even partially. Let it heel fully. This season is pissed away. Let Rodgers get strong, get another round of Teddy’s picks on the roster and try again in 2014.
            It’s over folks.

        • Phatgzus

          Hahaha, damn straight, Slacker! Just walk that shit off, like a real man, kick that pussy Cancer’s, err broken clavicle’s, ass, like Russell Crowe would.

      • Phatgzus

        You can’t put a cast on a clavicle, homeslice, the best you can do is pad it (I.e. a flak jacket) and that won’t do shit in a game of tackle football with 250+-pound men.

        As to your Rivers-Brady argument, Rivers played like garbage with the injury and has been equally as awful up until this year (still is no better than middling to above average). Brady’s injury was only a Stage 1 or 2 and was almost undeniably not as painful, and let’s not forget YOU CAN’T PUNCTURE A LUNG WITH AN AC JOINT DISLOCATION.

        By the way you’re an awful name-dropper; word to the wise, when attempting to name drop, remember to provide the intended’s name. By the way, doc, nice prognosis-(paraphrasing) “Without a doubt, he [Rodgers] doesn’t have a broken clavicle, it’s probably a torn labrum or rotator cuff.” Spot on Dr. Nick; your and Rebel’s posturing is ridiculous, the only way you two coul get a Doctorate between you is if you double-teamed Dr. Laura.

  4. GBslacker

    I was watching a stream last night, so resolution wasn’t the greatest…

    …but it looked like Wallace was stoned immaculate, or had just woken up.

    Anybody else think he might have needed an espresso?

  5. K.L.

    I think Tolzien will be our next Matt Flynn, perhaps even better, at least until another team wants him for a starting position. Tolzien has the football genius to be a great game-manager at the very least. He is accurate and makes good decisions, too.

    I’m excited to see him play, but I don’t think we should rush it. Let’s see how Seneca does with a week of practice, and if he doesn’t do well, let Tolzien get a week of practice in for the next game.

  6. vj

    I don’t think Ted does a good job in the QB evaluation area at all. Besides ARod and Flynn for a brief time, who has been in that QB room that’s worth a darn. And I would say with both Rodgers and Flynn it was still ‘value’ picks that fell in his lap. I applaud his ability to collect WRs, TEs and off the street RB or LBs…but this guy kind of sucks at drafting.
    Ingle Martin, Brian Brohm, Graham Harrell and BJ Coleman, VY all come to mind…yucky poo

    Many fans said to draft Russell Wilson in Rd2 the year he came out–imagine what we would all feel now if he was our young backup…ah well hind sight is 20-20.

    • Phatgzus

      Except you’d (for the most part) be wasting the best part of his career (Rodgers has 5-10 good years left, Wilson would be entering his prime or even in his 30s) for a solid chunk o’ change, and the then he’d either leave or require a large contract to be either a) a backup or b) an unproven starter (ask Arizona, Seattle, and Oakland how that worked out for them).

      There’s someone knocking at the door, vj (interesting, almost gj, could it be?), it’s Reality, you should probably him in.

  7. thatguy100

    Flynn isn’t coming back. As a matter of fact NO QB will be coming in. Rodgers WILL be out for the rest of the season. Look Tony Romo, 2011, same thing. We’re screwed.

  8. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    Reports are now 4-6 weeks. If the Capers and the D play lights-out, I think we can weather the storm (not in the same way as Incognito.) Getting Clay back may be huge, from a leadership perspective.

  9. Mike

    Lol! Capers and the D play lights out? What! I may have seen this one or two times since he has been here! maybe! He can not even hold shitty teams down! I hope you are right though! because that would help!

    • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

      I’m not optimistic, either, but it’s all we can do. Run the ball effectively, don’t turn it over, and keep opposing teams under 21 points. If we can do those things, I think we can win until Aaron comes back (except for the Thanksgiving game, unfortunately.)

  10. Mike

    @Phatgzuz, yes I did, and FYI, the players played lights out, individually was where we won! Now with D Capers schemes and very little D playmaking this year, and since 2010, I would say Capers D is absolutely suspect. Yeah I know, players not plays! yeah I know, players are hurt. Blah blah blah

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